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Queer “Canadian”  Primary-Lead Characters

Notable Co-Lead Queer Characters: Cosima Niehaus, Gail Peck, Waverly Earp, Felix Dawkins, Dr. Lauren Lewis, Tamsin, LaFontaine, & Danny Lawrence

Bering & Wells

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Flare 7

This part has been the focus of some negotiation. It has been suggested by amatterofcomplication that it is insufficiently steamy, while my position is that it is, for me, pretty darn steamy. Nevertheless, I’ve assured her that there will be later occasions for additional steam, possibly literal steam, so perhaps judgment should be reserved. ANYWAY, the point right now is that, for me, this is pretty darn steamy, so I am a little flustered, so:  masterpost, part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, and part 6.

Flare 7

There was no time, in the end, for anyone to go home to change clothes, so everyone who was at the fire is wearing the best they could cobble together from the clothes they keep at 13. Liam and Steve both look like they just stepped out of a Polo ad, because apparently they both have taken up yachting after work. Amanda, of course, looks like a fashion model in the kind of dress that Myka can barely imagine exists in the world.

“I bought it three weeks ago and never managed to get it home,” Amanda said. “How pathetic is that?” She would like to be wearing Manolo Blahniks with it, but instead ballet flats are the best she could do.

“Better for dancing,” Myka told her.

“You’re even more set than I am, then,” Amanda had said on the way over. Because Myka is wearing the darker of the two pairs of jeans she had, plus a boring blue button down, and that’s bad enough, but also, she is mortified to even think about, on her feet are the green Converse low-tops she threw on to drive to the firehouse early this morning. When Amanda saw Myka putting them on in the locker room, she guffawed and said, “Let that be a lesson to you, lieutenant, that you really need to be prepared for a more… diverse set of circumstances.”

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