black art appreciation

Have a tiny self-indulgent gif while I try to remember how to hold my pen!


in honor of tbp celebrating 10 yrs, some heaven help us now lyrics + some shots from the let’s kill tonight mv.


Black Friday Art Commission ( sort of )

I’m offering bust-up / headshot pencil sketches like these for $7 each :’DDDD
( Since my wacom is broken this is all I can do for now )
* I only do humanoid and accept payment via Paypal
Message me or send and email to if you’re interested , I’ll try to reply as soon as possible

Buy me a burrito !!!


[ 4/100 days of productivity ]

Up at the crack of dawn (10am) and hit the library to get some maths done. Not a lot of maths happened in the next few hours but I had good company and my friend made me lunch ☺️ then the rest of the afternoon has consisted of some very lengthy problems, but I think I’m finally understanding the method so I’m feeling positive. However I think my hand is about to fall off…

🎶: U.F.O - Coldplay


Black Woman of Harlem
A Fashion Story For @elle Indonesia

Retouched By: @intheeyesofscottie

Creative Director + Stylist: Kollin Carter
Photog: @renellaice
Model: Ania Charlot, Major Models NYC
Hair: Malcolm Cuthbert
MUA: MJ Forte
Assist: Charity Billups, Tariq Walters