black businessman

asexual kaz brekker
  • ace kaz who doesn’t know if his asexuality was there from birth or if it is a product of his trauma
  • ace kaz who embraces it all the same
  • ace kaz who is glad of his asexuality because it helps him cope with his extreme touch aversion
  • ace kaz who might be the only boy in ketterdam who can walk through the pleasure districts of the barrel purely on business terms and not care a jot for the the things that go on around him
  • ace kaz who subtly flaunts his asexuality with accents of purple on his usual black & white & grey businessman ensemble (a tie, a handkerchief, polished purple buttons, pURPLE GLOVES??? I’M LIVING) its no coincidence that purple is the color of both asexuality and kruge
  • ace kaz who turns his asexuality, like everything else about him, into a weapon - the guiles that other men fall for have no effect on him
  • ace kaz who finds security in his relationship with inej knowing that she will never ask of him what he cannot give
  • ace kaz who loves inej with unbridled passion; living proof that an asexual relationship is in no way “lesser” to other relationships
  • ace kaz who never loses his virginity  a n d   t h a t ’ s   o k
  • ace kaz
north carolina piedmont gothic
  • You rarely worry about the dead rising from the graves; the clay is too tough for even the living to penetrate. But as you walk in the graveyard, you hear a scream and banging from below, and realize: that’s not the scream of someone who’s dead
  • You go to uptown Charlotte one afternoon and find that every person there is the exact same businessman: black suit, receding hairline, and muttering something under his breath that is impossible to hear through the static
  • Lake Norman is beautiful on a sunny day. But as you sit on the dock you notice something strange and dark in the water, coming to you from the Duke Energy power plant. The dock begins to shake—
  • “Lexington BBQ is the best,” your friend says one afternoon, offering you some of her homemade BBQ. You smile and thank her, biting into it. Something red rolls down your mouth. You wonder why you didn’t see her neighbors this morning
  • There is a woman who lives down the street, but you can never hear her voice because of the hissing and buzzing noises emerging from her coat, and always leave her presence covered in dozens of mosquito bites
  • There is a church deep in the woods. When you go there, you find that none of the patrons ever blink. You hear the hymns reverberating from the walls of your house days after leaving the service
  • It’s the summer of the cicadas, and they are everywhere. They litter the sidewalks, the streets, your house, your clothes. You feel a little sick, and when you double over, cicadas come spilling forth from inside you
  • It snows a half inch, and people are screaming. They rush to the grocery stores or abandon their cars on the road. The next day, the sky is red, and there is a gentle drizzle of what seems like blood. Everything is calm

America’s first Black billion dollar businessman, Reginald Lewis, African American, his wife, Loida Nicolas-Lewis, Filipina, and their family. Reginald was the richest African American in the US in the 1980s, building a billion dollar multinational company in Beatrice International - a global food, beverage and grocery store conglomerate. Even today, only a very small number of African Americans have ever owned a billion dollar business - there are only 4 today. Unfortunately, he passed away at the age of 50 from brain cancer in 1993. Loida, took over as CEO of the billion dollar company after his death and she successfully ran the company for six years before selling it. Some call Reginald’s story the greatest untold rags to riches story in America and a movie starring Jamie Foxx as Reginald has been floated for some time. This would be a great story to see on the big screen. Much honor, respect, and love to Reginald, Loida, and their family!

looking back, one of dino charge’s fundamental problems is that it did not realize that every single story it was trying to tell with white boys had already been told a million times.

womanizer who finally falls in love? done. nerdy farmboy who dreams of bigger things? done. evil villain who gets redeemed? done. prince who learns to be a decent person? done.

these are stories that have been told a million times by a million white men because media is oversaturated with white men and their stories. they are predictable and boring and dino charge did nothing new with any of them. i could have told you heckyl was going to be redeemed five years ago.

but koda’s story, of an immigrant who feels out of place in the new world? ivan’s story, of being forced to come to america against his will, leaving behind his family? tyler’s story, of searching all over the world for his dad? shelby’s story, of being the daughter of a successful black businessman and trying to succeed in a field (archaeology) dominated by white men?

these are not stories that have been done a million times, or, if they are, they have not been portrayed by people of color. if tyler were white, his story would’ve been predictable, but he’s latino, so it’s not. if heckyl were black, he would’ve been treated very differently and might not even have been redeemed because it is harder for a white audience to empathize with a black man who commits morally ambiguous deeds than with a white man who commits the same deeds. shelby’s story has been told by white girls before, but she is black and so it’s new and interesting. koda and ivan each offer a unique perspective on the immigrant experience in america, specifically for east asian and latinx immigrants, that would have resonated greatly with kids who are first or second generation immigrants, had either of those characters been explored and had their stories treated with the same respect that white men get.

but dino charge assumed that the kids watching would prefer to see the same old story of a white boy trying to win over a white girl, and a white boy getting redeemed for his evil deeds, and a white boy wanting to be more than his humble farmboy beginnings, and they didn’t write any of the interesting stories that they had on hand, and they wasted half their cast in doing so. and they were rewarded with the lowest ratings of the neo saban era on a white boy focus episode because of it.

ok i know everyone loves rent, but no one ever explicitly talks about how fucking rad it is as far as representation goes.

you have mark, a white jewish man who’s girlfriend just left him for a woman. he never demeans her. he never disrespects her, or her girlfriend. and while he’s upset about it, he’s never an asshole about it. good for u mark, you’re an ACTUAL nice guy.

you have roger, a straight white man, struggling with HIV. never tries to use his non-straight/non-cis/non-white friends for brownie points.

you have mimi, a latina (often represented as a black latina). a sex worker struggling with addiction, she wins the heart of everyone around her.

you have angel, who is unapologetically genderfluid, the sunshine of everyone’s life.

you have tom, an inspired, well educated, gay, black man, who has dreams and ambitions and ideas that he continues to believe in even if other’s don’t.

you have benny, a wealthy, successful, black businessman, who, despite all his flaws, has done really well for himself.

you have maureen, a bisexual woman who is proud of her body and her sexuality, but still loves joanne wholeheartedly.

you have joanne, a successful, gay, black lawyer, who is, while a little uptight, a kind heart who adores maureen.

and the best part is, all of these characters manage to be beautifully complex in the span of a three hour musical.


Born on this day…

James Forten: Black Abolitionist & Businessman

September 2, 1766 - March 4, 1842


A Gentleman of Color: The Life of James Forten – Julie Winch

In A Gentleman of Color, Julie Winch provides a vividly written, full-length biography of James Forten, one of the most remarkable men in 19th-century America.

Forten was born in 1766 into a free black family. As a teenager he served in the Revolution and was captured by the British. Rejecting an attractive offer to change sides, he insisted he was a loyal American. By 1810 he was the leading sailmaker in Philadelphia, where he became well known as an innovative craftsman, a successful manager of black and white employees, and a shrewd businessman.

He emerged as a leader in Philadelphia’s black community and was active in a wide range of reform activities. He was especially prominent in national and international antislavery movements, served as vice-president of the American Anti-Slavery Society, and became close friends with William Lloyd Garrison, to whom he lent money to start up the Liberator.

Forten was also the founder of a remarkable dynasty. His children and his son-in-law were all active abolitionists and a granddaughter, Charlotte Forten, published a famous diary of her experiences teaching ex-slaves in South Carolina’s Sea Islands during the Civil War.

When James Forten died in 1842, five thousand mourners, black and white, turned out to honor a man who had earned the respect of society across the racial divide. This is the first serious biography of Forten, who stands beside Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglass, Booker T. Washington, and Martin Luther King, Jr. in the pantheon of African-Americans who fundamentally shaped American history.


Feeling MAD defeated right now. I told myself that since I work for myself, have my own bidness, my own boss… I was not going to trim or shave my beard until after my BDAY next January. My Beard Project 13. Go full beast mode with the chin hairs.

Midway throughout the day today, my biggest contractor called. Sales guy who brings me more contract work than I could possibly get myself, and told me he has a meeting at 10am tomorrow with a national corporation based out of Nashville that is looking to overhaul their entire web presence and maintain a content marketing/SEO campaign that COULD double my monthly income. This is his second meeting with them, and he said if I could make it there, he’s sure we could close on them.

My black ass called my barber so quick. Sold my beard project up the river for the potential of a couple (thousands) bucks. 

Cant be sitting in a meeting looking like the black teenwolf though.

I’ll bring it back once I set up and close on a few clients over the next month (companies do alot of reevaluating their media/online at the end of the summer as they prepare for winter, so I get more new biz right around now)

In the meantime, I went with a taper for the first time since like… 2005. I had been rocking the Yo Gotti grown man skin tight fade everytime I got cut by one of these Tennessee cats, cause that has been what most of these country dudes are the coldest with. But this barber I’m rocking with right now is from Cleveland too, so he knows what’s up when I say gimme a tapered dark cesar and reverse taper the beard too.

Gotta do some research on this company so I can take all those corporate bucks in the AM.

Wish me luck tumblr family!

Hope yall Hump Day was productive and full of safe humping.

P.S. Why do I have a toothpaste spot way at the top of my mirror though? Do I go full wolverine when I put my toothbrush in my hand or??? We have GOTS to do better keeping those toothpaste spots lower.