And now, for fun, a quick opinion poll. 

Which of Snake’s snake companions is your favorite? Reblog this post with your favorite snake in the tags!

To refresh everyone’s memory, your options are Wilde, Goethe, Emily, Brontë, Oscar, Wordsworth, Webster, Keats, and Donne. 


Sσ ωнαт ιƒ ǀ'м ƒυcкιηg cяαzу?

ǀ'м gσηηα ѕнσω уσυ….

Lσcσ, мαηιαc, ѕιcк вιтcн, ρѕуcнσραтн,
Ƴєαн, ǀ'м gσηηα ѕнσω уσυ….
Mєηтαℓ συт му вяαιη, вαт ѕнιт, gσ ιηѕαηє!
Ƴєαн, ǀ'м gσηηα ѕнσω уσυ……
ǀ'м gσηηα ѕнσω уσυ……
Ƴєαн, ǀ'м gσηηα ѕнσω уσυ…..