black arm bands

“Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, fUCK.”

The door to Kevin’s room bursts open, ricocheting with a bang against the wall and slamming back into place. 

“Shit, fuck, Kevin, please you have to hide me, you have to help. I just walked in on - FUCK.” 

Nicky, legs and arms flailing, throws himself onto the ground and rolls under Kevin’s bed, pulling the ruffle down to cover himself just as the knob begins to turn again. Andrew hovers in the door frame - clad only in black gym shorts, his arm bands, and socks - and aims his glower at Kevin. 

“Nicky Hemmick is a dead man.” 

Kevin tries not to flinch at Nicky’s muffled yelp. He’d been enjoying the peace and quiet, listening to classical music through his headphones and studying for an upcoming test (See: finding something to do while Exy games buffer). Typically, he’d be more than happy to ignore their foolish antics - a 6′ tall backliner cowering under his twin mattress, though? A little more demanding of his attention. 

There’s an uncomfortable amount of silent eye contact wherein Andrew knows that Nicky is under the bed, Kevin knows that Nicky is under the bed, and Andrew knows that Kevin knows that Nicky is under the bed. He’s not sure why - maybe sympathy from being on the receiving end of Andrew’s wrath before, maybe a subconscious feeling of debt to Nicky for keeping the Minyards alive and on the team for so long - but he turns his head back to his open text and attempts nonchalance when he replies “Haven’t seen him.” 

Andrew ‘hmms’ but doesn’t leave. He rotates slowly as if searching, and Kevin spares a second to feel bad for the poor lump trembling beneath his box spring when Andrew’s eyes light and he reaches out to Kevin’s desk. Andrew’s body blocks the object of his focus, and so Kevin has to lean back slightly to see what he’s found - the stack of school text books. 

Andrew picks up a math book, swings it up and down as if testing its weight, then sets it down and goes for a larger History book instead. He turns back to face the bed and throws it to the ground, makes a big deal of positioning it and then wrenches his leg back and kicks it as hard as he can. It careens out of Kevin’s view, disappears beneath the dust ruffle and Kevin knows by the sudden thud and yowl that it makes contact with its intended target.

Each of the boys wait for one of the others to break the tension, and when that doesn’t happen Andrew must decide that Nicky had learned his lesson, because he storms back out without another word. Nicky waits a minute and then sheepishly comes out, knocking his long legs together and muttering under his breath. 

There’s a third awkward moment of silence after Nicky has drawn to his full height, where neither boy knows exactly how to approach the situation. Kevin gives in first, pulling his headphones the rest of the way off of his head and letting them fall with a thunk onto his notebook. 

“What the hell happened?” 

Nicky rubs at his the back of his neck, looks at the ground and when his eyes meet Kevin’s again he’s wearing that trademark Palmetto State grin. 

“I walked in and he and Neil were, um… let’s just say it’s a good thing we wear knee pads.”

March 19

Today is the day Neil Josten sells his soul (and Kevin’s and Jean’s) to Ichirou Exy and gets to live his life how he wants. Maybe he’ll even die of old age.

Today is the day Neil asks Andrew to ‘choose us’, to borrow his dream of Exy until he finds something to live for. 

Today is the day Kevin looks in the mirror and sees something more than being number 2, reminding us and Neil and Andrew who Kevin Day, Son of Exy is.

Today is the day Andrew gives Neil another part of himself in a pair of matching black arm bands. 

Today is the day Andrew sees a boy he’s long promised to protect finally keep up his end of the deal. Today is the day Andrew Minyard willingly steps onto the court.


From Instagram:  xolisaclaire I love small shows! Frank Iero and The Patience
Haven’t seen Frank since 2010!! #frankiero#frankieroandthepatience

A snippet of “Remedy” at Frank Iero And The Patience at Manchester Academy, Manchester, England - September 24th, 2017

@triangle-mother‘s BNHA oc, Kashumi! Here’s their v stylish reference sheet!