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Black & White Challenge: Day 7 and last

I was tagged by @photogs-lab (thank you for thinking of me)

Rules are to post 7-black and white photographs in 7-days. Additionally, no explanations and no people allowed. And you should tag 1-person

Today I tag all those who have not yet done the challenge. Please do it! (if you want)

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We have no special hashtag for the return of The Flash today, but it is a very special day. Social media is becoming more important than ever before when it comes to television shows and whether they’re perceived as successes or failures, so please be sure to celebrate the end of the hiatus on Twitter tonight.

Hashtag all your tweets with #TheFlash and include #Westallen, Iris West or @candicekp whenever it’s appropriate. Remember the East coast airing is 8pm est/7pm central, and you can also tweet again during the West coast airing at 7pm pacific (10pm est/9pm central). Let’s make sure #TheFlash reaches the top trends of the night, and be sure to give Iris and Candice a lot of love on social media!

Now, the reason today is special is that it’s the premiere of Black Lightning, a superhero show that comes on right after The Flash and follows the adventures of a black superhero and his family. Please support them by keeping your television or livestream on after The Flash and tweeting your responses to the show! Use the hashtag #BlackLightning and #GetLit whenever possible. It airs at 9pm est/8pm central, and again on the West coast at 8pm pacific. Hope to see you there!

Remember, it doesn’t matter where in the world you are or what venue you use to watch the show(s), your tweets will count if you use the hashtag #TheFlash and later #BlackLightning.