black business ownership

So We as a Black/Original People must learn to gain to Own and Control for ourselves Power, Wealth, Influence!

So, we must first study the economy system, then create a business culture mindset, build businesses and more.


We have to be the ones that inspire and teach each other to become our own bosses. We have to get out of the mentality of building someone else’s dream, someone else’s empire and start wanting to build our own. Back in the day, we had that mentality; the desire to make our decisions and control our own destiny. Integration destroyed that. We must build it back. We all can’t have dreams if working for white folks.
Post by @kingkwajo


Previously on this page @Solar_InnerG discussed the illusion of progress and how Black People are miseducated on the topic. Black people have in their minds that we’re taking these steps towards progress, but they are just imaginary. Yes! I called them imaginary because if we’re not taking steps to gain capital, ownership,, and increase our population than we’re not progressing. Indian people emigrated to America many years after the Civil Rights movement and in their shorter stay here have gained MORE ownership than black people. The Spanish community that also emigrated to America after the civil rights era, their population has already matched the black population in this country! The black population has been 13% for over the last 6 decades. These are clear signs that we as black people are not progressing like we think we are!

Post written by: @Oba_Tayo

I feel like a lot of people was frauding on their analysis of the clippers for not taking a stand like they should have. “ I would have did this or that” really would you? We as a community tolerate bullshit everyday at our own workplace and we don’t do shit about it.  We still haven’t found enough motivation regardless of endless displays of racism to UNIFY and empower ourselves economically. We still “slaving” in these racist environments hoping to get accepted by White folks someday somehow.  Of course I think the clippers  should have taken a stand and I am disappointed but I also know it’s not just up to celebrities to protest the nonsense going on.  How many of us have faced racism at our Job and ain’t do shit about it?  Be Honest. We just talk about how “that’s just the way it is”

When will Black People wake up? We need to be Independently ECONOMICALLY empowered. Black Business, Black Ownership, black distribution= Black people controlling their own destiny. Think FUBU! FOR US BY US! Peace! Post written by @solar_innerg #SanCophaLeague