black and wighte

My Top 10 Game Of Thrones Moments

10) Cersei blows up the Sept

9) “Hold the door!”

8) The Purple Wedding/Joffrey’s death

7) Battle Of The Bastards

6) Ned Stark’s death

5) Tyrion’s trial

4) The Mountain vs the Viper

3) Hardhome massacre

2) The Red Wedding

1) Battle of Castle Black

High Down Rocket Test Site on the Needles Headland, the Isle of Wight, during the late 1950s. The facility was built and run by Saunders Roe, at the time developing the Black Knight rocket - a technology tester for Blue Streak. Britain was, for a brief period in the late 1950s, a very real contestant in the Cold War’s space race. Black Knight flew 22 times from the Woomera Test Facility in South Australia, every rocket first test run here, on the Isle of Wight, and every launch a success.

reasons why beta dangan ronpa should get more attention

dem little legs

sakura looked even more like a dude

monokuma is actually creepy and judging by his looks probably did not make silly puns allowing for a more scary game

External image

the bleeping layout here

External image

the layout here and omg the game is in black, wight, and red this could also effect the creepy and radical and maybe the game would scare you and depress you at the same time

 the who gets killed screen

External image

the execution

External image

normal colored blood

External image

aww dey watchin him get brutally murdered

I think they should have kept the beta stuff and made it into dagan ronpa remixed or something which would have a different approach to the basic story

to watch the beta execution go to: