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PSA for comrades intending on engaging in acts of Direct Action or are looking to protect themselves and others whilst protesting (please share this and spread it around) : How to make a cheap/disposable “Book Bloc” shield, (disclaimer, these types of shields are only good for blocking police batons, kicks and punches and pepper spray not less lethal rounds or live ammunition) Step 1. Find or buy some heavy duty tough cardboard sheets or sturdy lightweight wood hardboard, Step 2. Punch or drill 4 holes through the sheets or boards in the middle, Step 3. Find or buy 2 hooked bungee cords, one should be slightly longer than the other in order to provide enough slack so your arm can fit through, Step 4. loop the bungee cords through the holes and attach the hooks at either end together to create handles, Step 5. Paint or draw on a design or message of your choosing, people tend to paint on the title of a book and the name of the author hence the term “Book Bloc” shield.

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You don’t have to wait til next year for a POC or woman lead in a superhero film!

Writer/performer Maya Glick took matters into her own hands in late 2013 by launching a crowdfunding campaign to bring her epic vision of Ororo Munroe to life.

RAIN was recently completed and released to the public, and the results are truly electrifying.

Watch now:


Directed by Zane Rutledge and Jeff Stolhand
Produced by Matt Joyce
Score by Luqman Brown
Vfx by ZaneFX
Written by and starring @mayastormx

Shining Comic: Princeless Vol 1

Adrienne is a princess who isn’t afraid to ask question. When she is locked away in a tower it’s up to her to set herself free then fight back against her oppressive dad. This amazing story with writing and story by Jeremy Whitley, art from M. Goodwin and Letters by Jung Ha Kim. Each person on the team does a great job at what they are put on the book to do. The art stands out, the colors pop, the writing is so amazing it makes me jealous. 

This book has some amazing characters Bedelia, Devin, and most of all Adrienne stand out. Bedelia is the daughter of a blacksmith, half dwarf and half human. She was making skimpy woman armor on the side and it’s a rather funny joke that leads to her creating this amazing set of armor. Devin is the brother to princess Adrienne and he is pretty cool. He is a character who doesn’t want to fall under male gender roles but has to deal with it. Last but not least Adrienne she is this amazingly smart woman. She has always been calling out what’s wrong with the world and refused to accept things for just being the way things are. Adrienne is an amazing role model who isn’t just smart but is also really talented. 

What this book really feels like to me is a look at how patriarchal systems or generally oppressive ones seem to affect everyone. Adrienne, Devin, Bedelia, the queen, the prince who tried to rescue Adrienne everyone here is being hurt by the system that the ruler of Ashland is doing nothing to fight against. To him women are just to be controlled and other men are only there to serve his ends. The story’s focus on a princess trying to save her sisters and other princess from being locked up is brilliant. Woman saving woman, woman working together, it’s all really amazing. Volume one only has a few towers visited but each trip Adrienne takes is fantastic.

It all ties up in a fantastic way. There is a backup story at the end featuring a character who tried to save Adrienne showing how the lay of the land had taken away his agency as well. It was also about how a system can break you and change you and I think that was brilliant. This is a book I find hard to not recommend to someone. I guess if you hate fantasy you may not enjoy this book but even then it feels like fantasy light.

So  yeah unless you hate fiction books go out and buy Princeless vol 1. i know I’m just waiting for a bit more money so I can get volume 2. While you’re at it you could jump into Raven the pirate princess that’s only two amazing issues in. You can buy it here and then we can talk about it.