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Two Ciels Fan Art Contest!

Hey guys! I’m approaching 1000 followers on this blog! Woohoo!! First of all, thank you so much for following me and liking and reblogging my posts! It truly means the world to me! So in celebration of you, my lovely followers, I am holding a fan art contest!

There will be PRIZES!!! 😱😆

Here’s the deal:

1. You submit your BEST Two Ciels fan art to me by posting it on your blog with the tag #KuroTwinsContest

It can be any kind of art! Simply feature the two boys in any context you like! Be creative!

2. I will award 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place, along with Honorable Mentions in no particular order. All awarded art pieces and Honorable Mentions will be featured on my blog!!

3.  Submit your fan art by Thursday, August 31st, 11:59pm EST!


1st Place
A rare 1'x1’ piece of the famous Marriott Marquis ‘Dragon Con’ carpet - Own a piece of Dragon Con history!

2nd Place
The Kuroshitsuji Character Guide - Get special insights into Yana’s world and characters!

3rd Place
A Black Butler poker card deck - Featuring art from seasons 1 and 2 of the Black Butler anime!


1. The art must be an original piece created by you. No stealing! Manga colorings/edits may be entered, but pieces with original line work will be given priority in judging.

2. The art does not need to be new. You may submit previous works.

3. The art must feature both Our Ciel and Real Ciel in some way. Visual metaphors may be used.

4. If your art piece wins a prize, you will have 2 weeks from notification to send me your mailing address via Direct Message so that I can mail you your prize. After 2 weeks, if I have not received your address, the prize will go to the next art piece.  Your address will be used for shipping purposes only and is completely confidential.

5.  Your artwork must be submitted (posted to your blog with the #KuroTwinsContest tag) no later than August 31st, 11:59pm EST.

Send me a message if you have any questions! My mailbox is always open! 📬

So get started on your amazing Two Ciels fan art! Let’s see what you can do! 😃👬😆

Thank you all again so much for following me!!! Stay awesome! <3

Drew my babies Yuuri and Viktor as the pig and the dog. Haven’t drawn them in a while.

Did this for a contest on the Yuri On Ice Amino. I’m pretty satisfied with the results. Now to begin my mini comic for the Black Butler/ YOI Crossover contest.

Imagine and One-shot for: phantomhive-brat

One-shot rating: PG

(Also, the imagine and one-shot are completely different subjects)

  Ciel knew he fucked up this time as you stared down at your teacup, an emotionless look upon your face. You two had gotten into an argument, and he had done a terrible thing by striking you across the cheek. The red lash was still there and Ciel could feel his guilt pile up inside him. He hadn’t meant it, he was just stressed and took his anger out on the one woman he loved most.

 He knew you couldn’t go anywhere else, since he was your fiancee. He was glad you didn’t decide to go sleep out in the rain. He couldn’t stand the thought of you cold and afraid. He had to say something, anything. He couldn’t let you look like this.

 You picked at your food, letting it go cold. Ciel sighs, capturing your attention as he stood up. You looked pack at your plate, not saying anything. “(Y/N).” You glanced at him, only to flinch as he was right in front of you. Ciel looked hurt, but held out a hand to you. “I want to dance with you.”

 You didn’t refuse his request as you took his hand, pulling yourself out of the chair. He still held your hand as he lead out of the dining hall.

 As you two reached the front of the mansion, Ciel grabbed your waist and pulled you closer to him. Together his feet stepped forward as you two dance. “There’s no music.” You said blankly, staring at Ciel. Ciel smirked and kissed your forehead, “I don’t need music when I can listen to your voice.” Though you were still angry with him, you blushed lightly. “Ciel… this doesn’t fix anything, you should know.”

 He spun you around and brought you back into his arms, “I know, but I need to practice on my dancing, and you’re the perfect partner for it.” Your blush grew deeper. “I know I can’t change what happened, but I can make sure I’ll never make that mistake again.”

 He pulled his hand out of your’s and lifted your chin, “I love you. You make smile when I never want to smile.” And with that, he pressed his lips onto your’s.

 You were his, and he never wanted to let you go.

The Two Ciels Fan Art Contest is now closed! Thank you so much for all of your wonderful submissions!!!

Kuro Twins has officially surpassed 1000 FOLLOWERS!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s been an incredible journey so far and I have all of you lovely people to thank for that. 💜

Now the judging begins! In the coming week, I will go through all of the submissions and award 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, as well as Honorable Mentions. These submissions will be featured on the Kuro Twins blog and all placed winners will be notified of their prize via direct message on Tumblr.

The winners will have up to 2 weeks to respond with a legitimate address to mail the prize to. If no response has been received in that time, the prize will go to the next person.

Excellent work, everyone, and from the bottom of my heart - THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! ✨💜✨

~ Original artwork above by Yana Toboso

Kidnapping arc:

And  the time we all found out that Sebastian is a fucker.

Jack The Ripper arc:

And the time that Ciel had to crossdress.

Curry contest:

And the time they tried to resolve important things with curry.

Circus arc:

And the time all fandom agreed in something: Kelvin sucks.

Murder Mistery arc:

And the time when we knew shit about what was happening.

Ship Voyage arc:

And the time when everybody was fucking dork and cool, almost in every page.

Weston arc:

And the time we found out that Kuroshitsuji wasn’t that gay. Yet.

Werewolves arc:

And the time where we realize that lies and death are the only canon things in Kuroshitsuji.

And Ciel had to crossdress again.

One-Shot for

One-Shot for
Rating: PG-13 (Hinted Sexual Content)

Sebastian sighed, walking over to her. A troublemaker, she was. Yet, his feelings for her grew. Most would laugh, saying such things as, ‘A demon? Falling for a human!? You must be mad!’ It was true though, and Sebastian hated it, so much that he took his rage out the poor woman, leaving her in tears. He kneeled down, kissing her cheek and wiping away the tears that fell from her eyes. She was beautiful, and seeing her upset like this made Sebastian ashamed of himself. For a demon, feelings were the least of a matter, but Sebastian was ready to pour his heart out to the fragile human before him. “My love, forgive me.” He held her hand

The girl violently shook her head, not wanting him near her. She tried to pull her hand away from his hand, but Sebastian refused to let that happen. “I’m not leaving.” He told her, leaving little kisses on her face, stealing one from her lips every so often. He wanted her to love him like he loved her. He cupped her face in his hands, looking into her beautiful eyes. Everything about her was alluring and Sebastian couldn’t help himself by smiling softly. “A pretty woman shouldn’t be crying.” He brushed his gloved hand over her cheek.

“But is it I who is pretty or my soul?” She asked, unable to look away from his crimson eyes. Sebastian frowned, “Why would you ask such a thing? My love for you is strong, soul, body, and mind.” He pressed his lips to forehead. “Prove it.” The words came out a whisper, yet the wise demon heard it clear as day. He snuggled the girl closer to him, “Have you noticed, my love? I have not eaten your soul and I have no plans to.”

His hands slipped under her legs and he lifted her into his arms. “I will show you how much my love grows for you.” The girl leaned her head on his chest. Sebastian carried her to the bed. “You want love? I’ll show you love.” He chuckled, “Just expect to be sore tomorrow morning.

Kuroshitsuji (Black butler) arc AUs
  • Send me the name or description of an au, and I'll write a starter based on it
  • Kidnapping arc: Muse A has been kidnapped, and Muse B has to go and rescue them, facing all the dangers that the kidnappers have put in place.
  • Kidnapping arc 2: Someone close to muse A has been kidnapped, and muse B has been called in to help them. What will happen?
  • Jack the Ripper arc: Our muses are living in the late 1800's, and when a Jack the Ripper killing strikes close to home, will the killer appear even closer?
  • Curry Contest arc: Muse A and Muse B are in charge of rival restaurants, when suddenly an important person starts a cooking competition, with a prize that could make or break a restaurant. Who will win?
  • Green Witch arc: Our muses are lost in the woods, until suddenly they run into an old woman. Muse A somehow manages to anger the old lady, and says that Muse B will be cursed. What will happen to them?
  • Public School arc: Muse A is a new pupil at a boarding school where Muse B has attended, and is a diligent, well-behaved student who is placed in charge of Muse A's dormitory. Muse A is headstrong and unruly, so when presented with such an unusually strict and severe staff, how will they get on?
  • Ship Voyage Arc: After hearing about an unusual chain of murders, our muses find themselves on a boat, travelling to where they have been committed, only to find that the killer is closer than they may think.
  • Ship Voyage Arc 2: Reports of people going missing have been littering the news recently, and when visiting Muse A in hospital, Muse B finds a strange room of strange dolls that look just like the missing people. Just what have they been doing?
  • Phantomhive Maner Murders Arc: When invited to a fancy dinner party at Muse A's home, a huge storm traps Muse A, Muse B and the other guests inside the house. Suddenly, a guest is killed, and the others slowly begin diminishing. Who will survive?
  • Noah's Ark Circus Arc: Muse A and Muse B are forced to sneak covertly into a circus after a series of mysterious events, and investigate the performers. How will they get on?

I’ve been thinking about doing a small contest for a while now so I thought might as well now. So first off, the details:
- Creativity (make it entertaining).
Date the contest ends:
- December 16th (If people need more time to finish then it will end on the 18th).
Hashtag that will be used:
(The stranger the hashtag is, the less likely it is to have been used before).
What will determine the winners?:
With art:
- The concept.
- The art style.
- Do the characters fit in the situation?
With fics:
- The concept.
- Grammar mistakes (I am going to be like that one strict literature teacher you had but never really hated cause she knows how to teach and that took the class to the theater that one time).
- Do the characters fit in the situation?
Word count (min.1000/max.4000).
NSFW is allowed, but tag it so no one gets triggered.
Gold medal:
* Key-chain with a character of the winner’s choice.
* Two bookmarkers (one bigger than the other) each with a character of the winner’s choice.
* A pencil drawing with a character of the winner’s choice.
* A poster sized digital drawing of a character from the winner’s choice.
* A business card with a random ass message in the back.
Silver Medal:
* Smaller key-chain (with a character of the winner’s choice).
* One bookmarker (for small books) with a character of the winner’s choice.
* An A4 sized digital drawing of a character from the winner’s choice.
* The business card (with a different message).
Bronze medal:
* One bookmarker (small books) with a character of the winner’s choice.
* A pencil drawing of a character from the winner’s choice.
* The business card is always included.
The prizes will be delivered unless the winner does not wish for me to know their address. If that were to be the case their price would be sent digitally through e-mail.

Once I have decided the winners I will make another post featuring:
* The medal winners.
* The diploma winners (Honorable mentions).
* The rest of the participants.
And the links to their work.
So yeah, I don’t think there’s anything else to say about it. Hopefully people join. If you have any more questions or you think I’ve missed important info about the contest or have any complains then don’t be shy about telling me.

Imagine and One-shot for: ouran-host-club-imagines

Imagine and One-shot are different subjects & characters

Rating: G

Today was the day! Today was the day you were going to tell Finny you loved him. You’ve known him for a year now, and over that one year, you fell in love with the gardener. He was so sweet and kind, and tried to be gentle, despite his strength. The mansion had been under attack many times, and he’s managed to protect you from harm’s way, no matter what.

 You weren’t good at much except cooking and tending to stuff that needed attention. Hence, the only reason you were hired. It was a suitable pay and you needed to money to pay back debts that were owed. You always helped Finny in the garden whenever you could catch a break. He didn’t need Sebastian’s help anymore when he had you.

 The thought of him made your heart skip of a beat with his cute smile and bright eyes. You wanted to tell him so badly, but you didn’t know how to say it. It’s like you were lost and no words could leave your tongue. You had tried before, but only froze in your sentence of three little words with a big meaning.

 "(Name)? Are you okay? Do you need me to get Sebastian for you?“ Finny’s voice rang out and you squealed, jumping into the air. "Finny!” You exclaimed, clutching your chest, “You can’t do that!” Finny smiled, “Sorry, (Name)! You looked lost. I wanted to make sure.” You blushed, “That’s sweet, Finny." 

  You sucked up all the courage you had and leaned forward, pressing your lips onto his. After a second you pulled away, your blush deeper than before, "I, uh, love you, Finny.”

 Finny broke out into a grin. “I love you too, (Name)!”

 "What are you two doing? Get back to work!“ Sebastian scolded and the two of you took off, hand in hand.

Our 1-year anniversary contest!

Rules: (They’re pretty much the same ones from the last contest)

  • Must be following black-butler-imagines
  • Reblogging will increase your chances
  • Likes Don’t count (Sorry!)
  • In my ask box, please tell me why you deserve the prize. (*Required*)

  The Prize:

  Three winners will be chosen to get a one-shot for the character of their choosing, an imagine for the character of their choosing, and a message and follow from black-butler-imagines (If I’m already following you, you may just get a message c:)

 Have fun and Contest ends July 15!

400 followers contest!!

Soooo im doing a writing give away for 400 followers and here’s how it goes;

follow this blog (because apparently i cant see that you’ve reblogged if you don’t *shrug*)

Reblog this post (the more time you reblog the more chances of winning), likes do not count! and i will put all the names of the reblogs into a name generator and it will find out three winners!

1st winner gets;

- A scenario with any character they please (from black butler or hunter x hunter) in any situation they please.

- two sets of headcanons for whatever character they want and whatever headcanon scene they want (if that makes sense).

- A boyfriend/girlfriend match up and a best friend match up.

2nd winner gets;

- two sets of headcanons for whatever character they please (from black butler or hunter x hunter) and whatever scene they want.

- A boyfriend/girfriend and bestfriend match up

3 winner gets;

- a headcanon for whatever character they please in whatever situation they please.

- A boyfriend/girlfriend match up and a bestfriend match up.

ill leave this contest open for 5 days any reblogs after that wont count so get reblogging!!