black charger

5 James/Felix AUs

1. Historical AU: Felix is a U.S. Marshall who decides to retire to Scotland with his black mare, Charger, after Texas gets too hot to handle. Unfortunately, his crooked ex-Marshall boss and the sleazy millionaire that Felix exposed for a water-stealing bastard apparently have the gumption to follow him across the ocean. And it turns out they have friends in Europe. Fortunately, Felix meets James, a man who’s as good with a gun as he is easy on the eyes, who’s as much an enemy of this “Blofeld” as Felix is of Mr. Greene, and who has some incredible friends and allies. Together, they work together to put their past enemies to rest once and for all.   

(Bonus: for Wild West AU, consider the same plot but have Bond fleeing Scotland and arriving in Reno where he meets Felix instead.) 

2. “does it look like we need the money”–Sugar daddy AU: Felix is the rich exchange student at Oxford and James is the languages student struggling to make ends meet with only the monthly stipend from his inheritance. Together they negotiate James’ pride and Felix’s generosity and discover a mutual love for fast cars, good food, other people’s secrets, and each other. 

3.  Serial killers AU: James searches for new hunting grounds in Texas. He invites his target, Felix, out for dinner–his usual seductive modus operandi–only to find that he is, to his surprise, actually enjoying himself with this one. Then Felix tries to kill him and James enjoys himself even more–at least until the cops get involved. As James and Felix fuck and kill their way across the continental U.S., they negotiate more than a detente, and eventually trust and love start worming their way into James and Felix’s murderous hearts. 

4. Postal worker/pet owner AU: James is the postal worker on Felix’s block. He first makes friends with Felix’s pit bull mix, Charger, who likes to carry in the mail, and then with Charger’s handsome owner. When Denbigh and his clique try to get pit bull breeds banned from the neighborhood, James and Felix band together with the rest of the MI6 Squad neighbors to stop him, but stumble onto a shadowy conspiracy. 

5. Journalist AU: Felix and James frequently collaborate but also try to one-up each other with their exposés; they’ve always had a beautiful camaraderie and a simmering sexual tension, but they’ve both been too wary of disrupting their journalistic partnership and friendship to pursue a romance. When James disappears after going undercover, Felix has to follow his trail and save his ass. In between dodging death, conducting interviews, and blowing a worldwide conspiracy wide open, Felix and James also navigate their changing relationship with each other.  

modern thedas aesthetics: the iron bull

hearty meals, watching cartoons on a futon, and only occasional identity crises.


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