black boots & leggings

Wrong Choice

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader 
Genre: Slight-smut, Slight-romance, & Drabble
Words: 527
POV: 2nd Person

Drabble #’s 

45 -  “You look pretty hot in plaid.”

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It was yet another date night with your amazing boyfriend. You quickly curled your hair to make it a little wavy. You also couldn’t help but do a little dance as you played your favorite hip-hop playlist. You tried to glide your way over to your closest. Yeah, that failed miserably. You found yourself laughing at your failed attempt and picked out an outfit for tonight’s festivities. You selected a nice dark red plaid button up and underneath was a plain yet tight black tank top. You paired it with black leggings and your favorite knee-high boots.

Taking one last look at your appearance in the mirror, you couldn’t help but smirk at your attire. Everything was on point and Taehyung was going to be putty in your hands by the end of the night.

The sound of the doorbell echoing throughout your small house pulled you out of your thoughts. You smiled brightly as you grabbed your phone from the charger and your purse that was chilling on your bed. You practically skipped out of your room and ran down the stairs. You swiftly answered the door, revealing a well-dressed Taehyung. You saw that he was wearing a casual dark grey button up shirt and dark blue jeans. He was wearing one of his more expensive shoes and a nice watch.

           “Well hello there. I’m looking for my girlfriend but all I’m seeing right now is a Goddess.” Taehyung complimented, attempting at flirting with you.

You chuckled softly and walked out of your house, closing the door behind you. You turned your back towards him briefly to lock the door, however, Taehyung took that chance to wrap his arms around your waist and move your hair slightly, revealing your neck. He began to lightly pepper your neck with kisses, even softly nibbling certain areas, causing you to sigh in content.

           “Taehyung… we are going to miss the movie.” You paused to moan softly as he began to assault your sweet spot.

Taehyung smirked against your neck and pulled away.

           “Not my fault you look pretty hot in plaid. Almost makes me think you planned this since you know how you wearing plaid does to me.” Taehyung said, justifying his actions.

You giggled softly in response.

           “Yes, make yourself feel better about the fact that you couldn’t control your dick babe…” You said sarcastically as you failed to notice Taehyung take your house key and proceed to unlock your door.

Taehyung opened your door and gently took your hand, guiding you back inside the house. As soon as you were inside, he slammed the door shut and pinned you against the wall. He undid the first few buttons of your shirt and began to assault your neck and collar bones. Basically, any spot that was fair game to him.

           “Note to self: never wear plaid anymore on nights where I actually wanted to go out with you.” You jokingly said out loud as you tried to fight off the moan that was threatening to spill from your lips.

Taehyung chuckled lowly as he proceeded to undo the rest of the buttons.

           “Yeah, that would probably be best.”

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