black butler role play


Happy 41st Birthday, Takahiro Sakurai!
13 June 2015

I RP with a wonderful person now @layaking but if anyone else wants to RP storyline based on the manga, anime, or an AU please let me know. I’d be into group RP like Sebastian, Ciel, Claude, Alois or just Sebby and Ciel. Any I’m up for pairings of SebbyXCiel and SebbyXClaude. I’m a fun person and just look at the beautiful photo i’ve left you with. i love you all, especially if you love all of the above people/animations/drawings. xx, kitty cat

photo: © yana toboso

                                   BE SOBER, BE VIGILANT. 

                                           BECAUSE YOUR ADVERSARY THE DEVIL WALKS ABOUT                                                                                   LIKE A ROARING LION, SEEKING WHOM HE MAY DEVOUR.

Black Butler Reaper

I just finished the entire manga finally, well other than volume 22 which isn’t out in english yet but I have to say the reapers that showed up in Germany are hardly talked about. I admit the guy was a little blasé, but Sascha was great! She was funny, excitable, and she pretty much gave away that things were gonna get really good. Idk as a reaper I loved her as much as I love Grell and that is saying a lot. I MIIIGHT rp her. I loved her energy and it seems there are not enough girls. Anyway, that’s my two cents for today. I love you all! <3