black art movement


Im not saying that the movement is exclusively for POC but the focus of the movement was not originally to have flashy expensive art supplies, kankens, and ugly mustard yellow sweaters. The art hoe movement was started to get artists who are  POC recognition and appreciate them. IF YOU ARE A POC ART HOE SHARE YOUR ART, SHARE POC ART. THIS IS WHAT ART HOEING WAS ABOUT!!!

the #carefreeblackgirl movement was a good movement in essence, but how many black girls are allowed to join without being “conventionally beautiful” or “classy”? what about the black girl that’s considered slutty or ghetto? what about the poor black girl? the fat black girl? these types of  movements are all so great in the beginning but they always have this certain aesthetic they go for or prefer and it defeats the entire purpose of the movement. these types of movements should cater to black women of all backgrounds, and not be so subjective