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Fishblr, please help me. I went on a cruise and I was gone for ten days. I came home and read that all of my fancy goldfish had died. I was heartbroken, but when I came home, I found a survivor. Kiko, my little calico ryukin, was alive. I cried with joy and put him into a 2.5 gal emergency tank. My albino bristlenose pleco also made it. Noir and Mickey died.

I was furious when I read the notes. The pet sitter thought that my filter was creating too much current and UNPLUGGED IT ON THE FIRST DAY. Three fancy goldfish make a lot of waste. My guess for how Noir and Mickey died was ammonia. SIP little guys. I miss them so much.

Now comes the tricky part. Kiko is alive but barely hanging on. He is bright orange when he’s usually white with orange and black spots. He looks like he’s gasping as he swims around. When I found him, he was laying at the top and gasping. He’s swimming around now, but still gasping. He has a few open wounds, I’m assuming they’re ammonia burn. I added melafix to his emergency tank. I hate having him in the 2.5, but it’s all I have right now. Once I get the big fancy goldfish tank cleaned and cycled again, he’ll go back in there.

I don’t know if I’ve ever told Kiko’s full story, and I’d like to here, because he’s really special to me. I got Kiko over the summer while my cousin was visiting. We found the smallest goldfish we’d ever seen. He was about the size of my thumb nail. His tail was all lopsided and he was having some trouble swimming. I wanted to help him so badly, so we set up a tank for him. It was small at first, but once I had the funding, he got a proper tank, and a friend, a black moor named Noir. They instantly became friends. Kiko hasn’t grown much since I got him. He’s about two inches long now. He’s grown so much stronger and swims like a pro.

I can’t lose another fish. Kiko holds a very special place in my heart and I’m terrified of losing him now. Please, if you know anything I can do to help him heal, tell me. Message me, comment, reblog, I don’t mind. I just don’t want to lose Kiko. Thank you.


Well, event done… I liked more things than I did last year at least. Also the hair is kind of… weird this year with the Dryad ones since they made a Darker Brown with black so the Ash color looks lighter there and oh well.

It was expensive to rush through, but I didn’t have faith I would’ve done much better otherwise to be honest. I think I got about 20 total scattered through the four types? So it was like buying a replay anyway. I stress too much in Pacman. 

I’m hoping Rocket and White getting sprites means maybe going to our Boyfriend’s house will happen sooner, but I do wonder about Cuddles and why it was left out.

Umm…  I wish the expressions were cheaper? I used up pretty much all my money already on the big things and I don’t really want to spend an extra 150 for White’s eyebrow options and 175 for Rocket’s eyebrow options… I just barely have enough for any money we’ll likely need for 38 now.

And don’t care much for the bonus outfit at all… Only like the Corset, Boots, and Dragon. It’s probably my least favorite of the set… Also really sad the illustration is another of Candy. I’d like it more if it felt more… customized to us, but just the eyes feels kind of disappointing and Sakurina would… never wear that (and even if she was coaxed to because dragon, she still wouldn’t do the eye make-up). 

I was really hoping for one with the boys since we usually get those for Halloween. I hope Christmas’ will at least be nice I guess.

I’ll do some edits with Sakurina in the 2017 outfits later… Though, maybe I’ll actually re-do her hair first.

On the subject of old events, does anyone else remember the Lock Capsule? What was even up with that?

If y’all don’t know what I’m referring to, let me explain. The Lock Capsule was a special event key item in HGSS and BW that was never used. Like not even in Japan. The idea was to have people send this item from HGSS to BW and it’d give them a TM (TM95, Snarl). Sounds straightforward, right? Nope. It was ridiculous. It was nothing but bad ideas and horrible planning.

Let’s pretend we’re an average player without a guide on how to do this whole thing. (Honestly, without a guide, we’re screwed by step 2, but go with me here.)

First of all, it’d have to be sent to HGSS as an event. But in HGSS, the item is absolutely useless - and cryptic. The info just says “A sturdy Capsule that can only be opened with a special key.” This alone would have players searching all over the Johto region looking for this “special key” … but there isn’t one. And there’s not a single clue in the game as to what it’s for, what it does, or how to use it. At all. Nothing. Nada. Null. Zilch.

Then we have BW. Which again for the most part doesn’t mention it at all - unless you have it. And getting it from HGSS to BW is even more absurd. You can’t use the PokeTransfer to send it up - since that only transfers Pokemon. You couldn’t give it to a Pokemon to hold because it was a key item. So, how would you get it there?

You have to use The Relocator, and I’m sure I’ve lost a few of you here. What’s The Relocator? It’s a very special feature of BW. Why don’t you know about it? Because the game fails to really mention that it even exists until you unlock it. And unless you know EXACTLY what you’re doing, there’s no way you can unlock it. You have to find an otherwise totally useless and cryptic NPC in Castelia talking ambiguously about a “special machine” he invented and tell him a specific phrase - “everyone happy, simple connection.” And let’s all be honest with ourselves: at this point, none of us are happy, and this is anything but a simple connection. So he can go take a long walk off a short cliff.

Alright, well, now maybe the game will tell us a little more about the Lock Capsule, or at least the Relocator? Hardly! He only says the Relocator is for “special pokemon and items,” and doesn’t tell you where to find it or how to use it. So again, we’re left clueless. What we actually gotta do is save and restart, and then select The Relocator on the main screen. Which is located at the very bottom of the pre-game menu, so unless you’re looking for it, you’ll probably never see it. As soon as you start it up, it - without any explanation - attempts to open DS wireless communication. At that point, it acts much like PokeTransfer - it tells you to grab your second DS with any 4th gen game inserted and go to Download Play. Except, unlike PokeTransfer, The Relocator can only transfer five every specific things: a shiny event Raikou, Entei, or Suicune, a 4th gen event Celebi, or the Lock Capsule. Oh, by the way, it doesn’t tell you any of that. If you have none of those, it will simply tell you nothing can be relocated. Even if you do have one of those, it doesn’t even tell you it relocated them, it just cryptically says the relocator will close.

Also, the aforementioned Raikou, Entei, Suicune, and Celebi (which are used for the Zoroark and Zorua cutscenes) could be transferred by the normal no-need-to-unlock-in-a-very-odd-and-unknowable-way PokeTransfer and still work fine for those cutscenes. (I wasn’t 100% sure on this, but since posting this I’ve had it verified by others.) Also because The Relocator doesn’t tell you exactly what can be relocated. there’s no way to know it can relocate the Lock Capsule, unless you’re Relocating with a game of HGSS that already has one. That’s it! That’s the only way!

Okay, let’s say you’ve now gotten to this point. You’ve relocated the Lock Capsule. Now what? Right, the item description says it can only be opened with a special key. Time for another key hunt! … or not! Because again, there’s no key! At all! Instead, you have to take it to another random, otherwise useless, completely no hints as to what he really does for you NPC in Castelia. The game, AGAIN, gives you no hints. At all. If you talked to the NPC before getting the Lock Capsule, he simply mentions he picks locks. That’s it. But even if you did talk to him before, you probably forgot all about him, because he’s just a useless NPC on a random floor of a building in the biggest city in Unova.

What’s your reward for all this? The TM for Snarl. And since the Lock Capsule was never released, no game of BW can legitimately have all TMs. Whoops! Also, because GameFreak never deletes items from their games, it’s still a dummied out, non-functional, unobtainable key item. Yeah. Even in Sun and Moon. It’s still there. It’s just hidden away.

So basically, they never did this event because it’d need to come with a highly detailed guide on how to use it. Amazing.

jsyk interracial couples don’t mean shit if they’re drenched in racist tropes. a brown man is jealous and overprotective of his dainty white girlfriend? racist! an asian woman is narrow minded until a white man chooses her to be his girlfriend and liberates her from her outdated cultural beliefs? racist! a black man constantly “dominates” his white boyfriend? racist! this treatment isn’t exclusive to interracial relationships that involve a white person, but it’s much more common with them and it’s complete bullshit