black butler merch


More merch I’ve gained 💕

I’m so serious on starting this collection, but still on volume seven on the manga, smh. Oh yeah, when I say, I’ve been spoiled—I’VE BEEN SPOILED. #ripagni

I’m so upset that Japan doesn’t ship food to the US—The Funtom Cafe tin can had cookies inside but they had to remove them. 😢

The scent still remains 😭

Black Butler Bottling Acrylic Keychains

DOES ANYONE KNOW WHERE I CAN GET THESE? The cheapest I can find them is $US 87/ $AUD 116 :(  I have tried the official Japanese Square Enix website but they don’t seem to ship out of Japan. I have tried ebay and Japanese Amazon, but I could not find one any cheaper than $AUD 116. The original price of a full set is 5000 yen, or $AUD 60/ $US 46. It comes with a surprise one, which I am guessing is the Viscount Druitt in the phoenix pose (just a feeling).  

A little after 5am and I’m googling images for “senpai won’t notice you”. This was high up on the results page….

Was actually looking for a specific tshirt from Hot Topic, but I can’t even find it on their website this morning, though I saw it there yesterday….

Ah well, at least I get more BB/Kuro content for my brain LOL