black bars


*Numbers above the bars indicate weekly rankings.

TWEETS – Tweets ascribed to a linear TV episode, as measured by Nielsen Social.
UNIQUE AUTHORS – Unique Twitter accounts that have sent at least one Tweet ascribed to a specific TV episode.
TWEETS PER UNIQUE AUTHOR – The average number of Tweets ascribed to a TV episode sent per Unique Author. Calculated as Tweets divided by Unique Authors.
IMPRESSIONS – The number of times any Tweets ascribed to a TV episode were seen, as measured by Twitter. 
UNIQUE AUDIENCE – The total number of distinct Twitter accounts accruing at least one impression of one Tweet ascribed to a TV episode. 
AVERAGE FREQUENCY – The average number of times a Tweet ascribed to a TV episode was viewed by the Unique Audience. Calculated as Impressions divided by Unique Audience. The same Tweet can contribute to this frequency figure multiple times, if viewed by the same user on more than one platform (computer, phone or tablet).

REGARDING IMPRESSIONS: Please remember to open the live hashtag feed for #Hannibal between 7pm - 2am on Saturday air dates. [Details]

References: June 18, June 25, July 2nd, July 9th, July 18, July 25, Nielsen Twitter FAQ

electricbreeze asked:

Can you take better screenshots like ones that don't have black bars? What shitty ass TV rips are you using that have these? Shit looks like it belongs in a TV museum.

you are complaining about a simpsons tumblr. 

YouTube just changed the video player a little bit I noticed… They got rid of the black bar in favor of no background. And by that I mean:



I kind of like it to be honest, it looks more aesthetically pleasing. Congrats YouTube, you did something I like for a change!

Peaky Blinders Inspired

The year was 1933 and all of Ireland was in shit. Churchill ran everything and the world was in a hell of a war. Here, in Dublin, there were a shit-ton of rat fuckers to deal with. Most of them were in the pubs. That is where He was.

Fredrik slugged down a pint of whiskey, Adam’s apple bobbing up and down slowly with every strategic gulp. He sat the mug down on the weathered black oak bar. He sucked his teeth sharply, gripping his cap in his hand as he laid his sweaty forehead on the cool bar.

Fiddles and accordions danced away in the back of his mind and the background of the pub as the hour clocked 11 pm. A cold wind whipped vigorously through the wet streets and through the pub doors, tickling the beards and backs of drunks and weary hearted men consumed by guilt or hate too far gone to be helped. twodoesntmakeone

Grocery Store Clumsiness ((Michael))

Eggs, milk, pasta, sugar, cheese. Eggs, milk, pasta, sugar, cheese.  
I repeated my short grocery list in my head as I jogged into the grocery store. My roommate told me to hurry because she already had the water set to boil and if she didn’t get food in the next twenty minutes, she would probably die. I had laughed, asking her what we needed before she spouted off a list and hung up on me.  

I slowed down just a moment to dig through my purse and make sure I had my wallet with me. When I looked up again, I heard one of the managers yelling at one of the employees. The boy had obviously showed up late, and judging by the tone of the manager it was not the first time. This isn’t what kept my attention, though. The boy was wearing one of the horrible red uniform shirts with khaki pants; but somehow, either with his bright lilac hair or the black bar through his eyebrow, he managed to make the uniform look amazing.  

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