black capped chickadees


A little potpourri from today. Neighbours had a fire, so the Cardinal got some  dramatic fog effects. The Cowbirds have not shown any interest in the Bluebird house (yay!), and the Starlings have become much less because I am not having suet out anymore. They still like visiting the booth though. Mr. and Mrs. Bluebird are around all day, but Mallory has not laid yet. Since today was day two of the nice weather, I expect her to start laying this week :)

I’m not sure why, but for me, there are few sounds on this Earth more euphoric than the three-note call of a Black Capped Chickadee.

I am sitting next to my window right now and just heard one start up in the distance and like a Pavlovian reaction it has instantly snapped me, at least temporarily, out of my winter state of mind.

RotG Jackrabbit Week: Soulmarks

Who hoo - I finished something! Soulmark setting where you get multiple marks depending on the type of connection you have with someone.

On AO3: Wingfic AU, Retail AU, Soulmarks

In Bloom

Soulmarks. He finally had soulmarks!

Jack had noticed the first few on his ankle. Snowflakes. They had to be believer marks, one each for Jamie, Pippa, Monty, Cupcake, Claude, Caleb, each unique, plus one more at half the size that must have been for Sophie.

Were there more?

Jack turned and twisted to look at his skin, yanking off his hoodie.

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