black backed jackals

Nothing new (except Rico, sorta), but it’s nice to look at ‘em all grouped together. They were quite fun to do.

Row 1: Armin (fennec), Eren (Sumatran tiger), Mikasa (European badger), Rico (striped hyena)
Row 2: Hange (spotted hyena), Erwin (black-footed ferret), Levi (red fox), Mike (brown bear)
Row 3: Ymir (black-backed jackal), Jean (white-tailed deer), Nile (bluetick coonhound)


my uncommon/rare pelt collection! what they are is listed in the picture caption! most of them are vintage, old pelts but a few of the less rare ones are actually mountable (and all of them are legal to own o/c) :-* you can also see them in my fur catalog!