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Star Struck

Rated: T
Relationships: Bitty/Jack, Minor/Background Relationships
Tags: Alien AU, Sci Fi AU, Moderate Violence and Blood
Chapters: 5/10
Words: 33,483

In which Eric Bittle, baker and mostly wholesome Georgia gay boy, gets abducted by aliens, and then the government, and might have to team up with a group of even bigger freaks than himself to become government issued superheroes to make it home. Or else, maybe accept the fact that these freaks might just be his new home, or something lame and weird like that.

Being gay was hard, that was just a fact of life. Being gay in rural Georgia was really hard. Being gay in rural Georgia and getting abducted by aliens was a level of unfairness and cruelty that left Eric Bittle going over the span of his entire 19 years of existence to try to figure out exactly where he went wrong.

“It wasn’t an abduction.”

Eric didn’t remember reiterating the fact out loud, but maybe the government agent seated on his mother’s favorite floral upholstered settee could read minds. For a fleeting moment the thought passed through his head ‘that’s not possible’ before he remembered with a panicked sort of hilarity that things like ‘not possible’ didn’t exist anymore. Twenty-seven hours and sixteen minutes ago the world had made sense. The world had rules and guidelines and things were hard but things progressed along at a normal linear pace. Twenty-seven hours and fifteen minutes ago, Eric was in an alien spacecraft.

There were two real life Men in Black, -except only one of them was a man but that was beside the point- sitting in his living room, drinking his mother’s sun tea and calmly discussing that fact like they did this every day of their lives. Which they probably did.

“We are not the Men in Black,” the same man seated on the settee said in the same tone of voice that hinted at both eternal patience and annoyance at the same time. At least that time Eric was fairly certain he hadn’t read his mind, as his almost equally frazzled mother had just asked if they were going to wipe their memories.

The agent at the door, a tiny wisp of a woman who couldn’t have been more than five feet tall, smiled for just a split second. Her black blazer looked a little too big on her, like they couldn’t find something small enough, but she still looked deadlier than anyone Eric had ever seen.

The man who spoke gave a quiet sigh, gently setting down his sunflower encrusted teacup on its matching saucer. This was the part that had Eric more unsettled than anything. Okay that wasn’t true, the most unsettling part by a long shot was still the trip he took in an extra terrestrial craft, but the calmness with which the federal agents were dealing with the situation wasn’t helping.

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anonymous asked:

I don't want that business professional look they had at the bbmas. I want them to look hot af and just murder all the other celebrities. If they were performing bst, I wouldn't be worried. But with dna, they've had some questionable outfits lol

Okay but that Business Professional was for sure a “hot son of a CEO in a strip club” look and it slayed both celebrities and the public (read: me) alike.
But srsly I get what you mean. I am not a huge fan of the DNA styling (with some very important exceptions) especially compared to the ethereal beauty that was the Wings styling. And I just… don’t think it’s suitable for that sort of performance? And also I’m not sure I can handle another “they’re the next 1 boyband!” ignorant article, which I feel this styling lends them towards.
But also, this is a very big and like. Pretty important gig for them; it’s their way to nab the international market. Personally I’d like to see a combination of the more formal and dark styling from BST merged with the bright colours and personality from DNA.
But honestly, those boys could pull off any look and I’m just excited to see Western artists I love watching another artist I love as well.


Day 304/365: October 31st 2017 | Sassy Go Go Uniform 

Happy Halloween! I was in such a rush all day… I went to class, ate lunch as quick as possible before going to the Compliments Halloween event (@shinfinitexo-genius came to say hi to me today!!! Yay!). After my shifts, I had to rush to class……. zzzz… I pretty much spent the rest of the day studying for my Atmosphere midterm and internally screaming. There goes another uneventful Halloween. :/