black bunnie

Also, concept, i love the whole white hat au, and the whole white hat comes in and hits on/gets with flug and black hat’s like insanely jealous thing -

but also consider - white hat comes in, hits on flug, flug’s all ‘oh no i’m sorry i don’t feel that way about you/i already have feelings for someone else’ and white hat, being a gentleman, is like ‘oh absolutely, I apologize, i didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable’

so everything’s good

but then white hat is like ‘it’s my idiot counterpart isn’t it?’ and flug’s like ‘well i mean i don’t know what would make you say - ‘ and white hat’s just ‘you know he gets insanely jealous right?’

cue flug and white hat conspiring to make black hat jealous, but not actually doing anything. like wh will just be chillin in the lab and bh walks in and he’s like ‘quick lets look gay’