I seriously love Yana Toboso.

Her foreshadowing and dedication is superb. The chapter 32 cover is Real Ciel holding a flower crown that you can see here: 

And in chapter 130, we see the exact same image of Real Ciel holding a flower crown but it was for Our Ciel as it was shown at the end of the chapter. This chapter debuted on April 18th, 2009. She waited almost ONE HUNDRED chapters and over EIGHT YEARS to reveal what this image actually meant. Her foreshadowing throughout the entire manga is just amazing. I’m not saying her writing is perfect, as I do have a few problems such as how Sebastian as a demon really works and sometimes her pacing is WAY too slow, but her dedication to this series is something that MUST be admired. She’s waited almost ELEVEN years to reveal such a huge plot twist for a series that has been lying to you for a decade. And that is something that must be praised. 

Dear angry fandoms,

I don’t understand why everybody feels the need to torment and harass shippers, creators, and people who just want to enjoy the show because they dissatisfied with some aspect. Creators make shows for everyone not just for you. You should respect and praise creators who take so many hours out of their days to provide us with beautiful content instead of nitpicking and writing angry comments while hiding behind the internet. These people just wanted to make something that people could enjoy. Not so that your OTP can get together.