Mr Beamish and Miss Murphy are still looking for a loving home!

“They are brother and sister and are 17 years old. They are both black, and Mr Beamish has a white blob on his chest. Sadly, due to a change in their owner’s circumstances, they are now looking for a new home but must be homed together.  They are a little shy to start with, but once they get to know someone they will greet you with tails in the air, and lots of purring.  They have not been used to children or dogs, but are used to going out into the garden.   They are very fit for their age - they still play with toys!  All they need is a loving home, with a garden, to spend the rest of their days together in.”

They are currently at the Chiltern Cats Protection, England.

Click here to read more about adoption or ways to donate.

Please spread the word! (Even if you aren’t in the UK, you may have UK followers!) It’d be great if they could find a home.

“I try to live in the present, but it’s hard. Sometimes you wonder, what’s retirement going to be like? What can I do now to make sure I’m able to live like this when I’m old? When I start worrying about stuff like that, I just think ‘You’ve made it this far with your wits and looks, just trust.’ Then I begin a rigorous, lengthy self-grooming session in the middle of the living room.”

- Maddie, Financial District