“The darker the chocolate the richer the taste. The darker the berry the sweet juice. And thats where its at…. Now baby run and tell that!”


Black Men With Flowers, Lynette Luna

In society, black men have often had to become hyper masculine to deal with the intense pressures projected onto them by society. When we look into the general opinion of black men, we think of them as very hard, calloused, and tough. We do not allow them to be projected in ways of weakness, or softness.

I photographed a black male with flowers to show a side that is often ignored by society. That these men can be soft, sensitive, and delicate. I blended a black man with the delicacy of flowers and the femininity of bright colors. - Lynette Luna


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I don’t know if you guys knew but Normani from 5th harmony got rid of her twitter due to a high volume of racism. She was getting Dm’s of people pasting her face on bodies of lynched black people and sending her more horrific disgusting racist slurs. She’s since brought her twitter back and has been getting a lot of love and support from her fans from all over the world, however Normani has not been the only black woman/celebrity who has been subjected to high amounts of racism through social media. I love Normani and I wanted to make something nice just to continue to push black girl magic in the air.