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on a scale of one to ten how strong is your desire to fight each of the RFA members?

Zen: infinity/10, I’m gonna kick his ass into motherfucking orbit. This little shit right here? No. No he won’t survive this fight I have never wanted to beat up anyone more than Zen. It’ll start with him tied up in be-

Yoosung: 1/10, soft, but would still fight

Seven: 5/10, I would definitely lose but I’d still make an attempt come at me you curly-haired fuck.

Jaehee: 0/10, she’s a black belt in judo she could knock me on my ass and she has enough on her plate already.

Jumin: 8/10, I’m gonna kick the cat mom’s ass it may ruin my nonexistent career but it’ll be worth it.

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Top 6 Flint looks?

1) That possibly nude but definitely shirtless and smiling look in 2x05 when he was with Thomas. That was a good look, possibly his best to date.

2) That white shirt, tight black trousers and pretty belt combo (I think in season 1? Possibly)

3) The rolled up purple-y shirt and black trousers he wore when cleaning the ship in 1x04/1x05

4) The outfit he wore when burying the cache in season 3 (again he was smiling and relaxed there, I like comfortable, relaxed Flint apparently)

5) His ninja gear in 1x01, the first time he made an appearance.

6) His Navy uniform 

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One insecurity: being overweight
Two Fears: heart disease, alien abduction
Four Life Goals: US Open karate tournament, black belt, buying clothes at a store (other than Walmart), Ironman Triathlon
Five things I like: naps, Weird hairstyles, hugs, unicorns, glitter
Six weaknesses: lazy, stay up too late, no self discipline, procrastination, have I not berated myself enough, inability to finish what I start.
Seven things I love: my family, my tribe, my dogs, karate, food, music, movies