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Popping the Question

Just a quick one off of Liam helping his best bro, Jaal, prepare to pop the big question.


“Nervous?” Liam grinned at the fidgeting angara who was sitting on the other end of the couch fussing with his rofjin.

Jaal drew in a deep breath, stilled his hands, and exhaled slowly. “I admit,” he confessed, “I am feeling a bit apprehensive.”

“Well, you shouldn’t be.” Liam leaned over from where he sat and punched the other man lightly on the arm. “We’ve gone over this scenario a hundred times. You’re going to be fine. It’ll all work out, you’ll see. You love her, don’t you?”

“Of, of course I do,” Jaal stuttered, looking slightly offended that Liam would even have to ask him such a question. “Have I not made it clear that my very heart beats for her? That I want nothing more than to remain by her side for the rest of my days?”

“Perfectly clear,” Liam chuckled. “And believe me, the feeling is mutual. Ryder lights up like a Christmas tree every time you walk into the room.”

Jaal looked confused, his mouth turning down at the corners. “Christmas…tree?”

“Never mind,” Liam waved off the question. “I’ll explain it to you later. The point is, you have nothing to worry about. She’s as smitten with you as you are with her. With things beginning to settle down with the Kett and the new colonies up and running, it’s time to look toward the future, you know? Make a home. Make a life…preferably one that doesn’t involve being shot at and traipsing around inside of Remnant vaults.”

Jaal nodded, “I suppose…I suppose you are right. I just…I want this moment to be as perfect as she is.”

“And it will be,” the human man assured. “Everything has been arranged just like you wanted it. I saw to it myself.”

Jaal let out a relieved sigh. “You…are a good friend.”

“I try my best. Which reminds me…” Liam leaned over the arm of the couch and dug around inside of a bag, pulling out a small, black box. “Here,” he pressed it into the other man’s hands. “I went ahead and picked this up for you…well…technically for Ryder.”

Jaal’s face lit up. Excited, he cracked open the box. His large, blue eyes drank in the sight of the small jeweled band nestled within. With slightly trembling fingers, he plucked the ring from its velvet confines to examine it closer. He’d come up with the design himself after learning that humans exchanged jewelry with one another as a symbol of their commitment and he’d wanted to give Ryder something as unique as she was. The angara had no such custom but if it was a part of his Darling One’s culture, he wanted to honor it, to show her the depth of his devotion in a way she was familiar with and would understand.

The blue and purple swirled stone he’d had harvested from his home planet of Havarl glittered from within its silvery setting, reminding him of the vastness of space his love had crossed to come into his life. He felt a smile tug at his lips. It was more than he had expected. Flawless. Almost as beautiful as the woman he hoped would soon be wearing it. His heart stuttered happily in his chest at the thought.

“Well?” Liam pressed, “Its good right?”

“Mmm,” Jaal rumbled. “It is perfect.”

“You want to run through it one more time?”

“Yes,” Jaal nodded. He felt slightly more confident with the ring actually in his hands. “If you do not mind.”

“Sure thing. So,” Liam pushed himself up off of the couch to stand. “From the top then. Just take a deep breath, relax, and pretend that I’m Ryder. You’ve got this.”

“Right. I can do that.” Jaal nodded and also rose from his seat and approached the other man. He closed his eyes for a moment, picturing his beloved in his mind and instantly felt more at peace. More centered. He opened his eyes and gingerly took Liam’s hands into his own, imagining his love’s small, soft hands in their place. Yes. He could do this.

“Sara,” the angara began, swiftly taking a knee as Liam had advised him was traditionally custom for one asking their other half for their hand in marriage. “My heart and my soul, I feel as though I have always loved you…”

At that moment, without warning, the door to Liam’s little sanctuary slid open. Gil, the ship’s resident engineer, came striding in. “Hey, just came to invite you two to…poker…tonight…uh…” Gil blinked. The sight of the crisis specialist seemingly being proposed to by their angaran crew mate, ring and all, stunned him silent for a moment. “I can, uh, I can come back later. Sorry, uh, sorry to interrupt…”

Liam and Jaal stared after the man as he turned swiftly on his heel and disappeared back out the way he had come. Liam looked amused. Jaal’s expression, however, ran more along the lines of acute distress.

The human burst out laughing at the angara’s distraught look, “Better get a move on, mate, if you want to keep the element of surprise. With Gil’s mouth, I give it about a half hour before the whole crew knows something is up. You don’t want him blabbing to the Pathfinder.”

“Shit,” came Jaal’s muttered reply as he quickly rose to his feet and straightened himself. Just like that, the nervous fluttering filled his stomach once more.

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Love your blog, companions reacting to Soul finding pristine and expensive makeup and giving the companion a make over? Everyone including Maxon please

This one was fun, and long, and most importantly, in time for the deadline!

Cait: “What’cha got there Sole?” Cait frowned curiously down at Sole as they sat on the floor, organizing little boxes by color.

“It’s makeup! Come on, sit.” Sole patted the spot on the floor beside them and smiled up at Cait. Reluctantly the fighter seated herself beside Sole and picked up a black box. She pressed a button, and the top of the box flipped open revealing a bright pink powder.

“So, whadd’ya do with this… make-up?” Cait asked.

“You use it to make yourself look and feel pretty! Here, do you trust me?” Sole looked excited when they asked, and Cait gave them a weary expression. Finally, she sighs,

“Sure. Show me how it works.” She conceded.

“Okay, now look!”

Cait took the mirror from Sole and gazed back at herself through the glass. She gasped. That, wasn’t really her was it? She looked… pretty… She’d never felt this pretty before. She marvels at the sight of her lightly shaded lids and baby pink lips, and then she smiled.

“I love it. Teach me how.”


“Alright, now hold the applicator like this.” Sole held a hand up to their face, curled above one of their eyelids.

“Like this?” Cait furrowed her brows while trying to mimic Sole’s pose. “Ow! Gah! I poked me-self in the eye!” Cait threw down the applicator and rubbed the injured eye.

“Haha! Sorry Cait. Maybe I should just apply your makeup. I think it would be safer.” Sole leaned over and gently kissed Cait’s eyelid for her.

“Actually, I think I’ll put it on by me-self if you’re gonna get this sappy every time I do. Heh heh. But seriously, thanks love. I’m looking forward to more of our little makeovers.”

Deacon: Deacon slapped a small cosmetics bag into Sole’s palm, “Thought you might like this!” He said.

“Are you sayin’ I’m ugly Deacon?” Sole cocked a playfully insulted eyebrow.

“Yeah, well, not everyone can be as gifted as me.” The man flashed a grin at Sole. “Here, let’s do each other’s makeup! It’ll be fun! Like a sleepover right? At least I think that’s what people did in the Old World.” Deacon plopped down beside Sole and unzipped the bag in their hands. “You see boss, this is top quality stuff! Only the best for the Death Bunnies! Now,” He plucked out an eyeliner pencil, “If we’re gonna be an awesome gang duo, we gotta look the part.”

Deacon had allowed Sole to remove his sunglasses and ring his eyes with black eye liner, and he reciprocated the design although with much less finesse than his partner. He chalked his lack of skills up to the shortage of beauty products in the wastes; what a liar.

“Perrrrfect boss! Lovin’ the death metal look. Now all we need are matching spiked collars and a pair of embroidered leather jackets and we’ll be the baddest gang in the Commonwealth!”


“Hey Sole, sorry for calling you ugly.” Deacon apologized.

“Deacon, you didn’t call me ugly. I just accused of calling me ugly. D-do you really think I’m u-ugly?” Sole’s expression collapsed. Of course they were faking, but Deacon didn’t need to know that.

“Hahaha! Haha… uh… Oh. Oh no. No, did you really think? I don’t think you’re- Wait, stop, don’t cry Sole, c’mon. Here, let Deaky hold you! See? Hugs make everything better, and you’re a beautiful person.” Deacon patted Sole’s back and kissed the top of their head.

“Pfffft- hahahaha!” Sole burst out laughing.

“Are you kidding me? Well, that’s the last sympathy hug you’ll ever get from me!” Deacon dumped Sole out onto the floor, but he was laughing too.

MacCready: “C’mon Sole… I’m not a woman, I don’t wear makeup! Besides, not even that many women wear it now anyway!” He was grumbling sure, but he was also perched in front of Sole on a diner stool and letting them paint away at his face.

“OH! This eyeshadow is perfect! The color will really bring out the blue of your eyes!”

Great. That’s just what I wanted.” MacCready rolled his eyes before closing them. He listened to them hum happily as they brushed powder lightly across his eyelids. “This feels really… weird, but also kinda nice. Maybe you could do this more often, just without the makeup part.”

“Shhh! You’re moving your face too much!”

“Okay! Geez!”

“SHUSH!” MacCready felt Sole’s finger push down hard on his lips making him wince a little.



“No! No. You already put it on me once! You smudged it, and that’s too bad. No, you get that thing away from me!” MacCready reared back as Sole jutted the lipstick towards him. The more he resisted the more Sole climbed on top of him. He had to resort to twisting his face to the left and the right like a baby refusing a spoonful of food.

Sole huffed. “Fine. Well then, if you’re going to be that way,” Sole launched forward and smooched MacCready on his smudged lips. “There, now we match!” Sole grinned triumphantly.

“Heh, you’re really something else Sole, but I love you anyway.”

Nick: Now was the time for action! Nick was running his monthly diagnostic tests, so that gave Sole an hour, an hour to do whatever they wanted… And it just so happens that they found a pretty complete set of high quality makeup.

Let’s see now, I bet Nick would look good with a really cool mustache… And ooh! AN EYEBROW PENCIL! PERFECT! Now the detective can have the eyebrows he’s always dreamed of! So expressive! Hm…. Do I go with hot pink lips, or purple mauve? … Hot pink it is!

Sole finishes up with twenty minutes to spare, and kisses the tips of her fingers like a French chef marveling at his culinary masterpiece.

“Never have I done a better deed in my entire life. Now, to go get Ellie!”

“Well, what do you think?” Sole blinked hopefully at the woman.

“I think… It’s perfect! And I also think we shouldn’t mention it when he wakes up.” Ellie gave Sole a sly smile, and they returned the gesture.


“What is so dang funny you two? You’ve been snickering all day. Are you in on something I should be aware of?” Nick frowned at Ellie and Sole who were hiding mischievous smiles behind their hands.

“Oh no, it’s nothing Nick. Just some idle gossip, that’s all.” Ellie assured the detective.

Nick hummed accusatorily at the duo and went back to his files, but then he glanced his reflection in the file cabinets.

“Wha-“ Nick rubbed his lips, and some pink good came off on his fingers. “Sooooole…” Nick said in a low, intimidating voice.

“Bye Sole!” Ellie quickly left and slammed the agency door behind her.

“Heheh… So, like the makeover?” Sole shrunk away from the synth.

“Sole, Sole, Sole. These lips were made for one thing, and that isn’t lipstick.”

Sole smiled. “Well then, what are those lips for detective?”

“Get over here and let me show you.”

Danse: So, what can Sole do with a full spread of makeup and a passed out Danse. Surely applying a gaudy layer of periwinkle eye shadow, cherry red lipstick, and thick clumpy mascara would be the best use of their resources. Oh! And what’s this? A camera? Hmm… Surely Sole knows a few people who would love to memorialize this moment in time. For posterity! Yes, of course. Posterity.

“What! What is-“ Danse snatched a poster from a lamp post in Sanctuary. “Is this… me?” Cait snorted as she walked past him.

“’Ey soldier boy! That’s a good look on you!” She cackled.

“Who did- Sole.” Danse growled. “SOLE! GET OVER HERE RIGHT NOW!”


“Oof!” Sole felt the breath get knocked out of them as a livid Danse tackled them to the ground.

“Sole! This is ridiculous and childish! You will remove those posters at once!” Danse screamed, and spit a little, into Sole’s face. Sole would be scared out of their mind, if they weren’t laughing at Danse’s wildly inaccurate blush and lush eyelashes.

“What are you-“ Sudden realization swept across Danse’s features, and he slapped a hand to his face. After dragging it down his cheek, his fingers come back with various colored powders on it. “Argh!”

“Hahahahaha!” Sole’s muscles relaxed from laughing so hard. “You’re- hahaha- so pretty- hahaha- Danse. Kiss me!”

Danse sighed. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em, he figures, so he obliged Sole with a messy, lipstick-smearing kiss.

Curie: “Oh! Make up! Zhis is what women wore before the war yes? To be pretty! Oh, put some on me Sole! I want to look like zhose girls on zhe Nuka-Cola bill boards!” Curie laughed and clapped her hands, ecstatic over the fact that Sole found a full spread of high grade cosmetics.

“Heh, I’m glad you’re excited Curie. I’ll do my best for you!” Sole beamed at the scientist. Curie smiled back, and then leaned forward with her eyes closed.

“Okay Sole! I’m ready! And Sole, please let me wear zhe yellow eye shadow! It is my favorite color!” She sighed dreamily, imagining the way her face would look when Sole was finished.

For Curie, some light pink blush, some glistening lip gloss, a touch of mascara, and the prettiest pastel yellow eye shadow. Sole nodded their head upon finishing, proud of their masterpiece. “Okay Curie, look!”

Curie gasped at the sight of herself in the handheld mirror.

“Sole, I love it! Thank you; this makes me so happy!”

“No problem Curie, as long as you’re satisfied, I’m satisfied.”


“Okay Curie. You’re too cute, so now I have to kiss you.” Sole states seriously.

Curie laughed. “Sole! You know you do not have to ask for kisses. I love receiving smooches just as much as you love giving zhem. Now come ‘ere, I want to kiss you too!”

Curie giggled into the kiss, and when they parted she gasped.

“Look! Now we both have zhe lipgloss on!”

Preston: Preston grimaced at the array of compacts, brushes, and eye shadows Sole had meticulously arranged across the table. “General, I don’t really want to do this. It seems a little weird.” Preston frowned at the corner of his mouth when Sole picked up some steel-blue eye shadow.

“Aw C’mon Preston! It’s just for fun! Let me do this one time, and then you can take it off as soon as we’re done. Please. It would really mean a lot to me. Y’know, leading the Minutemen is a very stressful obligation, and something like this would really lighten the burden I think, and-“

“OKAY! Okay. Fine. One time,” Preston held up his pointer finger in front of Sole’s face, “and then it comes right off. You’re lucky I’m so agreeable.” Preston chuckled and shook his head. “Alright,” He sighed, “do your worst Sole.”


“Oh my goodness! You’re so pretty Preston!” Sole sang.

“Yeah yeah, yeah, now hand me the towel.”


“Sole… Hand. Me. The. Towel.” Preston held out his hand and looked at Sole with a blank expression. Sole was trying to hold in a grin, but the tense curve in the corner of their mouth gave it away. “Sole.” Preston warned again.

“Preston, you know I love you, right?” Sole asked, holding the towel away from his reach.

“Yes. Yes I do.” Preston smiled at them, but was gritting his teeth.

“Great!” Sole quickly smooched Preston’s brightly colored lips. “Love you too! Have fun training the new recruits!” And then Sole darted out of the Castle’s war room. Dang, Preston thought, shoulda seen that coming.

Piper: “I appreciate the offer Blue, but I’m not much of a makeup girl myself.” Piper leaned back in her chair tentatively as Sole came at her with a blush brush.

“Aw, C’mon Piper, it’ll be fun! I already have a smoky eye look I want to try on you and everything! Please.” Sole pouted at the reporter. Piper pressed her lips together and huffed a breath out of her nose. She took a few moments to contemplate the idea, and then finally caved.

“Alright Sole, have at it. BUT, you better enjoy this while it lasts because this is the only time you’ll ever get to doll me up. Got it?”

“Yes ma’am!” Sole saluted her, and Piper rolled her eyes. What had she just gotten herself into?

“Wow, I clean up good.” Piper smirked at her reflection. She had to admit, the dark, smoky eye shadow really brought out her hazel irises. “Y’know, maybe this whole makeup thing isn’t such a bad idea after all. Mind if I swipe some of it for myself?” Sole caged the cosmetic products protectively against their chest.

“No. I think I like doing your makeup more than you would enjoy doing your makeup yourself, so I’ll hold onto it for now okay?”

“Pfft. Fine. Whatever ya weirdo.”



Sole blinked awake at the sound of something small hitting the floor. The looked up from their pillow to find Piper picked up a compact off the groud.

“Piper?” Sole asked groggily. Piper whipped her head around and froze.

“I uh, I… Yeah, I got nothin’.” Piper admitted. “I guess I just wanted to have the smoky-eyes again.” She shrugged. Sole smirked.

“You aren’t putting those bedroom eyes on for someone else, are you?” They queried.

Piper laughed. “Nope. This is all for you Sole. Now let me put this style to the test.”

Hancock: “What’ve ya got there partner?” Sole watched in the mirror as Hancock sauntered up behind them, a curious look on his face. Sole had just been swiping the last few layers of mascara onto their eyelashes, but they stopped to answer Hancock.

“It’s makeup!” The smiled, “People in the Old World would wear to look and feel pretty.” After finishing their explanation, Sole resumed the clockwork application of their mascara. Hancock let out a thoughtful hum and sat down beside Sole. He observed them, mesmerized by the way they smoothed the powders over their face.

“Hey Sole, mind tryin’ that stuff out on me? Heh.”

“Oh, sure thing! Didn’t really take you for the makeup type though to be honest.”

“Well, you said it made people prettier yeah? This mug could sure use some of that.” He joked. Sole turned to the ghoul, a hurt look on their face.

“But you’re pretty already Hancock.”

Hancock smiled. “Shucks… Thanks Sole.”


“But seriously, it looks like fun. Let me have a crack at it.” Hancock grabbed at Sole’s makeup.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to do it?” Sole questioned, unsure of Hancock’s makeup application skills.

“Yes! Now are you gonna let me try or not?”

Sole chuckled. “Okay Hancock, give it a whirl.”

“Well, at least the blush is in the right place… sorta.” Sole laughed weakly.

“Aw, is it that bad?” Hancock picked at Sole.

“It’s fine. You’re still pretty enough to kiss.” Sole bantered back.

“Then what are you waiting for? An invitation?”

Sole didn’t need to be invited twice.

X6-88: “So you’re telling me that you would wear this to intimidate rivals?” X6 stared blankly down at the palette of eye shadow. Sole had to purse their lips to keep from laughing and nodded in confirmation. “Interesting. Does this mean it is a variant of war paint?”

“Yep! Absolutely! With this, no one would dare to mess with you.”

“No one messes with me anyway.”

“Well then, just think of it as overkill. You like overkill, right?”

“Well, you’re not wrong.”

“Great! Now, take off your sunglasses!”


“Fine.” X6 took off his sunglasses for Sole and closed his eyes. He felt their hands buzz around his face, brushing his cheeks, smoothing down his eyelids, drawing on his lips. “Am I more intimidating yet?” He asked.

“Yep! Take a look!” Sole held up a mirror for the courser. He stared back at the blue-lidded, cat-eyed, red-lipped face, and had only one comment.

“Damn I look good.”


“Don’t you want to say something Sole?” X6 looked at them for a second before readjusting his gaze to admire his own image. Sole sighed and rolled their eyes. No need to feed his ego anymore than he already was.

“Someone with a face like this deserves to be praised, don’t you think?” He continued. When Sole refused to respond, he grabbed them by the chin and kissed them. Talk about a hardcore blush; Sole’s entire face was now redder than a bloodbug’s abdomen. X6 admired the coloring.

“I suppose that is praise enough.” The courser smirked wryly at the flushed vault dweller. “Praise enough indeed.”

Dogmeat: Sole thought coloring in some human-like eyes onto Dogmeat’s welding goggles would be hilarious. They were wrong. It was just creepy.

Codsworth: “Sir/Mum, pray tell, what are you doing back there?”

“Nothing! Nothing at all! It’s just, uh, you had something stuck to your back… Yeah! Gimme a second and I’ll have it off in a jiffy!”

In all honesty, Codsworth did have something on his back, but Sole didn’t feel the need to tell him it was them who put it there. And they definitely weren’t taking it off. It fit him really, the cute little cartoon face with a monocle and a classy mustache. Now Codsworth really did have eyes in the back of his head… er sphere… yeah.

Codsworth later admires his new face in the mirror. Of course he knew what Sole was doing when he asked them earlier, but he just found it so cute that he didn’t mind. He’ll never wash the face off because he noticed that Sole will smile whenever they catch a glimpse of their handiwork. Plus, he kind of likes it too.


Sole did not go near Strong with that makeup.

Maxson: Oh yes! Jackpot! Sole picked over their new bounty of beauty products: lipstick, blush, eye shadow, eyeliner! Sole’s lips curled into a smug smile thinking about the perfect victim-er… client.

Maxson didn’t even feel the offer dignified a response. He didn’t scoff; he didn’t even glare, well, more than usual anyway. As if Maxson was going to let Sole put makeup on him! But Sole didn’t let that stop them, oh no. They just had to wait for the perfect opportunity…

Who knew Maxson was such a loud snorer? Hm… a little bit of foundation… some blush… yeah, definitely more blush… and some cherry red lip-stain. Oh yes, try and get that to wash off Maxson! Now, let’s see, lime green eye-shadow would be perfect!

The next day…

“WHERE IS SOLE!” Maxson tore through the Prydwen, knocking over tables and chairs in his wake. One of the newest recruits began shaking when Maxson grabbed them by the front of their shirt. “WHERE ARE THEY SOLDIER?”

“T-They said they were taking a p-personal day sir!”




“Wow Maxson! You’re so pretty!”

“Is that right? Well then tell me, HOW PRETTY AM I SOLDIER?”




Sole proceeded to show Maxson how beautiful he was with a kiss.

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how will the mastu bros ask their s/o to marry them?

This was sooo much fun to write! :D ~Mod Kara

Osomatsu couldn’t decide when the best time to do it was, so he always kept the ring with him just in case the right time came, and it did. You and Oso are taking a walk through the park by the fountain, and decide to sit at the bench. He places his arm around your shoulders and you lean into his side, laying your head on his chest. During your mindless conversation, the subject of your future comes up. “Well,” Osomatsu looks into your eyes, suddenly nervous. You look back worriedly as he takes your hand and invites you to stand with him. “I was kinda hoping we could stay together forever, since, you know, I love you.” You smile and nod, agreeing with his statement. After saying you love him too, you watch as he kneels onto one knee and pulls a ring out of his pocket. Your eyes widen as his own waver in confidence and panic. “Will you marry me?” Excitement and happiness bubble in the pit of your stomach as you say “Yes!” Osomatsu takes your left hand and easily slides the perfectly-fitting ring onto your finger. As Oso quickly stands, you almost jump onto him, hugging him so tightly neither of you can breathe. He is the one to pull away and kiss you so warmly and passionately you almost melt.

Karamatsu would spoil you and plan the sappiest event ever. He takes you out on a boat in the early afternoon, taking glances at the clock every so often. You begin to wonder why until Kara takes your hand and looks at the water with you. It kind of reminded you of your first kiss on the bridge. Time ticks by on the boat until the evening, when everything happened. After dinner, Kara leads you back out on the deck. You look up at the star-filled sky and smile, leaning on the waist-high wall of the ship. You hadn’t noticed Karamatsu slip away until the fireworks go off in the distance. Panicking slightly, you look around for your lost half. The panic dissipates when you hear a wonderful harmony sing your name on the starboard of the deck. Looking over, you notice all the passengers stand at the same time and join the harmony. You don’t really know what’s happening as the passengers sing and dance to Say Geronimo! and lead you to the roof of the pilot’s room. There, you find Kara, dressed in the sparkliest, most flashy tuxedo you’ve ever laid your eyes on. But of course, it looks good on him. Once you’re with him, the music stops completely. You watch as Kara kneels onto one knee and pulls out a small black box. He opens the box and there you see a beautiful engagement ring, then he says; “Will you marry me?” You gasp as tears of joy flood your eyes. “Yes!” You almost scream without hesitation, and Kara slips the ring onto your finger and stands. He kisses you and all the happiness you feel seems to flow into Kara, only making you happier. You hardly notice the music start up again as you let Kara lead you to your rented room in the boat.

Choromatsu would be really sweet and bashful and adorable. Finally, the day of the Nya-Chan concert arrives, and you couldn’t be more excited as you wait in line to get your ticket checked.  Choro looks more nervous and intimidated, but you think maybe it’s because of that time with his brother at the signing. Anyone would feel awkward after something like that happens. You slide your fingers in between Choro’s own to comfort him and tell him everything will be okay. It seemed to work, but Choro still looked a little scared. As you get your ticket checked and walk in with Choro, you notice the perfect place to squeeze two people into the front row on the floor. Once your spot is secured, you wait for what feels like hours for the concert to start. When it finally does, Nya-Chan starts with her new smash hit. You and Choro sing along with her until the song ends. “This next song is for someone very special!” Said Nya-Chan into the microphone. “Someone very special to my good friend Choromatsu!” …What? Did she just say Choromatsu? You look over to Choro, who’s cheeks are ablaze. The song begins, and you immediately recognize it as I Want to Marry You! You smile at Choro, who is smiling weakly back at you. When he points at the stage, your gaze follows. You see your name lit up on the screen behind Nya-Chan, and under it are in big letters: “Will you marry me?” Your eyes widen at the sight, and before you can realize it you’re being pulled by the hand by Choro. He pulls you onto the stage, and as soon as you’re standing steadily, the crowd before you seems to stretch for miles ahead of you. Choro grabs your left hand, kneels in front of you and pulls out a small box. His eyes meet yours and his lips part to speak. “Will you marry me?” As soon as he finished his question, you finally realize what was going on. Tears spring to your eyes as you scream over the music. “Yes!” Choromatsu’s face lights up, and he jumps to his feet to embrace you and slip the ring onto your finger. After putting the ring in its rightful place, Choromatsu kisses you deeply, completely forgetting about the crowd.

Ichimatsu would be very thoughtful, but simple. You and Ichimatsu are looking across the water from the bridge with a comfortable silence between you. A cat walks toward Ichi on the ledge, probably smelling the catnip in his pocket. You smile as you watch him reach into his pocket, grab some catnip, and give it to the cat. After a while, another cat meanders toward the two of you, smelling the catnip from afar. Ichi once again reaches into his pocket and gives the cat some catnip. Then a third cat comes by, and Ichi reaches into his pocket again, only this time he lets out an almost inaudible “Oh, I almost forgot..” Curious, you ask; “What is it, Ichi?” Then he pulls out a small black box and presses it into the palm of your hand. Your eyebrows furrow together, and you begin to ask what it is, but he cuts you off by saying “Just open it.” So you do. Inside, there’s a simple silver engagement ring with small cat ears sticking out the top. “Ichi, do you know what this is?” His usually bored eyes sparkle in amusement as he answers. “It’s an engagement ring.” Your chest swells and your eyes widen at his answer, and he continues to speak. “Do you wanna get married?” You feel your face burn as you breathe out “Yes, I do.” Ichi nods and casually throws his arm around you to kiss you.

Jyushimatsu would get help from his brothers, but does it so sweetly and adorably! As you walk up to the Matsuno household door, you hear yelling and crashing. Thinking it’s normal, you knock on the door. As soon as you do, the house goes quiet. Quick, faint footsteps are heard. They get louder, louder and louder until the door slams open and, to no surprise, your favorite Matsu is standing on the other side. Before you can greet him, he speaks excitedly. “Guess what?! If I win the game tomorrow I’m gonna-” the oldest’s hand covers Jyushi’s mouth to shut him up. “Shut up, loudmatsu! You can’t just blurt it out!” Osomatsu faces you and smiles. “Come in,” He proceeded to drag Jyushi back into the house with his hand still covering his mouth. You follow. The next day you enjoy Jyushi’s baseball game. It’s the bottom of the ninth inning, the score is tied and Jyushi is last to bat. All he has to do is bring the man at third base home. Jyushi takes a few practice swings before he walks up to the plate. When the pitcher throws a fastball at Jyushi, he swings and misses. You watch intently as the next pitch–a knuckleball, his specialty–is thrown, and Jyushi lands a hit. The ball goes, going, going, gone! The ball is over the gate! You get to your feet and scream with the rest of the fans as you watch Jyushi and three other players run the bases. When the players are done running, you hear the announcer say; “Will Matsuno’s special someone please meet him at the pitchers mound?” Huh? You’ve been summoned? Curiously and cautiously, you walk to the pitchers mound. Jyushi meets you there, all sweaty and tired from the game, but more excited than ever. Then he begins to speak as he grabs your hand. “Do you remember when we put that puzzle together? What you said?” You nodded and replied; “I said I’d stay with you forever.” Juyshi’s smile brightened, and he kneeled onto one knee with a ring in hand. As soon as you see the ring you gasp and cover your mouth. “Marry me!” Jyushi almost screamed as he said it. But those words made your chest swell with happiness, and you replied with a resounding yes. Jyushi slipped the ring onto your finger and embraced you tightly and kissed you all over your face. You heard the crowd behind you cheer, but the only words you wanted to hear were the ones Jyushimatsu whispered into your ear. “I love you so much.”

Todomatsu would be smooth, but you can tell he’s nervous. After getting a call from Todomatsu about going out to the amusement park that morning, you look through your closet for something to wear. You pick out some cutoff jeans, a white graphic t-shirt, and a black and white flannel pulled together with some black Chuck Taylors. You wait until a knock on the door is heard, then open your door to Todomatsu on the other side. “Hey!” He says before he hugs you and kisses you on the cheek. “Ready to go?” You nod and take his hand as he walks you to the taxi. He opens the door for you then jogs around to his own side and climbs in. “Adventure World.” He tells the taxi driver, then gives all of his attention to you. You take the chance to ask. “So, why the amusement park all of the sudden?” Totty shrugs. “I just thought since we haven’t done this together before, it would be fun.” You really haven’t done this with Totty before, so you shrug it off as one of his spontaneous splurges. You spent all day at the park, riding rides and eating popcorn and cotton candy. One guy even tried to hit on you while Totty was getting drinks. But Totty came to the rescue and said, “Hey, sweetheart, let’s switch tables. This one is right next to a trashcan, and I don’t want the smell to bother you.” His eyes bore straight into the poor chap, and he immediately got up and left. While the two of you laugh it off, a husky female voice sounds over the intercom. “The park is closing in one hour. The park is closing in one hour.” Totty immediately gets up and grabs your hand. “He have to go!” Raising an eyebrow, you follow him. But instead of leaving the park, he leads to to the tunnel of love. “The tunnel of love?” You ask him, but he stays silent. He looks kind of anxious… When it’s your turn to board a boat, Totty helps you climb in after him. Once you’re seated, the ride jolts forward, almost knocking you out of the boat, but Todomatsu’s hand on your waist saves you from the treacherous water below. As you enter the tunnel, nothing really happens other than the ordinary sappy music and hearts and sparkles everywhere. Halfway through the tunnel, you feel Totty lean toward you and whisper in your ear. “I have something for you.” You look up at him, curious. Then you feel a cool band of metal slide onto your left ring finger. When you look down, you see a beautiful engagement ring. Your stomach ties in knots and your eyes fill to the brim with tears. “T-Todomatsu?” Your voice cracks between syllables. Totty’s own full of confidence and no hesitation whatsoever. “We’ve been together for a long time, and I know I would never want to be by anyone else’s side but yours. Because you’re perfect to me, no matter how much you may not think so, you’re perfect. Will you marry me?” The tears that have filled your eyes spill over, and your chest swells with happiness. “Yes!” You say as you embrace him and bury your face into the nape of his neck. Seconds pass by before he pulls away and kisses your eyelids, then your nose, then finally your lips.

title: mementos
drabbler: me! ( @phandomestic )
doodler: leah ( @dansvowels ) – check out the snazzy artwork here!
beta: abby ( @crayolaphan )
word count: 715
warning(s): microscopic mention of the vday vid

summary: dan kept that piece of paper from the first pinof. if he kept that, what else has he managed to hold on to over the years? this is revealed when the two men are in the process of moving out of their london flat.

author’s note: this is literally the soppiest, most disgustingly fluffy thing i have ever written. i blame dan and no doubt that he is actually like this. gross.

It’s an odd feeling to see a home be stripped of the things that make it so. In the span of two weeks, the Dan and Phil flat was minimal and bare, for only a few things were left to pack away and move to their new house. Dozens of cardboard boxes scattered the lounge. They have already taken their things out of the rooms to decide on which items to keep, and far worse, which to get rid of.

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