black chevrolet camaro

What ordinary people Don’t Understand about Transformers Fangirls

Me: *sitting outside a burger parlor with two random guys from my school in front of me*

Me: *sees a yellow Chevrolet Camaro with black racing stripes drive by*

Me: *gasps loudly, making the guys look up at me* It’s a Bumblebee!

Guy 1: Oh, are you allergic?

Me: No, I meant the Transformer…

Guy 2: Transformers is stupid.

Me: *gets up and leaves before someone’s neck gets broken*


What inspires you to keep fighting, even when circumstances seem to be working against you? This was one of those weekends for the Blackdog Speed Shop racing team, but they persevered and made lemonade from lemons! Congrats to Lawson Aschenbach and the entire Blackdog Speed Shop team for earning a pair of third place finishes, in this weekend’s Pirelli World Challenge races, at Virginia International Raceway, in the #10 Black Dog Speed Shop Chevrolet Camaro GT4.R on Forgeline one piece forged monoblock GS1R Wheels!