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Today’s inktober prompt was #sad and for whatever reason my first thought was poor little mimikyu, the ghost who just wants to be loved :c plus, he fit the Halloween theme I accidentally got going on (he’s a ghost AND he’s wearing a costume!)

I haven’t gotten around to doing any fan art of pokemon sun/moon, so this was a good way to start!


Women’s History Month: Celebrating Women of Color

Jackie Ormes (1911-1985)  is known as the first African-American woman cartoonist. Her most notable works are Patty-Jo ‘n’ Ginger, and Torchie Brown in Dixie to Harlem. Torchie Brown provided an example of a woman who defied the stereotypes of black women in the media.


NYU admissions advisor reveals everything wrong with college in the U.S.

Black cartoonist Joshua Jackson posted a missive to Twitter on Friday appearing to show an administrator at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts dismissing their request for an application fee waiver by telling them they were likely too poor to attend the school anyhow. The school responded to Jackson Saturday with a tweet and email.

Happy #BlackOut Day!* Check out these awesome young black illustrators and cartoonists! #1

March 6th is *BlackOut Day, the day when black people post, share, reblog, like, and distribute photos of other black people on social media. I want to celebrate by sharing other black people who do my favorite thing: make art! 

Odera Igbokwe

Odera makes great fantasy art. I bought a print of this painting of Solange, which is extra cool since Odera gave this piece to Solange herself at a concert. Check out their tumblr.

Tiffany Ford

I love her choppy-clean digital work- she makes simple stuff that’s super evocative and I can’t figure out how she does it. She does these outfit of the week posts she calls “color blocks” and they are awesome. And she lives at this tumblr.

Erica Jones

I stumbled across her incredible racebent Kiki from Kiki’s Delivery Service and cried. Actually cried. Also, made it my Facebook profile picture. She’s on tumblr.