black and white striped leggings

cat friend!!!

so i play as a fighter half orc, who is known for ripping off peoples dongs when she beats them in arm wrestling matches. she makes them into bombs which she keeps in her bag of holding

our group is made of a half elf sorcerer (i think) a half elf cleric, a tiefling rogue/druid, a moon elf wizard (maybe?) and my half orc. the half elf sorcerer has been begging the dm to let him get a cat.

we’re escorting a wagon to the town of phandolin when we spot a couple of dead horses. we hang around for a little bit trying to figure out what happened, when a member of our party hears rustling in the bushes near our tiefling. he doesnt tell us this.

DM: so all of you hear the bushes towards the back of the wagon rustle, and you all can tell that somethings there


teifling rogue (ooc): no wait dont do that, throw it next to the bush just to scare it

me (ooc): oh yeah okay i’ll do that then

DM: your bomb lands near the bush and right before it explodes you hear a cat wail. after the explosion you see a white paw on the ground, with a black stripe going up it. the rest of the cat has been demolished.

literally everyone in the party is complaining cause i threw a dong bomb at the cat they wanted to befriend, and our cleric even tried to bring it back from the dead, but we had to continue on our adventure without the cat.

flash forward like an hour later when we’re at the mouth of a goblin cave, right after my half orc and our sorcerer had assassinated some goblin guards.

DM: so uh you look around and you hear the bushes rustle again. out steps a cat, all white with a black stripe on its leg

i yell cause my orc has animal handling, and i end up with a 23 to befriend the cat. our sorcerer is begging me to give him the cat, and then our cleric asks for the cat, and so they start having a bidding war to see who will get it

i end up keeping the cat

The Neighbors ( 3/?)

 Summary: You’ve been in New York for about 3 years now moving here looking for a new experience. You grew up in a small town with you parents and siblings, so your new experience was city life. You began working at a hospital doing patient records and a moved into a cute little apartment in a mostly safe neighborhood in Brooklyn. After being at the hospital for a few months, you were presented with an amazing offer to switch from patient records to shadowing nurses, you just had to take a few classes outside of work while you worked with them. Since then, your life in New York has been great. But will it stay that way once you meet your new neighbors across the hall?

Warnings : swearing, bad flirting.

Pairings: Sam Wilson x Reader, Bucky Barnes x Reader, eventual Steve Rogers x Reader


                                         Part 3 : The PJ Party

     After you shower and make yourself breakfast, you’re more than ready to pass the hell out. You crawl into your bed, pulling the blankets up to your chin and snuggling yourself further into them. You set an alarm for 6:45pm, making sure to give yourself enough time to get ready before going across the hall. As you lay back down, you can’t seem to stop thinking about tonight.

  What am I going to wear? Who the hell has pajama parties anymore? But Sam’s so sweet, like a little puppy. Should I wear what I have on right now?

You pull your blankets away so you can see your pajamas. You have on a pair of comfortable underwear that has flamingos all over them , and another giant band tee shirt.

I can’t wear this. I’ll look like a weirdo! Maybe I can dig out a pair of my old sleep shorts. Yeah, that sounds good.

After 15 more minutes of debating what to wear, you finally doze off.

   Beep Beep Beep

You go to hit the snooze button, but end up knocking the entire clock on the floor.

 "Son of a bitch!“ You roll yourself onto the floor to pick it up and place it back where it was. You’re still not completely awake, so you drag yourself to your bathroom and throw some cold water on your face. When you wake up a little more you start to get yourself ready to go to the guys. You fell asleep with your hair wet, so you try to tame the lions mane that your formed. You manage to smooth out your waves, so they don’t look as chaotic. Perfect start, now let’s find some pants.

 You rip through all of your drawers, looking for the pile of shorts you know you have somewhere. You finally find it in the last drawer. You drop the pile on your bed, picking each pair until you stumble across the winners.

  OH HELL YES.   You pick up a pair that you completely forgot about. They use to be your favorite before you opted for sleeping in just underwear. You slide the shorts on and switch out your band tee for a new shirt.

    You look in the mirror happy with your appearance.Your hair is down in somewhat tamed waves and you decide against makeup. You’re sporting black sleep shorts with a white stripe down the outside of your legs, and a white V-neck tshirt. The shirt wasn’t too baggy but it wasn’t too tight. You twist your body to get a better view of the back to make sure everything looks alright.

   Damn, did they always make my ass look like this…? You notice that the shorts cling on to the curve of your ass perfectly, but you can’t tell if they’re appropriate or not for tonight. You look at your clock to see how much time you have left. It’s already 7:50? How is that even possible? You decide to leave the shorts on, but you throw on some slipper boots, grab your phone and make your way across the hall.

 Before you knock on their door, you take a deep breath. Remember, they are just normal people. That occasionally save the world. And are hot. Super hot superheros. Damn it, Y/n! You make yourself blush, but knock on the door anyway.

  Sam answers and pulls you inside. You look around, noticing that all the boxes are gone and that it looks almost exactly like the setup of your apartment.

  "Well what do you think? I set everything up while those two slept last night.” You keep glancing around, noticing the décor and how awesome everything really looks. It was just a typical guy’s apartment, but it was really tidy. It was clean and simple. You love it.

“Sam it looks incredible! It’s so neat and organized,” you say as he leads you to the couch. When you look down at it, your eyes light up. It’s the biggest couch you’ve ever seen. The kind that people only see in the super expensive store. The cushions are  almost the size of a small bed and look so soft. Huh, must be from Stark.

You look at Sam before you dive onto the couch like a child. He lets out hearty laugh then follows your lead throwing himself down next to you.

“You know Y/n, you can’t have a pajama party without a fort…” Your eyes light up like a child’s on Christmas morning.

That’s it. He’s my new bestfriend.

“You’re totally right, Sam. You know what else? Candy, can’t have a pajama party without candy.”

You both just stare at each other before he speaks, “Did we just become best friends?” You both have the biggest, dorkiest smiles on your faces.

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“Yep!” Oh my God, he just quoted Step Brothers with me. Well played Wilson, well played.

               “Fucking finally someone to get my movie quotes! Those two still aren’t caught up to this time period, all my good reference go right over their heads,” he angrily confesses. You let out a snort and put your hand on his shoulder.

  “This is going to be a beautiful friendship, Sam Wilson.” He throws a fist into the air in celebration. Just then, Steve and Bucky walk through the doors with 4 boxes of pizza and a couple bottles of Pepsi.

When they see you, they both smile and say hello while they drop the items off at the counter.

Bucky gives you both a suspicious glance. “What did you two do? You look guilty.” Sam rolls his eyes, you laugh and shrug your shoulders.

“Nothing, yet.” You and Sam burst into a fit of giggles, and that causes Steve to laugh. Bucky just rolls his eyes as he walks over and sits down next to you, handing you a plate of pizza.You thank him, and watch as Steve brings Sam his. Sam picks a movie out of his very large movie collection and plays it without telling anyone what he chose.  Before you know it, the opening credits to Billy Madison starts playing, and you almost spit out your pizza.

  “THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST MOVIES,” you yell in excitement. Sam throws his hand up for a high-five, and you gladly give it to him.

  “At least someone likes my movie choices,” he exclaims. Both of his roommates roll their eyes and continue eating.

   “So Sam…fort time?” You ask, sending him an excited grin. He jumps up, ready to do it right that second. Bucky’s expression lights up too. I already love all of them.

“That’s what you two were plotting when we got here? Steve says. “No way! No forts! Buck and Sam can’t stand each other in normal spaces, I’m not dealing with them arguing over a fort.” You all huff in response to Steve’s parent-like attitude.

  You hear Sam mumble what you think is ‘Captain Buzzkill’. Bucky just flicks Steve off, earning him a glare. You laugh, noticing a smile on Steve’s lips as you do. All of a sudden, you feel a cool metal hand lay gently on your bare thigh. You look towards Bucky, raising your eyebrow. What is he doing?

“You know Doll, if you want to fool around in a fort we could always build one in my room. I could show you a few things, if you- “

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  Steve cuts him off by whipping a pillow at him. Bucky glares at him, sending you a wink. “The offers always open.” You roll your eyes, and he squeezes your thigh before removing his hand. Way to be discreet Barnes.

   Halfway through the movie, when everyone was full and finished eating, Bucky turns to you and asks, “So Y/n, have you always lived in New York?” The way he asks makes you think he already knows the answer. I bet anything they had Stark do a background check on me to make sure I’m not a stalker. Not surprising. You tell him about your hometown and the need for a change. As he keeps asking your questions, Sam and Steve join in. After Sam asks about your best friend, you decide it’s your turn.

“Woah woah woah, it’s my turn to ask guys!” They all nod in agreement, so you continue. “How long after you met me did it take for you guys to have Tony Stark run a background check on me?” They were all silent, until Bucky speaks up.

“Wow doll, you think we would have Stark do a background check on you? How cold.” You start to feel guilty and are about to apologize before he continues, “We had Natasha do it. If you want snooping done right, you’ve gotta have a spy do it.” He winks at you and you smack his arm.

“You ass! I almost felt bad about that!” He just chuckles and moves to his next question.

“So sweetheart, are you single?” Steve spits out his Pepsi, right at Sam, and Sam lets out a string of profanities.

“Jesus Buck, way to be subtle,” Steve mumbles. You can see a faint blush on his cheeks.

You let out a light laugh, “It’s okay Steve, I had a feeling it would be asked. And yes Bucky, I’m single. Are all of you?” You hold your breath, half wanting to hear Steve’s answer, half not wanting to know.

They all answer yes .Looks like the Universe is on my side for once.

    The night continues with random questions, some funny, some serious. By the time you all seem to run out of questions,  it’s about 4 a.m. In one night, you feel like they know you more than most people. You tell them about your family, past relationships, more about your best friend. It’s so easy to talk to them that everything just flows out. You also find out more about them than you could imagine. From their lives before the Avengers, to what they do in their spare time. You even unwillingly learned of Sam’s shit schedule, thanks to Bucky. When you go to leave the guys’ apartment, you hug them all goodbye. You notice Steve and Buckys hugs last a little longer than Sam’s does for you. You aren’t going to think too much into it though. Bucky offers to walk you to your door, which sends a laugh through you.

“Barnes, it’s literally 15 steps away.” He shrugs his shoulders, resting his hand on your lower back guiding you to the hall.

“I’m from the ‘40s, it’s the gentleman thing to do. Just humor me, doll.” You shiver at the nickname and a blush blooms across your features. You don’t miss the victorious smirk on his face.  if it was really part of the '40s charm, why Steve didn’t offer? Oh well. When you reach your door, you give him another hug, and turn to unlock it. When you turn back around, Bucky’s eyes are still lingering where your ass was just a minute ago. You clear your throat and cross your arms.

“My eyes are up here, Doll.” You smirk. Bucky blushes at being caught red-handed.

“Goodnight Y/n,” he says. You take that as your cue to step into your home. As you’re stepping away, Barnes lands a decent smack on your ass. You let out a yelp but by the time you turn around he’s already at his door and laughing.

Being a gentleman my ass. What the hell am I getting myself into?

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Growing Affections

Title: Growing Affections
Summary: Sherlock has been pining for his best friend’s sister for weeks and is struggling to keep his feelings hidden
Author: Maddy
Words: 2600
Characters/Relationships: Sherlock x Reader, John x sister!Reader
Warnings: Major fluff overdose and bad writing due to tiredness

Request: Could you do a Sherlock x Reader, where the reader is John’s sister and Sherlock fancies the reader but he doesn’t want to get on the wrong side of John, until one day John is out and the reader says something and Sherlock grabs her and kisses her and John walks in? (happy ending please) thank you xx - anonymous

Author’s Notes: I didn’t know whether you wanted the reader to say whether she likes Sherlock out loud or try to subtly tell him but I thought it would be fun to write it as if though she was just there and Sherlock just couldn’t hold back kiss them any longer. This is written a lot differently from some of my other works but I feel like it worked out for the best. Maybe. I also seem to have a thing for writing short readers though I myself am not really that short. And have you realised that in most of these Sherlock fics, based in Britain (obviously) they don’t mention marmite at all? Being Australian and absolutely in love with Vegemite and marmite, I was actually really surprised by this, though honestly I can’t see Sherlock or John liking it now that I think about it and now I’m rambling because I am really tired. Oh well, I hope you like this nonny!


After suffering through the tirade of childhood together, you and John had formed as close a bond with each other as any other pair of siblings would have created, even more so after he had taken upon the role of the protective older brother once your parent’s marriage began to die. He went through your school work with you and helped you navigate through high school drama whilst the stability of your family crumbled around you as Harry succumbed to the drink and your mother fell into depression. He had always been there for you through your childhood so when he came home from Afghanistan, in pain, depressed and unwilling to ask for help, you were there to lend a hand when he needed it.

Your bond only grew stronger as a result and when John had met Sherlock at the front of 221B, you, of course, had tagged along. Sherlock had been surprised when he saw you trailing next to John, your hair in a messy bun on top of your head, sky blue scarf around your neck, shielding it and your mouth from the bitter wind, your nose red from the cold (you had never liked the cold, even after living in England all your life), your red jacket contrasting against your black and white striped-stockinged legs and black converse-clad feet, a look that would have probably been ghastly on any other person except you. You were short, shorter than John even, the top of your head barely reaching Sherlock’s collarbone when you stood next to him. If he were to describe you at that moment, he would have chosen anything other than intimidating, the period immediately after that however, was a different story.

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Collapse - Chapter One


Cowritten and Proofread by @aoimikans

Early Saturday morning…

“You understand why I asked you to not to join me for this interview?” Naomasa asked, passing the subpoena request form to Wright.

Wright nodded, “I doubt Sato would want to see me again anytime soon. However, I do appreciate you bringing Alba with you.”

Tyto swivelled her head around, feathers puffing up pleasantly at the sound of her name.

There was a knock at the door, and Sansa poked his head in.

“Sato is here with his attorney. I left them in the break room,” he said with a smile.

“Thank you,” Naomasa stood. He glanced at Sansa’s casual clothes, “Going to U.A. then?”

A soft purr rolled in Sansa’s throat as he nodded, “Just heading out.”

“Have fun, Tamakawaii,” Tyto whistled, batting her eyelashes at the flustered officer.

Naomasa tried not to laugh as Sansa stuttered a ‘thank you’ and ducked out. Standing, Naomasa gestured for Tyto to follow, “Let’s get started.”

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Moments. Chapter 16: First

Idea explained here

You can read all the parts here

(I’ve decided to put the prompts in the end from now on so it’s not like a spoiler or anything)

Chapter 16: First

“I was watching that” Sana mumbled trying to keep her eyes opened

“No you weren’t, you were asleep” she heard Yousef chuckle

They were in their living room. Yousef was sitting on the couch with his feet on the table. Sana was lying on his chest, his arm wrapped around her. They had been in that same position for almost two hours now, they were supposed to be watching a movie but Sana had fallen asleep half an hour after it started and only waken up once Yousef had stopped the movie.

“I wasn’t asleep, I was just resting my eyes” Sana whined

“For one hour and a half?”

“Shut up”

Yousef laughed and squeezed her arm gently, kissing then the top of her head.

“It’s getting late anyway, we should get ready and start dinner, our parents will be here in about 3 hours” Yousef said

“Whose idea was to invite them for dinner when we could have the entire day for ourselves?” Sana complained

“Uh, it was your idea actually”

“And it was such a great idea, like every idea I have” Sana said yawning

“Of course” he chuckled “Okay, time to have a shower”

Yousef tried to stand up but Sana wrapped her arms around his waist and buried her face in his chest

“Sana…it’s getting late and I still have to make dinner”

“But I’m so comfortable right now” she said in a sleepy voice

“You can stay here while I shower, but then it’s your turn. You have 15 more minutes to sleep, that’s all missy” he said once again kissing the top of her head and finally standing up leaving sleepy Sana on the couch.

“I hate you” she whispered

“You love me” he said as he left the room to take a shower


As he got out of the bathroom, only a towel around his waist, he already knew she was sleeping. The house was completely in silence. He didn’t blame her though, he knew she had been working really hard on her residency at the hospital lately. He looked at her for awhile as she peacefully slept on the couch. They had been married for two weeks now and he still couldn’t believe it was real, he couldn’t believe he was this lucky.

“Sana” he whispered her name and he stood in front of her “Sana…wake up”

She took a deep breath and opened her eyes slowly, only to find Yousef’s bare chest right in front of her. She couldn’t help but stare at it for a bit still not knowing if she was awake or if she was still dreaming.

“My eyes are up here, you know” he teased her

Sana looked up and smiled shyly. She stretched out her arms and sat down on the couch.

“I was just…”

“Staring?” Yousef asked with a smirk

“Admiring my husband’s qualities” she said biting her lip

“Qualities, huh?”

“Yeah, but don’t let it get to you”

He shook his head and laughed.

“Okay admirer, you need to have a shower and get ready while I start making dinner”

He offered her his hand to help her stand up. She took it and got on her feet.

“You know, there’s a lot of time left, do we really need to start getting ready now?”

“Yes because” he said as he took a step closer to her and placed his hands on her waist “This is going to be our first dinner with our parents as a married couple. It has to be perfect”

Sana couldn’t help but laugh at that and shake her head.

“What?” Yousef asked confused

“You’ve been saying that kind of stuff the whole week. ‘Look Sana this is our first breakfast as a married couple. Look Sana this is our first movie as a married couple. Look Sana this is our first dinner as a married couple’” she teased him

“Is this going to be our first fight as a married couple?” he asked acting offended

“No” she laughed as she placed her arms around his neck “You know I love this cheesiness of you, even if it gets me on my nerves sometimes”

“What can I say? I’m Yousef” he said shrugging

“And I love Yousef” she said as she leaned in closer to him

“And I love you”

He closed the space between them and kissed her lips slowly. She held onto his neck tighter and deepened the kiss. She smiled to herself, the happiness she felt while kissing Yousef was still new to her.

“Hmm…okay” she said as she pulled away “You really need to go and put a shirt on or else I won’t be able to get ready in time and you won’t be able to make dinner”

Yousef raised his eyebrows as high as humanly possible, a smirk showing on his lips.

“Shut up” Sana said rolling her eyes as she let go of him and took a step backwards “You make dinner, I’m going to go get ready for our first dinner with our parents as a married couple”

She turned around to leave but Yousef grabbed her hand to stop her. He pulled her closer to him gently and kissed her one more time

“Ugh, just go” she said laughing and she pushed him slightly

He winked at her and finally went to their bedroom to change into some fancy clothes.


“How’s dinner going?” Sana said as she entered the kitchen almost an hour later.

She was finishing pinning her red hijab as Yousef, who was cooking, turned around with a spoon full of sauce in his hand.

Yousef’s mouth literally dropped as he saw his wife standing there. Two weeks of marriage, almost 7 years dating, and he still was amazed by Sana’s beauty every single time. She was wearing, or almost wearing since she had one more pin left in her hand, a red hijab, a black t-shirt with white stripes on her sleeves and white leggings. He stared at her, not remembering the fact that he was still holding a spoon with sauce in his hand. Before he could do anything about it half of the sauce in it fell into his white shirt

“Yousef! Be careful” she said as she walked over to him making him refocus. “Look at the mess you made in your shirt”

She took the spoon from his hand and placed it on the counter along with the pin she had been holding. Then she grabbed a wet cloth and tried to get the stain out of Yousef’s shirt.

“Didn’t you see that you had that in your hand?” she asked

“I was blinded by your beauty” he said sincerely

Sana looked up at him and shook her head

“What? It’s true” he said shrugging

“It doesn’t seem like it’s going to work” she said still wiping the sauce out of his shirt “You’ll have to change”

“Or I can go shirtless, since you liked that look that much”

She rolled her eyes and stepped away from him just as the song he had been listening to changed into Old school by Urban Cone

Yousef flashed a huge smile at Sana and before she could do anything about it he took her hand and placed his other hand on her waist making her sway to the rhythm of the music.

“I’m not dancing” Sana warned him

But Yousef didn’t listen, he kept making them move to the beat. Sana tried to contain the laugh but as soon as he made her twirl around she couldn’t help it anymore. He was such a dork, what kind of person starts to dance in the kitchen? But he was her dork and she couldn’t be happier about it. Eventually she gave up and enjoyed the dance smiling as he sang to the lyrics.

“Everything that I do is to love you old school, let me love you old school” he sang as he moved his head to the beat making her laugh again.

They were at the second chorus, now even Sana was singing, when Sana’s phone beeped with a text message from her mom.

“They’re almost here. Apparently they ran into your parents on their way here and they’re coming together” Sana said as she read the text

“Perfect” Yousef said nodding

He looked at her and noticed that something was missing. He took the pin Sana had left on the counter and walked over to her gently taking the strand of her hijab that was loose and holding it with the pin as he had seen her doing so many times during these past weeks. Sana smiled fondly at him, he was looking at her so tenderly, it made her heart melt. He placed his hand on her cheek and brushed his thumb softly against it making her shiver. She wetted her lips and closed the distance between them to kiss him gently. They both smiled against each other’s lips before parting away.

“Hey” she whispered “we just had our first dance in the kitchen as a married couple”

His lips curved into a huge grin that matched the one on her face. He kissed her forehead as the doorbell rang.

“This is just the beginning, prepare to be dancing every day” he whispered as he took her hand and led the way to open the door

“Sounds good”


Prompt: hey i know you have lots of work and lots of promps but… I’ve had that idea in which yousana is just married and they invite family over and yousef is cooking and sana is just looking at him eating a carrot and yousef starts signing or dancing (smth like evak famous scene) and sana is just blushing and rolling her eyes but eventually she gets caught in the moment. (sorry, I forgot about the carrot part but I still hope you like it)

I know I said I was going to write Yousef’s and Sana’s parents in this chapter but once I started writing this I couldn’t stop and well, I decided to leave it at that. I promise I will write something with Yousana and Yousef’s family since lots of you have asked me that.

A HUGE thank you to @stressedoutteenager for helping me with the song since I suck at picking songs and she has an excellent taste in music. Thank you so much♥

Also I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to update this multichapter, I promise I’ll try to post more often

Thank you for reading!!♥

witch seokjin

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  • guess what this is the first thing i’ve never typed so like, i was literally sitting in trig right, writing in a notebook
  • i love this blog and i wanna update more often and my education isn’t worth it
  • jk it is
  • my mom and me are fighting over this very topic lmao
  • who even needs trig
  • okay but this one im super stoked about?
  • like think of cute witch seokjin with a huge black hat atop his head and he has a huge robe that he always ends up tripping over right?
  • also!! earrings bcuz seokjin and earrings is my weakness?
  • so he has the two in his left ear and the bottom one is a hoop like the cool mental ones all them wear and the second on is a cute lil cobweb
  • he also really loved wearing long shirts with black and white striped leggings because wowow his legs are killer
  • also has a bunch of cute hand knife scarves
  • he loves wearing his hat around because it’s super cute and he loves being a witch
  • except guess what people can be rude and so a lot of the time he just wears the hat at home
  • he owns a little tea shop and the upstairs is his little apartment
  • his home is super decorated like he has lots of random gems and crystals everywhere and a crystal ball in the kitchen and a lot of oriental rugs hanging up in door frames instead of actual doors
  • he has a black cat too who follows him around religiously
  • her name is broomhilda btw and she is beautiful
  • and yes jin does have a broom and when the moon is full he’ll go on midnight joyrides
  • okay but the tea shop
  • jin’s strong point is potions
  • he’s not very good at spell casting (having once turned jeongguk into a bunny when he went to turn his hair navy blue)
  • he’s not very good with magical beasts honestly one time a unicorn almost bit his hand off and that was just a unicorn
  • but wow boy knows how to make potions, it’s just like cooking to him, with the only difference being some funky ingredients,,,
  • he can make a potion for anything though
  • like you’re throwing up butterflies because god only knows why? jin can make something for that
  • you can’t get over your lousy ex boyfriend? well jin can make something for fix that one up too and make you feel much better
  • and the best part is that his teas taste really super good and everyone constantly raves about how delicious everything he makes is!!
  • to which he gets all blushy and shy and hides behind his hands
  • okay anyway
  • you love seokjin’s tea shop!
  • like you are always there, chilling in the back of the corner of the lil shop, reading your book or sketching or playing your DS or whatever, while sipping your herbal tea of course
  • and broomhilda always chills on your lap and seokjin constantly has heart eyes because that cat absolutely despises everyone but him
  • the more you come to the cafe, the more jin finds himself falling harder and harder for you
  • like you’re just so cute?
  • just chilling there on the armchair, curled up, broomhilda purring happily
  • seokjin thinks it’s so cute how you react to your book (because it’s usually a book you bring yah?) like when you get excited you kick your feet and chant to yourself under your breath
  • or when you’re upset you’ll pout your bottom lip out and slam the book closed
  • jin is so shy to talk to you though
  • he wants to whip himself up a confidence booster potion but gosh he’s too shy to even attempt that
  • unlike you’ll come up to the counter and smile at him and goon he’s dead, like he’s melting right then and there
  • like one time okay
  • you’ve ordered your drink and you’re sitting in your chair right??
  • seokjin is organizing his tea leaves in his color coded jars
  • “um excuse me seokjin?”
  • he drops the pink jaebum to the ground and it shatters into a million pieces because he was so surprised you spoke to him and called him by his name??
  • he spins around so awkwardly like his shoulders are tended up and he’s trying to keep a straight face but he’s about to smile and his face is as red as the apples sitting in the bowl on the back counter
  • “uh got jar”
  • “it’s okay!!” he manages to squeak out “i’ll clean it up later!!”
  • you nod slowly but give a tiny smile “i just um, i got a papercut and i was wondering if you had a bandaid”
  • he does
  • they have cute baby ghosts on them
  • he takes your finger and gingerly wraps it up
  • you glance up at him and you never really realized how gorgeous he is up close
  • his eyes are brighter than your future tbh
  • i’m kidding
  • anyway his lashes are long and beautiful
  • and his lips are so full that you kinda just wanna lean up and kiss them
  • you two are standing there, silently, staring at each other, him still holding onto your hand
  • and he kinda blurts out “i like seeing you around, if you drop by again maybe i can come and sit with you a bit or something??”
  • and your cheeks get all rosy and you hide behind your sleeves because what a babe?
  • “you could just sit with me now you know”
  • after that seokjin joins you whenever business has slowed down and you two sit and talk about everything and anything
  • you find out he’s super interested in botany and plants but he’s also super into history and he gets super duper excited when talking about the egyptians especially because he thinks their mythology is the coolest and he absolutely loves how fascinated they were by magic
  • sometimes you’ll ask him why his tea is so good and he’ll just give you an innocent smile and shrug
  • but really it’s like magic or something (you don’t say)
  • like one day you come into the the shop and there were dark bags under your eyes and your hair was in horrible disarray and you had your shirt on backwards
  • and jin goes into panic mode because you look awful and that worries him more than it should
  • you lean up on the counter and broomhilda comes over and licks your face and that gets you laughing a bit
  • “jeez seokjin, you think these nightmares would be gone by now…”
  • “nightmares? wait i could find you something for that”
  • he tells you to sit and meanwhile he ducks into the kitchen
  • when he emerges like fifteen minutes later he has a huge midnight blue jaebum filled with a mixture of leave and various other ingredients you can’t decipher
  • he’s also holding a little charm that looks like a z but with two more lines both above and below the bottom and top of the z
  • like two lines under the top of the z and two lines above the bottom of the z
  • “here these will help…” and he’s all bashful and shy as he hands them over
  • you pull out your wallet to pay and he immediately shakes his head and in a moment of wild confidence he says “make it up to me for joining for dinner tonight?”
  • and you of course get even more blushy and you stammer and smile and nod and he’s blushing too and both of you are both awkwardly trying to talk to each other but it’s not going so well because you’re trying to talk but then you but then you interrupt one another
  • but his shop is about to close anyway and he closes a little earlier than usual and is like “we’re just going upstairs i hope that’s okay,,,”
  • he smiles all shyly when opening the door up for you because his place is such a mess and maybe even a little sketch
  • like what if you think he’s part of an occult or something??
  • seokjin isn’t an occult member
  • he doesn’t even have chairs like legit an array of cushions dot the floor and he gets all embarrassed because it’s not usually a problem, hoseok likes pillows cause they remind him of clouds, jeongguk is too uncivilized for chairs anyhow, tae is always floating anyway, yoongi sleeps half the time, jimin is too kind to complain, and namjoon is used to pillows, seeing as how he used to be carried around on one
  • did i just hint at the other members
  • spooky
  • “i um could maybe-”
  • but you’re one the purple one already and you sigh in content because it’s so warm and snuggly?
  • you start to play with the tassels but then glance to your right and it’s a book of spells and you go to pick it up and seokjin panics and immediately coughs and draws attention to himself
  • “dinner??”
  • you put the back down and follow him into the kitchen and while you’re staring at the crystal ball he’s desperately trying to cram toadstool and and canned hyena laughs into a cupboard
  • “can you read your fortunes?!”
  • you’re smiling so wide and you seem so amazed and seokjin doesn’t want to pass up on the opportunity to impress you so e motions you to sit and he sits across from you
  • he rests his hand on the crystal and asks you to do the same and you do and your fingers are touching and he’s so blushy and jittery!!
  • he mumbles some latin under his breath like idk “sic semper tyrannis” to sound all spooky
  • your breath hitches in your throat as smokes spirals around within the crystal
  • jin’s voice gets ominously low and he says “i see a handsome man in your future”
  • you blink then smile a bit but then he adds “oh wait that’s just my reflection, never mind”
  • you roll your eyes but smile wider anyhow because that wouldn’t be half bad
  • he says he has a premade pizza he’ll bake up real quick and you nod but then you’re like wait bathroom? and he directs you down the hall
  • you come back though after a few minutes
  • and seokjin is exposed
  • he dropped a plate or something and he has a broom sweeping up the mess on its own, by magic of course, while he uses magic to open the oven while he instead sets the table
  • everything comes to a screeching halt when you gulp though
  • he looks at you and his eyes go wide as saucers and he shakes his head and then covers his mouth and then rushes to try and stand in front of the broom as if that’s gonna help or something
  • “whoa seokjin are you a-”
  • “don’t say warlock, it sounds so crotchety and gross”
  • you giggle “okay… so a witch?”
  • he nods shyly and poofs his hat into his hands, and places it on his head
  • you blush a little because he can really rock that
  • he tells you to sit at the table which is really a little cardboard box surrounded by cushions
  • and he allows you to ask him whatever your little heart so desires about him and you’re so innocently curious and he finds this so adorable
  • also the fact you’re not scared away or phased melts his heart and he’s like yup this is the one
  • you guys eat your pizza and he jokingly tells you that there’s snails and puppy tails hidden in the crust
  • he also!! also let’s you wear the witch hat and wow he’s smitten by the sight
  • okay but you guys finish dinner and he takes you on a tour of the house and he shows you his cauldron and some cool ancient artifacts and hexes and whatever he’s collected throughout the years
  • ahh he grabs a special charm right it’s a crescent moon on its back so it’s like a smile with three tear drops hanging from it, two on the ends and one in the middle okay
  • and it’s on a necklace and he brushes the hair from your neck and he gently ties it around your neck yah??
  • like his breath is warm against your skin and he’s practically pushed up against you and wowow you’re gonna die
  • “i guess it’s okay to give this to you? because i want you to be safe and be taken care of anD HAVE A GOOD LIFE”
  • he gets all embarrassed and you laugh a bit but your face is burning just as bad as his is,,,
  • okay but then he gets this glorious idea right he’s like wowow jin you are so smooth you are quite the charmer
  • he says he wants to show you something super special that only you have ever witnessed before!!
  • your hearts speeds up because what?? only you?? out of all people?? jin wants to show you??
  • you get all excited and tag behind him like a puppy as he leads you back downstairs and out back
  • and would you guess it, there’s his broom
  • your eyes get all wide and you just stare at it because it’s not even a witch broom, it’s like a swiffer
  • you giggle and he gets all !! “it’s the only one they had left!”
  • but he motions you over and within moments he gets the thing levitating
  • without a chance to think about it, you hop on and he climbs on behind you and he wraps his arms around your waist
  • your eyes get all wide for the third time that night but you snuggle up to him and he’s so surprised he nearly falls off the side of the broom
  • but with a few words in a language you’ve never heard, the broom is up in the air and you squeal a little bit and he laughs at this
  • the wind blows through your hair and nips at your skin and you reach out the touch the stars, and the faster you go, the smaller the world below you appears
  • like it’s just stars soon and you swear you must be dreaming or something becase you’re actually flying?
  • you know you’re going incredibly fast but it’s like all time has stopped for you, you can’t even come to grip with reality in that moment
  • after you’ve soared around town, seokjin takes you to his favorite spot which is above the lake in the middle of the forest because he can see the reflection of the stars and moon, but also be right amongst them
  • he doesn’t move his arms from around your waist though and you don’t actually mind
  • nothing has ever felt more right
  • you turn to thank him but you find jin already staring down at you
  • he apologizes and gets all red
  • but you shake your head and quickly press your lips to his
  • you pull away after a mere moment though and jin is toon stunned to do anything but gape
  • but then he wakes from his stupor and kisses you back
  • you cup his face in your hands and you two spend the night finding constellations and stealing kisses
  • when he finally flies you back to earth, it’s way too dark and late for you to walk home so he kinda just suggests you stay the night
  • of course you say yes how could you resist the puppy eyes and the cute lil pout
  • he lends you some of his clothes to sleep in and then ushers you into his room which is literally another cushion fort with seventy two million blankets
  • you snuggle yourself in the pile and he immediately flops down beside you
  • and then cuddles up to you and pulls you into his arms because he’s like a teddy bear don’t lie to yourself
  • “you won’t have any bad dreams with me around…” he whispers into your ear before you doze off
  • and he’s right, you don’t
  • because all you can dream about is your future with the cutest little witch on the face of the planet
Stay the night with me - JB Fluff/Smut

Originally posted by sugaglos

Description: JB ends up scaring you too much and decides he wants to make it up to you.

Warning: Bondage, Swearing, spanking, Dominate

Words: 1,845

This was a request by an anon and I may have gotten a tad carried away because JB is such a bias wrecker for me and this gif playing over and over is not helping. Oh well I hope you enjoy anon and others. Welp i’ll be packing my luggage for hell now.

          You woke up in the morning feeling as groggy and disgusting as per usual working a late night shift and just coming home and crashing. However you knew your boyfriend JB of got7 was returning from promotions from the new comeback today so you at least wanted to look somewhat classy. You walked over to your closet to see what type of cute clothing you could match up. You were kinda feeling the lazy yet cute thing but you didn’t know how to approach it so you grabbed some leggings, black and white striped top, with a navy green jacket, and some boots. Then you headed out the door to the got7 dorm.

          You were given given a spare key by JB and decided to let yourself in. You were then greeted by a happy little coco at the door jumping at your feet wanting attention. You picked coco up decided to give cute little kisses to coco’s head while coco gave little ones back. When you done saying hi to coco you put coco down. Then there was something you noticed about the atmosphere. It was quiet. I mean not that it was a bad thing but you could always at least hear Jackson and BamBam arguing while playing a video game. “Hello!!!” you called but you were awarded with nothing but an echo throughout the dorm. You came to see if anybody was in the kitchen.

          Suddenly you were picked up from your ankles and swung over someone’s shoulder. You’re mind went immediately into panic mode. You started screaming and kicking “PUT ME DOWN!!!… STOP!!! …HELP SOMEONE!!!… PLEASE PUT ME DOWN!!!!”. Coco was barking at them but you still couldn’t recognize who it was. Suddenly you heard coco stop barking and the atmosphere relax despite you still not being calm. You could tell they were concerned as they gently put you down and you looked down at the floor until they finally spoke. “Y/N I’m sorry did I hurt you?”. You’re mind finally clicked and recognized who’s voice it was, it was JB’s. He lifted your chin and looked deeply into your eyes and wiped away your tears with his thumb then he pulled you into a gentle embrace. “Y/N I truly am sorry I hope I didn’t scare you terribly I didn’t mean to make you cry.” he said. You looked up at him and saw the true sorry in his eyes. “ To make it up to you let’s get your stuff at your house and you can stay the night and I’ll chase the guys out for tonight okay?” he says “Okay.” you say with a smirk and a sniffle.

          The night had been pretty cute with a couple of heated make out sessions here and there but it was eventually starting to get boring. JB was on his phone and so were you. You looked over at him he seemed pretty zoned in on a article he was reading you clicked your phone off and set it on the night stand and turned to him. “JB” you said with a mischievous smile. “Mmm” he said back as a response still involved in the article. Clearly he wasn’t paying attention so it was time for you to get his attention. You started kissing his cheek then further down to his neck. You looked at him, still no reaction. You decided it was go big or go home. You’re hand sneaked past his pecs and abs that you could still feel between your hand and the cloth. Your hand reached his crotch and you looked up to see if he any reaction facial wise because you definitely felt him tense when you reached his clothed crotch. Nothing. Alright so if touching it between the clothing didn’t work actually touching it had to do the trick. Just as you were about to stick your hand into his pants he grabbed your wrist. 

         You looked up in shock to see a mischievously smiling JB looking down at you. “Are we really that needy for me right now?” he says. You smile shyly but still nod your head. “Well I guess i’ll have to help my princess out with that won’t I?” he says as he rolls over on top of you. He quickly breaks into a kiss with you that was super passionate. He runs his tongue along your bottom lip asking for entrance and you quickly oblige with need. Your tongues are dancing together fighting for dominance and like per usual he wins, dominating you completely. He soon breaks away from the kiss and starts leaving kisses down your neck. You couldn’t help but moan and lean your head back in pleasure exposing your neck to him giving him access to your sweet spot. You could feel him mischievously smile against your neck as he reached your sweet spot and roughly sucked on it causing you to moan again. You knew there would definitely be a mark tomorrow.

          You started pulling at the hem of his shirt he quickly leaned up onto his knees and pulled it off. It was then you saw the glory that was his newly defined abs. I mean you knew he was working out more because of the comeback and promotions but DAMN! You had never seen him this ripped. It was then that you noticed how you had been staring a tad too long as JB looked down at you a little confused. “Are you liking what you’re seeing?” he asks. You giggle and cover your face a little embarrassed. He pulls your hand away and laughs into a kiss. It’s not long however until he is back at you neck again before making you moan again. “You know what I like to see?” JB asks into your neck. “Hm” you say back in an almost whine. “This.” he says as he takes your panties and pants off in one shot throwing them somewhere around the room. You gasp as the cold air hit your wet slit. 

          You close your legs quickly to avoid getting more cold air on your wet slit. However he quickly opens your legs back open again and put hands together above your head. “ Stay like this” he says as he walks over to the dresser and grabs one of his ties. He takes his pants off leaving him just in his boxers. He then crawls over to you on the bed on his knees quickly taking off your shirt and bra and putting your hands back above your head and tying them to the headboard. He proceeds to spreading your legs again and placing them over his shoulders as he kisses down your thigh making you whine with need. He soon gets his face close to your heat. You whimper with need. JB obliges and dives into your heat drawing small yet fast circles around your clit. You throw your head back with a loud moan. He continues his assault for about a minute you honestly had no idea how long you were going to hold on. Then pulls away quickly making you whimper. “ I think that it’s time I return the favor.” you say biting your lip seductively. 

         He stands up and off the bed followed by you also after he untied your hands from the headboard. You rub your wrists a bit but decide to continue with your job. You get down on your knees slowly making sure to look up at him all the way down. He looks down at you with pure lust as you pull down his boxers. You eyes couldn’t help but widen slightly at the sight of his length. You start by slowly licking up his length making him throw his head back. “Y/N!” he says through his teeth as you take him fully into your mouth making his length reach the back of your throat causing you to gag. He quickly takes your hair into a fist and starts fucking your mouth hard. You gag multiple times and you swear you could feel tears welling up in your eyes but you didn’t care he was enjoying himself so you just tried to relax your throat for him. You began to hear him reaching his climax as his moans began to get louder. Before he could reach his climax however, he pulled out of your mouth with a loud popping noise. He leaned down and kissed you roughly tasting himself on your lips. You both moaned into the kiss.

         He picked you up bridal style then throwing you down on the bed and immediately adjusting himself at your entrance. He leaned up to roughly kiss you as he pushed into you roughly causing you to moan into the kiss loudly. He pulls away from the kiss to say something. “You like that don’t you?” he says through a grunt. You manage to whimper back as a response. “DON’T YOU!” he says to you as he lifts your leg over his shoulder finding the perfect angle hitting your g-spot. “YES JB YES I DO!” you scream. Well damn you didn’t know you were a screamer but damn you couldn’t help it he was making you feel so damn good. He smiled at you mischievously as he began to pound into you faster and spanking your ass hard. You tensing up made you both moan loudly simultaneously as the pain and sting and him fucking you made feel your climax approaching. “ FUCK Y/N YOU’RE SO DAMN TIGHT!” he says more to the room than you. You soon start to feel the biggest orgasm build that you swear you have ever had in your whole life. You scream his name. “SHIT… UGH…FUCK Y/N!” he screams as you wrap tighter around him actually even squirting. 

           He shortly comes right after you filling you with his seed. He then falls right next to you. After you both had caught your breath he started to speak. “Y/N you squirted.” he says to you. You look up at him in shock. “No I did not, I never have ever JB! I would have obviously felt it JB.” you say back with attitude. He lifts his eyebrow and points to his stomach where the evidence was clear. The clear liquid covered his stomach. You open your eyes wide in shock and red blushed cheeks earning a giggle from him.“OMG JB I’M SO SORRY!” You say getting up to the bathroom to grab a towel to clean him up only to be pulled back into the bed by your wrist and into his arms where you could feel the stickiness of the sweat and the liquid between you two however you didn’t really particularly care. “Y/N do you think I really care if anything I’m proud of myself.” he says with a smirk and giggle making you blush at his words. “ No need to get cocky JB.” you say slapping his chest. He laughs and kisses your forehead. “Goodnight Y/N” JB says as you both drift off to sleep.