Anime summaries in just a few sentences
  • Durura:Stahp KiLIlnG PePolE IZaYAa
  • magi:Aladdin NONONONOOOO
  • psycho-pass:dont even think about killing him u idiot
  • soul eater:*gets nosebleed from fighting and theres a sexy katttt
  • kill la kill:talking clothes and half naked Ryuko
  • hunter x hunter:*intense gay staring*
  • fairy tail:*is unsure what to ship*
  • samurai champloo:"Ill do anything for f00d"
  • black butler:let me beat the shit out of these idiots, young master
  • my little monster:stop that haruuuu
  • kuroko no basket:gay basketball players
  • deadman wonderland:a guide on how to make the most terrible ending EVER
  • Vampire Knight:we all wanted her to end up with zero
  • kotoura-san:StaP THt MAnAbee

Today I learned this is a real cookbook from 1861! (ch 20 pg 20)

Excerpt from a blog post from British Food: A History:

Authentic – or very close approximations to authentic – curries were being made in one particular London gentleman’s club called the Oriental Club which could be found in Hanover Square. The club catered for high society – the Duke of Wellington was the President and all the chairmen seem to have been Sirs, Lords, Major-Generals or Vice-Admirals.  The Club was obviously a popular one; it opened in 1825 and in 1961 it moved from Hanover Square to Stratford House on Stratford Square, where it remains to this day. […] 

In its hey-day, Chef Richard Terry was at the helm in the kitchen, who took full advantage of the first Asian grocery warehouses; Payne’s Oriental Warehouse on Regent Street and the Oriental Depot on Leicester Square. His recipes were ‘not only from [his] own knowledge of cookery, but from Native Cooks’ too. He published a book called Indian Cookery in 1861.