black book breaking bad show

@captainbabylegs tagged me in this n i’m bored at uni

Name/Nickname: zak/zaki. i don’t really get called anything other than that. in my family i sometimes get called wak because that’s how i said my name when i was little. i used 2 get called zakkychan in high school sometimes and sometimes just chan. lmao
Favorite Colors: the colours on the cover of shaking the habitual
Last Song I Listened To: pots & pans by cuz lightyear, i’m listening to my 2017 playlist
Favorite TV Show: black books will always be number 1, breaking bad and arrested development are also up there
First Fandom: uhhh i’ve always tried to avoid fandoms. i guess when i first signed up to this site i was following a lot of rhcp and radiohead bloggers
Books That I’m Currently Reading: i stopped reading pretty much as soon as i finished high school
Worst Thing I’ve Eaten: vegemite. unless you mean things that aren’t food. then it would have to be paint.
Favorite Place: new york and hoboken and that general NY/NJ area

i never tag anyone in these bc i don’t wanna miss anyone and i forget ppl so. do this if u want to? ur all tagged.