black bean patty

I’m feeling so proud of this right now! I always get a potato, bean, & rice burrito from Taco Bell…I shall not be a customer any longer! Lol.

This was really easy to make:
1 Spinach Wrap
½ cup Rice
½ cup Black Beans
1 Veggie Patty (cut into strips)
½ cup potatoes
2 tbsp of Red Sauce
Optional: hot sauce/other condiments

Fat: 6g
Carbs: 78g
Protein: 25g

Definitely a great meal if you want to be full without the groggy feeling!

I ate a vegan black bean burger patty and organic roasted asparagus for lunch, went for a run while listening to an NPR podcast, then smoked legal medicinal marijuana in the tub. But no, I don’t think California has changed me. Not a bit.