Black Cat & Black Widow; Part 13}
— Smoke Bomb!—

[ Felicias cat scratch left the detective staggered with severe bleeding damage , and It gives the cat time to think on her feet:
She whips out a handy GADGET thatll flash-bang the entire scene. Itll allow her to get out of combat fast and STEALTH exit. It’s her signature cat burglar trick to escape bad situations Just disappear a.k.a smoke the place out with a smoke bomb to enable a quick GETAWAY
Felicia throws the smoke bomb right under the detective’s feet ]
Hell never know whats hit him, the smoke will send him into complete confusion and once his vision has been limited I can escape! Meow! 
[ [Bang!] The smoke rose and Felicia slipped under detective Alvarez’s arm and in a flash she was gone leaving the detective DAZED ]