black christmas

“A Paladin Christmas” pg.1 

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horror → final girls

they’re the ones who stand over the killer, the weapon in their hand


Not every horror movie character gets a back story. Here are just some of the few that we’ve met in passing.

“It” (It Follows, 2015)

One of the most mysterious characters to appear in recent horror cinema. What is this thing? A physical manifestation of a curse? Where does it come from, and why does it use sex to kill it’s victims?

“Suzy” (May, 2003)

Is Suzy just a doll, or something more? There’s hints to the latter, but it’s never made perfectly clear. Does she have a sinister connection to May? If so, what is it?

“The stranger” (The Eyes Of My Mother, 2016)

I’ve never seen a character introduced by way of his psychotic laughter, which absolutely sets the tone. This strange character appears to aimlessly wander along the countryside in search of victims…ultimately stumbling upon, perhaps, not the most ideal.

“Billy” (Black Christmas, 1974)

Deranged phone calls, killing rampage…check. But who is Billy? Does he suffer from multiple personality disorder? Where did he come from?

“Asami” (Audition, 1999)

Asami is anything but sweet and innocent. But who is she really? What led her to become this methodically-sadistic killer that Shigeharu falls prey to?

“Sam” (Trick ‘r Treat, 2008)

Does Sam use the formalities of Halloween as cover for one night of mass killing? Or is he literally the incarnation of Halloween altogether?

“Thing” (The Thing, 1982)

It mimics to survive, presumably built it’s ship for travel …but that’s about all we know. So just how ancient is it? Where did it come from? Are there many? What are it’s origins? (Cue The Thing ‘origins’ movie.)

“Taxi man” (Triangle, 2009)

Introduced during a poignant moment in the film (with dark music score to boot), some theorize this strange figure is the devil himself, waiting in the wings to make a sinister deal with Jess. Possible?

“Jane Doe” (The Autopsy Of Jane Doe, 2016)

Unearthed from beneath the house of a slaughtered family, Jane is the quintessential ‘mysterious horror character’. Unable to communicate, it’s only Jane’s body which holds the sinister clues about her past, and of those that fought to stop her.