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Photo-editing app FaceApp now includes Black, Asian Indian and Caucasian filters

  • On Wednesday morning, the photo-editing app FaceApp released new photo filters that change the ethnic appearance of your face.
  • The app first became popular earlier in 2017 due to its ability to transform people into elderly versions of themselves and different genders.
  • These new options, however, will likely cause some outrage: The filters are Asian, Black, Caucasian and Indian.
  • Selfie apps like Snapchat have taken criticism for filters that apply “digital blackface.” In 2016, Snapchat released a Bob Marley filter that darkened the skin and gave users dreadlocks. Snapchat said another one of its 2016 filters was “inspired by anime,” but many people called it “yellowface,” as it seemingly turned the user into an Asian stereotype.
  • FaceApp’s newest filters, however, don’t pretend they’re anything but racial. Read more (8/9/17 12 PM)

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they look so perfect next to each other as per usual and so touchy :D

BTS mentioned in J BLACK’s (Dancer) V LIVE

[TRANS] Of course I know Bangtan. People say that BTS mentions me once in a while. But, we’ve never met in person before. I want to meet them. People say that they call me “hyung, hyung” while talking about me in a very friendly way~ 

NOTE: Hoseok mentioned J BLACK a few times in his Hope on the Street V LIVE broadcasts. Here is one video @ 36:23 where Hoseok mentions that he really respects and looks up to J BLACK as a dancer and thinks he’s really cool.
(video cr. VETTER VEST)