black bird raum


issue 4 of godshaper is on shelves today so heres another playlist so yinz can read along in style. 

1. pop song by RYG long overdue band for this comic

2.champagne and reefer by muddy waters for when you still wanna party but you can’t stand up

3. hate and kill by AJJ raw grouchiness and weirdly specific threats <3

4. cocain (rev gary davis cover) by FIDLAR just bc muddy waters doesn’t fuck w coke doesn’t mean fidlar can’t

5. Evil by howlin’ wolf you haven’t heard real evil till howlin wolf has sung it at you

6. a rat in my dream by black bird raum. rocking that haunted-dying-breath-skin-of-ur-teeth-finale vibe

How to write a folk punk album in 5 easy steps

Step one: Learn two strum patters a 4/4 and 3/3 but never learn what that means. Step two: Learn your favorite folk punk song. This is really important because this is the band who’s style your going to rob for the rest of the album. So make sure its really cool like Johnny hobo, black bird raum, or days n daze. Step three: Remember to write a lyric about how your broke but at least have alcohol. Then some how contort that to coincide with your anarchist politics. Step 4: Ride a train. No one is going to take you seriously if you don’t have hep c from your face stick and poke. Step 5: Start a collective that is said to be a “safe space” but always be so drunk that you’re the most problematic person there. Don’t forget your key role as a collective member is to get your show shut down by breaking something.