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Character Design Challenge!

Want an exercise to create character designs? We’ve decided to make a challenge just for that! Each day will include a color, an object or animal, and a genre. Use just one of these each day to inspire a character (or more than one!), or try combining all of them! You can even make an ask meme out of this. The point of this challenge is to have fun and push your creative limit! Feel free to tag us #fightartblock so other people can see what you’ve made!

1: Red/Clock/Science Fiction

2: Blue/Sword/Fantasy

3: Aqua/Spider/Fantasy

4: Orange/Headphones/Steampunk

5: Green/Pencil/Tragedy

6: Purple/Light Bulb/Horror

7: Yellow/Duct Tape/Realistic Fiction

8: Lavender/Computer/Mystery

9: Grey/Backpack/Romance

10: Pink/Headstone/Fantasy

11: Green/Egret/Science Fiction

12: White/Rat/Cyberpunk

13: Black/Trumpet/Mystery

14: Cerulean/Ball Gown/Fantasy

15: Yellow/Baseball Cap/Horror

16: Brown/Glove/Tragedy

17: Black/Friendship Bracelet/Historical Fiction

18: Indigo/Sandals/Mystery

19: Red/Bear/Science Fiction

20: Coral/Lava Lamp/Cyberpunk

21: Lime/Goldfish/Fantasy

22: Peach/Lion/Steampunk

23: Brown/Bow/Science Fiction

24: Grey/Goat/Horror

25: Black/Car/Cyberpunk

26: Gold/Owl/Fantasy

27: Fuchsia/Pomeranian/Cyberpunk

28: Silver/Puppet/Realistic Fiction

29: Jade/Ballet Shoes/Mystery

30: Magenta/Canary/Horror

31: Midnight Blue/Cat/Romance

32: Mustard/Paintbrush/Fantasy

33: Plum/Badger/Historical Fiction

34: Maroon/Screwdriver/Realistic Fiction

35: Ruby/Shark/Steampunk

Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter welcome baby number two, named for a poet and a king….

Sophie Hunter and Benedict Cumberbatch are reported to have welcomed their second child, a boy
Sophie Hunter and Benedict Cumberbatch are reported to have welcomed their second child, a boy

Hannah Furness
26 MARCH 2017 • 11:06 AM

A spokesman for the couple has not yet responded to a request for confirmation of their happy news.

The new baby will be a younger brother to Christopher Carlton, born in 2015 and known as Kit.

The couple made public the news they were expecting a second child in October, after appearing on the red carpet in Los Angeles to promote the actor’s film, Dr Strange, where fans noticed what appeared to be a baby bump under Ms Hunter’s black ball gown.

A spokesman said then: “Everyone is absolutely thrilled.”

The couple, who married on Valentine’s Day in 2015 and last year applied to extend their north London home.

Cumberbatch has spoken regularly about his pride about becoming a father, saying: “Having a baby – it’s massive.

And on a very unexpected level. Suddenly I understood my parents much more proudly than I ever had before.”

He told the Graham Norton show last year: “I’ve become a father and a husband, and in the right order — just.

“I might go for a (Cumber) batch of boys.”