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etsyfindoftheday | wedding week 2017 | 6.17.17

DAY FOUR: colorful wedding finds
featuring: calypso nightfall // volumetric black-and-blue layered tulle ball gown with embroidered lace top by mywonybridal

Character Design Challenge!

Want an exercise to create character designs? We’ve decided to make a challenge just for that! Each day will include a color, an object or animal, and a genre. Use just one of these each day to inspire a character (or more than one!), or try combining all of them! You can even make an ask meme out of this. The point of this challenge is to have fun and push your creative limit! Feel free to tag us #fightartblock so other people can see what you’ve made!

1: Red/Clock/Science Fiction

2: Blue/Sword/Fantasy

3: Aqua/Spider/Fantasy

4: Orange/Headphones/Steampunk

5: Green/Pencil/Tragedy

6: Purple/Light Bulb/Horror

7: Yellow/Duct Tape/Realistic Fiction

8: Lavender/Computer/Mystery

9: Grey/Backpack/Romance

10: Pink/Headstone/Fantasy

11: Green/Egret/Science Fiction

12: White/Rat/Cyberpunk

13: Black/Trumpet/Mystery

14: Cerulean/Ball Gown/Fantasy

15: Yellow/Baseball Cap/Horror

16: Brown/Glove/Tragedy

17: Black/Friendship Bracelet/Historical Fiction

18: Indigo/Sandals/Mystery

19: Red/Bear/Science Fiction

20: Coral/Lava Lamp/Cyberpunk

21: Lime/Goldfish/Fantasy

22: Peach/Lion/Steampunk

23: Brown/Bow/Science Fiction

24: Grey/Goat/Horror

25: Black/Car/Cyberpunk

26: Gold/Owl/Fantasy

27: Fuchsia/Pomeranian/Cyberpunk

28: Silver/Puppet/Realistic Fiction

29: Jade/Ballet Shoes/Mystery

30: Magenta/Canary/Horror

31: Midnight Blue/Cat/Romance

32: Mustard/Paintbrush/Fantasy

33: Plum/Badger/Historical Fiction

34: Maroon/Screwdriver/Realistic Fiction

35: Ruby/Shark/Steampunk

Alone - Part 12

Warnings; Violence, death

Words; 1,506

A/N; Yay a new part! Feedback is always appreciated ♡ [italics are a flashback]


It was the last thought that crossed your mind before you were strapped back into the chair.

* * *

Bucky sat in the living room of the compound watching Steve pace back and forth. The rest of the team sat there looking solemn.

“She’s still in there, you all know that.” It had been two days since Bucky had been shot.

He couldn’t erase the cold empty look in your eyes as you pulled the trigger. In that moment he knew HYDRA had succeeded, it was the second worst moment of his life. Every moment after that was dedicated to finding a way to get you back. He had probed Steve on how he did it, how did he make Bucky remember? Steve told Bucky to think of memories that he thought would mean enough to you to bring you back.

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i swear to you - kol mikaelson

Originally posted by alltheimaginesbro

request: kol mikaelson fluffy smut !!! or just fluff

word count: 1634

warnings: lil bit of cursing

note: i added some drama because i love drama lmaooo. hope the anon doesnt mind

You were seated in the desk chair that was placed in your room, looking at your nervous reflection. Your hair and make up were flawlessly done. Your body was clad in a black ball gown you had recently bought and a pair of tan pumps. All of this for a Mikaelson ball. Your mind kept drifting back to the last time you saw them and your heart broke.


“Kol bloody Mikaelson! You can not drag me to this stupid party and then ditch me,” You snapped, holding your dress up as you walking up the stairs. Reaching the top, you gasped at the sight. Elijah was holding your boyfriend down as Klaus held a dagger over his heart. Their eyes all landed on you. Kol shouted at you to run, but you were frozen.

Klaus suddenly appeared in front of you with a wicked smile. He grabbed your arm and spun you so your back was pressed against his chest and you were facing Elijah and Kol. “Hello love. I do apologize for what I’m about to do and it has nothing to do with you. Just a bit of revenge for my dear brother planning to kill me.” He bit into his wrist and shoved it into your mouth. The action took you by surprise, so you didn’t have time to clamp your mouth shut before the blood made it’s way into your body.

“No! Stop,” Kol pleaded, struggling to get out of Elijah’s grip. He didn’t want you to turn. He wanted you stay human and Klaus knew that. He was turning you because that was where it would hit Kol the most.

“Sorry, love,” He whispered into your ear as he stroked your hair. You had tears streaming down your cheeks, but you made no noise. You mouthed ‘I love you’ to the man in front of you before Klaus snapped your neck. Your body fell limp to the ground, causing Kol to scream in despair. His cries didn’t last much longer as Klaus daggered him.

                                  Present day

Snapping back to reality, you took a deep breath before grabbing your small clutch and exiting the hotel room. You got quite a few stares due to your attire, but you ignored them as you walked down to the lobby. You saw your taxi waiting outside for you and went and got into it. The taxi driver already knew where to take you, so no words were exchanged as he sped off. You were extremely nervous to see the Mikaelsons for the first time in over a century. You had no idea if Kol was undaggered, but you quickly got rid of that idea. He would have come for you if he was, right? The driver pulled up to an extravagant house and stopped, turning around to look at you.

“Thank you,” You spoke as you handed him the amount you owed. You climbed out of the car and shut the door. You stared at the entrance a few moments before actually going inside. There were people every where; some dancing and some mingling. Almost immediately, your eyes found Kol. He was facing away from you, but you could tell it was him. He turned slightly and you could now see the small brunette that he was holding hands with. Your heart broke at the couple. Instead of leaving like you normally would, you went to greet an old friend you hadn’t seen in decades.

“Marcel,” You raved, grabbing his attention.

“Y/N. Wow. You look incredible,” He complimented as his eyes scanned your figure. “I’m glad you got my invitation.” He placed a hand on the small of your back, guiding you to the bar.

“None of the Mikaelson’s know I’m here, do they,” You questioned, glancing back at Kol and the brunette.

“They do now.” You recognized the thick accent immediately. You turned slightly and saw Klaus and Elijah standing there. Klaus had a smug look on his face, while Elijah had one of guilt. “It is lovely to see you again.”

“I wish I could say the same,” You retorted with a sweet smile. You turned back to Marcel and said, “If I’m going to get through tonight, I’m going to need the strongest drink here.” You placed your hands on the bar and groaned.

“As you wish,” He chuckled, ordering the bar tender to come over. He slid you a small glass that held a dark liquid. You downed it quickly. “Slow down there, princess. Let’s go dance before you get yourself too drunk.”

Marcel held his hand out and you gladly took it, shooting Klaus and Elijah a dirty look. Marcel led you to a spot on the dance floor and guided your arms into the proper position. You glanced back over to Kol and saw that Klaus was now speaking to him. You would have tried to listen to their conversation, but Kol looked your way and met your gaze. You instantly looked away and focused your eyes on Marcel’s.

“I see Kol is still the center of your affection,” He pointed out with a raised eyebrow.

“Of course, but it seems like he has moved on. So should I.” Marcel picked up on what you were saying and laughed. He always found you attractive and he never liked Kol. He was going to take up your implied offer, though he never got the chance since you were both interrupted. Marcel was practically thrown off of you by an angry Kol. “What the hell!” Everyone was now staring at the three of you.

“Stay away from her, Marcel, or you will bloody regret it,” Kol seethed. He was a lot hotter whenever he was angry, but you were too furious to think like that at the moment.

“Now dear brother, let’s leave the happy couple be,” Klaus spoke from behind you. You could tell he was amused at the current scene.

“Yes, please Kol. Leave the happy couple alone,” You retorted, giving him the angriest look you could muster. He looked at you with a broken expression and that only made you angrier. Before you could say anything, Kol grabbed your arm and sped off into someone’s room, away from the crowd.

“What are you doing here,” He pressed, letting go of your arm and moving away from you. He started to pace back and forth, rubbing his hands over his face. He was angry, that was clear to everyone. He was also slightly confused.

“I was invited. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be going back out now.” You made a move to go past him, but he grabbed your arm yet again. You yanked your arm away from him and flashed your fangs at him. Him being an Original wouldn’t stop you from challenging him.

His face softened as he said, “I thought you were dead. Klaus told me you were dead.” Those words changed how you felt about him in merely a few seconds. He wouldn’t try and find you if he thought you were dead. “I swear to you, I would have come for you if I had thought you were still alive.” He was a lot closer to you now. His chest was pressed against yours and you could smell his cologne.

He leaned closer to you, your lips almost touching his. You reluctantly backed away from him. Your eyes moved to the ground so they no longer met his. “I think you should get back to your date.” You bit your lip and wiped away the tears that were forming.

He placed his hand on your arm, slowly sliding it down until it was holding yours. “I’m only here with her to keep this guy away from her. I promise, I feel nothing romantic for her. You are the only one for me.” Still holding your hand, he moved to where he was standing in front of you again. He tilted your chin up so you were looking at him. “You will always be the only one.”

Not a moment too soon, your lips were on his in a passionate kiss. He dropped your hand so he could pull as close to him as you could possibly get. You wrapped your arms around his neck as you did the same. He pushed the sleeves of your dress of your shoulders, letting it fall to the ground. He moved his hands down to the back of your thighs and you jumped, wrapping your legs around his waist. He spun you around so he could place you onto his bed.

He threw his jacket off before meeting your lips again. His hands roamed your body while yours unbuttoned his shirt. His mouth moved to you neck, sucking and nipping at the skin. You let out a quiet moan as he continued working with his mouth. The moment was short lived when someone threw the bedroom door open while yelling, “Have you guys killed each oth- Oh. Look at this.”

Kol pulled away, his body still hovering over yours, and gave his brother a killer glare. “Can we help you,” He questioned bitterly.

“Just making sure you hadn’t killed dear Y/N.” He had a smirk on his face as he stared at the two of you.

“Klaus, could you please get out? I don’t feel comfortable with the fact that you’re staring at me with just my underwear on.” Klaus gave you a subtle wink before shutting the door. “Now, where were we?” You grabbed the back of Kol’s neck and brought his face down to yours once again.

so i am alive. this really sucks and im sorry but im sooo out of my writing groove. but it is summer again so i will be writing a lot more (hopefully)