black charcoal ice cream

types of people: colors

Dusky Pink: hand-lettering, quick friendships, loves cake, past break-ups are lessons, charming, sweeter than sugar ,cares too much, Shakespeare, good grades, chocolate truffles, always the short one.

Sky Blue: too much in love, quirky selfies,bus rides, craves attention, Milkshakes, trying too hard, cant keep secrets, tousled hair, handkerchiefs, too open, blueberry smoothies

Midnight Purple: bites nails, coffee addict, round glasses, video games, silent but deadly, too much in love, tired eyes, thunderstorms, running fingers through hair,  few close friends, hearty laughter.

Sunshine Yellow: very committed, softie but can be tough sometimes, apple pies, bruised knuckles, curly hair, doesn’t give a shit, protective, argues too much, tattered converse, constantly distracted. vanilla daydreams

Navy Blue: always fails at love, hands buried deep into pockets, M&Ms, writes quotes, dreamer, beautiful fantasies, will stay up for you, elevator selfies, blackberry sundaes

Sea-Green: homemade meals, hyper attacks, always the funniest, artistic, sad on the inside, self-undermining, savory over sweet, football, picnics at the park, chilli tacos

Sunset Orange: works hard, Bollywood fanatic, the kind of friend you never knew you needed, side profiles, sugar coated peanuts, dimply smile with squinted eyes, wavy hair, citrus scents

Milky White: groovy, rainbow sunshine, loves K-pop, in love with the wrong person, laughter, not afraid to speak up, ti-toks, frizzy hair, victoria’s secret, foodie, afternoon sleep.

Crimson Red: loves dogs, probably owns more than one, summer clothes, sunkissed smile, neat handwriting, reads too much quotes, straight hair, cheese cake ice-cream, gives too many chances.

Charcoal Black: procrastination, eats too much ice cream, loves deeply, reads novels, too loud or too quiet, long walks, baggy clothes, sweet-tooth, wants to own more than one cat, waves of nostalgia, meme child, silently struggling, windy days.



Requested by: @toogrumpylady

Matthew and blueberry waffles

(Because I refuse to look up “blue waffles”. Thanks, internet!)

James and charcoal waffles with earl grey ice cream and a salted egg sauce drizzle.