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So I went to a con again for the first time since Animecon! I was super nervous (due to personal reasons) but despite that I ended up having an amazing day!  

I met @letsrevitup (although I just found out later, because I suck at recognising faces xD) together with another amazing Jacksepticeye and a Markiplier! I took a picture with Hela 2 times and with another amazing Loki and Thor! Went to Wonderland ~ Met Twisty the clown during a freakshow (yes, they had an actual freakshow!) AND I even got to meet people cosplaying The Adventure Zone!! (Which is amazing because I thought it wasn’t really a thing in the Netherlands) I even got a cupcake from Taako :3 

At those Adventure Zone cosplayers tho: If you recognise yourself please message me because I lost the card with info you gave me :( 

And of course I couldn’t resist taking a picture with Black Butler cosplayers, who were also so adorable! (I miss cosplaying Claude, aaah) 

I also ended up buying 2 Thor Ragnarok figures (I ended up looking for the Loki one almost all day because they were sold out at almost all stands but one stand still had 1 left!!) and commissioning a Claude button ♥ I don’t have the artist’s name sadly, but she is soooo talented! 

All in all I had an amazing day and I hope I can soon go to some more conventions again ♥ If anyone recognises themselves feel free to send me a message so I can tag you!

Kuroshitsuji Weston House Flowers

Violet Wolf: Purple Dahlia

Green Lion: Holly

Scarlet Fox: Red Rose

Sapphire Owl: Gentian