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Hello there fren! Can I get me some cute/funny/s e n s u a l 2p Axis headcanons? I'm writing a thing and I'm low on ideas.

sure thing ;) good luck with your thing my dood


  • Flavio has had this stuffed toy (the first thing he’d ever sewn) since he was a child. It’s a little black cat with pink heart-eye buttons and he has not gotten rid of it
    - Luciano knows about this and thinks it’s adorable
  • Luciano is really into stamp-collecting and souvenir hoarding and always gets his friends something small if he goes somewhere new
  • Gilen is a sucker for romcoms and has cried over one more than once. Lutz sometimes joins him
  • Lutz goes to parks a lot when he runs and always stops by this little meadow. There’s a little girl that lives nearby that comes out sometimes to pick flowers and she always gives him some
    - he comes home with flower crowns a lot
  • Kuro used to let 2P!Vietnam paint his nails a lot when she was younger
    - he never took it off when she was done. she just looked so proud


  • Gilen is the one that lives in the upstairs part of the house and Lutz lives in the basement; he is kind of condemned after what happened in the kitchen
  • Luciano doesn’t make noise when he walks and it’s the most horrifying thing
  • Lutz is actually pretty shitty at holding alcohol and doesn’t drink as much as people think
  • Kuro hates anklets and will never talk to anyone wearing them
  • Flavio can’t read street signs until after he passes them


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Ten Moments | 1

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Word Count: 4,489

Genre & Warnings: Fluff, Some swearing because I’m all about that potty mouth life. No smut as of yet. This chapter is pretty tame. Don’t know how crazy other chapters are going to get. I’m letting this story tell itself as I go along. 

Notes: I just needed some fluff in my life. And Yoongi fluff at that. I wrote, deleted, and rewrote this chapter like six times. Nothing was coming out right. While I wanted this to stay fairly angst free for now, I don’t want to close it to future story developments. This chapter is me finally just saying fuck it, writing for five hours straight, and posting whatever happened. I hope you enjoy.

Ten moments. There were ten moments that led to me loving Min Yoongi more than life itself.”

And what better place to start than in the beginning…

“That smile of yours says you did something awful and you’re enjoying it.”

I observe my life long best friend and roommate suspiciously. She’s got that smile that I absolutely hated. The one that’s sassy and quirks off to one side. The one that she wore when she convinced me to use my next door neighbors hot tub, thinking they were out of town for a couple more days. They weren’t. I had to clean it once a week for that entire summer so they wouldn’t make a big deal with my parents. That smile also made an appearance while were were in middle school, when she told me that rubbing vicks vaporub on my boobs would make them grow faster. All it did was make all the boys run away from me because I smelled “Like a Grandma.” Basically, I didn’t trust that smile. 

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In a much happier pet story for today….

Remember when I made those acrylic pour paintings a while back?

Well Michelle’s sister Jessica saw them and mentioned how cool it would be to use real things as inspiration for the colors used.  Her example was her cat Khalessi, green eyes, pink nose, blacks, grays and rust fur tones.  She showed me a photo of a close-up (pictured above) of her cat.

So I went home and felt inspired to give it a try.  Being silly I poured the colors onto a wooden panel as if I was making a basic cat face.  I knew that you would never recognize that once the process was completed but it was a good way to create a random effect.

I have to say I loved the combination once it was done.  So I mounted it in a floating frame (If you haven’t noticed by now those are my favorite) and I left it with Michelle over the weekend to give to her sister the next time they saw each other.

I got a nice thank text including these photos of Khalessi herself clearly giving the art her paw and snooze of approval.