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I know y'all wanna support and buy cool gear, but make sure you’re supporting the ACTUAL shops! This is a repost from @adornedbychi via @wearewakanda … Don’t buy from mass produced shops, support small businesses! Know that when you buy from the artists, it helps them to keep making great things so you can buy more– it’s a circle!



Look By: Jon

IG: 7thSon92

Tumblr: @7thson92

Model: Saïd

IG: saidhenri

Tumblr: @syonri

Shot By: Clifford

IG: kspts

Tumblr: @kaleidoscopespots

Twitter: jesuisponge


Adrienne Raquel

Adrienne Raquel is an NYC-based creative –– specializing in photography + art direction.  Inspired by femininity, Summer vibes, and tropical motifs –– Adrienne’s work is playful, vibrant, and nostalgic.  Her eye-catching imagery and distinct use of color + composition have led to many exciting brand collaborations.  Notable publications such as TIME, Refinery29, and Elle have esteemed Adrienne as an influencer + one of the top female creatives to follow.


My favorite Haitian painter 👨🏿‍🎨🙌🏾 🇭🇹 Emilcar Similien, known as Simil was born in 1944 in St. Marc. From 1965 to 1971 he studied painting, sculpture, and art history at the Academy of Beaux-Arts in Port-au-Prince. Simil uses his images of women only as means for displaying patterns, color, and the sparkle of gold jewelry on black skin. He paints with acrylics on Masonite of any size. His surfaces are smooth and polished. Simil delights in beauty, elegance, and grace. “Well trained by masters who taught him to excell in his form, Similien’s works also contains discrete messages”

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