black barn owls

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hogwarts!au jungkook
  • he is a slytherin, but the sorting hat had an extremely hard time with his placement (it took like eight minutes)
  • he’s an 18-year-old first year (let’s assume this is set up more like a hogwarts university, with ages 18-24 for years 1-7)
  • pureblood but kinda hates his family; they are cold and extremely distant
  • he adores basically every class
  • all of his teachers love him bc he is so talented and very quiet !! at least in class lol
  • his wand is made of ash wood and has a dragon heartstring core, and is 11 and ¾ inches. it’s an extremely loyal wand and will backfire on anyone who isn’t jungkook
  • for a pet he has a black barn owl; they’re super rare and hard to find in the wild, and he loves his owl with his whole heart
  • he plays on the slytherin quidditch team as a seeker. outrageously talented, and is already getting job offers from teams all over the world
  • quidditch means a whole lot to him
  • his patronus is a rabbit. he was the first person in his year to produce a patronus, and everyone was a little surprised it was a rabbit bc they expected like a snake or wolf or something badass but alas it was a bunny
  • on a side note, he has an incredible voice and the frog choir has been trying to convince him to join for months now
  • he was so horrendously shy when he came to hogwarts. like, it was awful for him
  • bc people saw him and thought he was a snobby intimidating pureblood slytherin, and no one would really talk to him
  • and so he had so much trouble making friends
  • and one day it gets really bad. right after he tries out for the quidditch team and makes seeker, some asshole gryffindors walk up and one of them is like “hey kid, stop thinking you’re so much better than everyone else, you can’t just ignore everyone because you think they’ll all beneath you”
  • but jungkook has never thought that anyone was ‘beneath’ him he’s just so horribly shy and he can’t make friends and no one will talk to him
  • and so he goes into the empty bathroom by the potions classroom and starts sobbing his eyes out because it’s all way too much and he’s so lonely
  • but then he sees a little orange-haired gryffindor kid stumble into the bathroom and he’s like wtf
  • and this guy is like “omg /??? you’re crying?? what’s wrong omg”
  • and jungkook can’t help it, he just bursts into tears and starts ranting to this stranger about how he’s so alone because people constantly misjudge him, and how his family sucked and he was so excited to come to hogwarts and finally make friends, but no one will even speak to him
  • and finally the guy just holds Jungkook and he’s like “shh i’ll be your friend don’t cry my name’s jimin and hey it’s almost lunchtime, why don’t you come sit with us”
  • and that’s how jungkook met the other bts guys
  • because this lovely, muggle-born gryffindor ball of sunshine named jimin found jungkook crying in the bathroom and completely turned his life around
  • and jungkook sends up a mental ‘fuck you’ to his parents because they were so wrong about muggleborns and they were so wrong about gryffindors, because park jimin is an angel sent from heaven
  • he becomes instant friends with the other six boys, they all go to his quidditch games (unless they’re playing against him bc they literally all play quidditch)
  • gryffindor head boy seokjin always get him out of trouble when he sneaks out at night shhhhh
  • ravenclaw namjoon tutors jungkook in history of magic because it’s the one class he doesn’t really like
  • one horrible terrible night they find out that taehyung is a werewolf, and the group makes a collective decision to become animagi because they don’t want taehyung to feel so alone
  • it was a long and hard process but finally jungkook’s animagus presents first out of the group
  • he is a raven and he thinks it’s the most badass thing in the entire world
  • turns into a raven randomly to lowkey spy on people bc he is a little shit
  • once he becomes friends with the guys, jungkook begins to open up more and socialize with the people around him
  • people recognize that they were wrong about him, that he was just a shy quiet kid and he never meant any harm to anyone. soon he’s a super-popular quidditch player and he even has a little fanclub
  • yoongi and jungkook often sit in the slytherin commons and study together because they’re both very quiet and respect space
  • one time, during a quidditch game, hoseok accidentally hit his bludger way too hard in Jungkook’s direction and jungkook broke like four bones. and hoseok wouldn’t stop apologizing for weeks afterwards and insisted on staying by jungkook’s bedside int he hospital wing for the entire night
  • overall jungkook is young and brimming with so much potential and he’s a shining posterboy of how slytherins can be kind and gentle, how they aren’t all caustic and malicious
  • he becomes a professional quidditch player when he grows up, fyi
  • he is an extremely powerful wizard and is capable of performing many spells that took his classmates years to learn. his teachers haven’t seen anything like it in a really long time

jungkook ver. / taehyung ver. / jimin ver. / namjoon ver. / hoseok ver. / yoongi ver. / jin ver.

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A whole little forest of painted critters staring at me while I work. Sometimes when I’m feeling particularly uncreative I imagine them all coming to life like the paintings at Hogwarts and encouraging/ chastising me. The badger for instance always seems very consolatory while the little owl above her is most fond of telling me to stop being a lazy ass and just do something. 

I definitely need to take a coffee break.

Overwatch characters and their fursonas
  • Genji: A thin, green dragon with bright orange hair and spikes. Wears Vaporwave clothes,
  • Mccree: A Big, super fuzzy, chubby dark brown coyote who probably needs a bath.
  • Pharah: A black and gold jackal with beautiful angelic wings. Sleeps upside down like a bat.
  • Reaper: A black and white Barn Owl with deep orange eyes who is never not wearing a hoodie.
  • Solider 76: A Bald Eagle with big talons that give away his position when he walks cause they keep clip clacking on the floor.
  • Sombra: A bug in the system: a glittery purple paying mantis cyborg.
  • Tracer: a King's cheetah with extra poofy hair. She made Emily a sona and they have pics of their sonas cuddling hanging in their room, as well as them with Winston's sona.
  • Bastion: A big yellow tweety bird with a huge gun who has a cute robo drone sidecick that chills on his shoulder.
  • Hanzo: A dragon/wolf hybrid with an undercut and about 1000 commissions of him making out with Disney's Robin Hood.
  • Junkrat: A rat. A Naked one cause all the explosions burned his fur off as well as his leg. Smells.
  • Mei: A raccoon who nobody can recognize that she wears glasses cause they blend in with her face mask.
  • Torbjorn: He doesn't deserve a fursona.
  • Widowmaker: Vriska.
  • D.Va: She's contractually obligated to have a bunny as a sona, so she has a buff pink, blue and white bunny that all of her fans draw art of. She always donates to people's paypals when they draw her.
  • Reindhardt: He's a Lion. A Huge, Buff Lion who can't put on a helmet cause his mane is too big.
  • Roadhog: Big Piggy! Big Tusks, Bigger Belly, Biggest heart.
  • Winston: Tracer showed him her sona and he fell in love and Winston got obsessed and took a long time consulting with Athena and Tracer before deciding on a Big Black Bear. Can't draw but draws his and tracer's sona chilling alot.
  • Zarya: Big Pink Grizzly Bear! Part of her training reigime is training in her fursuit so she can be ready for anything.
  • Ana: Has no idea what these young whippersnappers are into but like mother like daughter she also has a jackal, but her is blue and black!
  • Lucio: Frog man! THis should be a surprise to literally no one like he performs in his 10,000 dollar fursuit that can make its own laser light show.
  • Mercy: White persian cat with a bright pink nose!
  • Symmettra: A blue and white Jaguar with very symmetrical rosettes that look like her turrets.
  • Zenyatta: A peacock with cool highlight projected tail feathers. Genji made it for him!