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Yasmina of the Moulin Rouge, circa 1897. by Michael Donovan

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I'm so sorry, couldn't stop myself x) But how would Assassins and Templars (choose whoever you like from them) react to their Arab S/O belly dancing for them for the first time, like she was shy about It before and never talked about it, but suddenly braves up :3 Thank you 💕

{Aah belly dancing—lovely. And I can imagine her being shy if she’s not big on her body type either since belly dancing is a celebration of the body for all sizes. ;)}

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He tried to reach for her as she did her best to keep up with the rhythm of the music. Her shyness only exciting him all the more at the look of her, but he also wanted to comfort her and let her know it was alright—everything that she did was flawless, and she had no reason to worry.


He had his own way of dancing, but to see her version was just as rhythmic and exciting, causing the native man to take to his drum and play the melody for her to dance to. She wanted to keep part of her life hidden, and he could respect that, but her version of dancing was different from his, and he couldn’t deny his curiosity in watching the way her hips swayed along with her back and forth belly movements.



When she said she wanted to dance, he assumed just regular dancing about the fire there at the hideout, but she had something else in mind. Questioning her, he saw her begin to get her own beat within her heart and soul in attempts to fight off the embarrassment of the actions she wanted to portray.

He had never seen anything like it—the way she was able to bend and move her hips separate from her upper half and also, in reverse. The placement and movement of her legs was also of which he had never seen, and it was there the fire in his heart rekindled, and he desired more. “Keeping secrets from me, have you, lass?”


“You dance a sort of dance I must admit, I’ve never seen before,” said Arno, making her halt in her actions upon his voice carrying in his lover’s direction as she was practicing this belly dancing in private. Instantly, he raised his hands to calm her. “Forgive me, my love. I didn’t mean to frighten.” Here, he gestured to her once more. “Please, continue? I quite enjoyed the way you were moving your hips like that.”


When she mentioned this ‘belly dancing’, Shay had to admit that he was curious to see it. She refused out in public, so he sat down at the fireplace in Fort Arsenal to watch her closely. She was scared at first, but after a bit of verbal coaxing, he was able to see the majestic display. Her body was even more magnificent given the motions and flawless movements of her figure there in the firelight. He found the dance to be more erotic than anything.


The dance was one thing, but the outfit was another. The way the chimes added more rhythm to the otherwise near music-less area was hypnotic and the exposure of her figure was tantalizing as he, personally, wasn’t supposed to see so much skin of a woman before. “There was once a time I would pay for this sort of service,” he murmured as she continued her acts. “Now I get it for free.” Jacob cleared his throat, wishing he could reach out and just touch her hips to bring her closer to him as she did such movements, but he would settle for merely watching—for now.