black arm bands

March 19

Today is the day Neil Josten sells his soul (and Kevin’s and Jean’s) to Ichirou Exy and gets to live his life how he wants. Maybe he’ll even die of old age.

Today is the day Neil asks Andrew to ‘choose us’, to borrow his dream of Exy until he finds something to live for. 

Today is the day Kevin looks in the mirror and sees something more than being number 2, reminding us and Neil and Andrew who Kevin Day, Son of Exy is.

Today is the day Andrew gives Neil another part of himself in a pair of matching black arm bands. 

Today is the day Andrew sees a boy he’s long promised to protect finally keep up his end of the deal. Today is the day Andrew Minyard willingly steps onto the court.

Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney on the set of Garland’s CBS TV show, July 1963 // Photo By Leigh Wiener

anonymous asked:

Any more Neil + Gun/Fighting/knife expertise???

this is less “expertise” and more “lauren just wanted to write about andrew and neil making out and then added weapons” so… sorry? haha hope you enjoy it anyway, there’s some stuff with mary and renee and nicky mixed in too. 

  • andrew is extremely attracted to badass neil tbh.
  • (so are like, 70% of the foxes actually but that’s not the point)
  • he offers to teach neil what he knows about fighting hand to hand bc that’s one area that mary didn’t focus on as much.
  • mary liked to teach neil how to break holds and how to incapacitate quickly. andrew knows more about what happens when you can’t escape, and you just need to keep fighting.
  • mary also gifted him with a nice new taser for his 13th birthday bc he needed a way to defend himself but she didn’t quite trust him with a gun for everyday use and his aversion to knives was growing with every close call they had with the butcher’s men.
  • for the record the taser is neil’s perfect weapon. it stuns quickly and mostly quietly, giving him the perfect escape route and neil is a BEAST with one. 
  • ANYWAY so andrew offers but like. they end up spending way too much of the sessions just making out on the roof… and in the gym… and in the court…basically anywhere with a flat surface and many places with bumpy ones idek these kids kiss a lot mostly bc andrew is REALLY attracted to badass neil and neil is just REALLY attracted to andrew in general.
  • he just likes the idea that neil can handle himself (even with the evidence that neil really cannot handle himself e.g. evermore, baltimore etc etc).
  • it gets bad enough that most of the foxes have walked in on them at some point (andrew is Not Pleased with this) and renee casually but not subtly mentions that she wouldn’t mind training neil if distractions were getting in the way.
  • queue the fight montage sequence with these two super pretty people kicking butts and being deadly.
  • neil still won’t fight with a knife though.
  • he knows how to use them.
  • has used them to kill people before.
  • but he won’t do that now, not for anything (this is a lie, neil would do it for one thing; the foxes, more specifically, andrew. he would do it if he needed to protect his family).
  • (there are many bar fights, sports fights and drunken fights that neil shoulders in on on behalf of the other foxes, wishing he had a knife but finding his fists can be just as powerful sometimes).
  • nicky totally buys him a shoulder holster for christmas bc why not. it’s black, to match his arm bands, and slim enough that it fits under his clothes without really leaving obvious tell-tale lines.
  • neil wears it when he’s feeling particularly vulnerable. he doesn’t make a habit of carrying the gun he stole from the man who tried to mug him and nicky but he knows its always there if he needs it and it makes andrew feel a little better knowing that if neil won’t carry knives he can at least use a gun. 
  • neil even teaches andrew a bit about shooting, mostly just the basics bc knives are andrew’s things, not guns… and also bc most of these lessons also end in make-out sessions too. 
  • and yes. andrew enjoys throwing the phrase “is that a gun or are you just happy to see me?” around way too much. what a dork. 

Since I’m in old au hell I’m dragging my blog with me.

The setting is a spin on Earth 51, where Bruce snaps after Jason dies but doesn’t end up killing the Joker until after Tim becomes Robin. Then both Batman and Robin slowly begin taking out all the villains in Gotham, then the world. Tim starts having doubts, seeing Bruce get darker and darker, getting worse when Damian comes into the picture. He starts planning with Alfred to go back in time to keep Bruce from ever killing in the first place.

Damian becomes suspicious and finds Tim just as he is about to Travel and attacks him. In the fight the device gets activated and Tim jumps through the portal before it can close. But it didn’t just send him back in time, it sent him to another world, the YJ world.

The device was calculated to bring him to Bruce, who happens to be at Mt. Justice giving a brief, and Tim is just dropped into the middle of the meeting (ala Impulse later). Tim is still very much in fight mode because of Damian and he sees all these people he’s been trained to fight and just attacks.

And he does have the upper hand because all his career he’s been told how to defeat all his supposed allies but he doesn’t want to kill them, though he doesn’t hold back. He manages to escape and he tries to not panic because he has no idea where he is or when he is, but that Robin was definitely Dick so he must be in the past?

And Tim tracks down Jason and becomes obsessed with protecting him, because if he never dies, Bruce never snaps. All the while, the others are searching for this strange kid who was in Robin gear, who popped out of a worm hole, kicked their assess, then fled.