black and white re runs

Tell You Mine

‘We are sharing a hospital room, and somehow you find out how I injured myself and I am so embarrassed because the way I hurt myself is pretty humiliating, but then you start telling me how you ended up in hospital and I am crying with laughter please stop telling me this story, it hurts when I laugh, wait did you just say I look pretty when I laugh?’ au

“So, what are you in for?” The pink haired man in the bed parallel to hers asked, eyeing her body up and down. If she had not been confined to this hospital bed, her leg up in a sling and her adjacent arm in the same state, Lucy may have had the nerve to be offended by how his dark eyes lingered for far too long.

But, after an hour of listening to his snores as the nurses moved her bed next to his, unable to retrieve the remote from under his messy blankets without disturbing him, Lucy vowed to be nice and respectful to set a decent example for him to follow.

So far, little progress has been made.

“Oi, Luigi-” The man began, his own leg in a sling and most of his body in bandages. Lucy assumed he was a burn victim; a tragic victim of some horrible accident that made hers seem small in comparison.

“It’s Lucy.” She corrected patiently with a sigh, watching the black and white re-runs of I Love Lucy play on the television.

The irony was missed by her oblivious roommate.

“Whatever.” He snorted with a grin as she shot a very unamused glare in his direction, “Why are you in here?” He demanded with curious eyes on her bandages, some mild concern laced in his features as she shifted and winced.

“Uh…cause this bed was assigned to me?” She replied dumbly, squinting at him with serious worry about his mental capacity at the moment. Did he get a concussion as well? Poor soul.

Natsu was his name, as the sticker on the intravenous fluid bag told her of his birth date and many other facts about him. He had said so himself as well, but Lucy had been far more concerned with the settings on her bed and the fluffing of her pillows with her spine. Not so polite on her own end, but she digressed.

He gave her deadpan look, rolling his eyes as he seemed to shift gears with her more sarcastic side. “No, you weirdo. What are you doing in the hospital? Are those breaks or-?” He trailed off, dark eyes flicking to hers in question.

Strange how he was far more concerned with why she was here than how. Lucy wasn’t going to ask anyway. Her reason for her injuries was far too embarrassing.

“Uh, just some sprains. I’m in here for two days, tops, while my slings come in.”

When the pink haired man just stared for a moment, raising his brows in question when she said no more, Lucy realized he wanted more information. Like how.

After a moment more of silence, he smirked and whispered, “Tell you mine if you tell me yours~.” Sealing the deal with a devilish wink, Lucy decided she might as well. Natsu seemed like the type to bother and bug until he gets his answers. Two days of him knowing couldn’t be worse than two days of pestering, right?

“Promise you won’t laugh?” Her voice was small and frail, hesitating on the story that may or may not be the absolute dumbest way to get put in a hospital. Really, she had been so embarrassed that she had not even called her friends yet. That was something in itself!

Natsu pursed his lips but nodded all the same. With a deep and heavy sigh, Lucy regarded him a second longer before she wove the events from hours before.

“So I take my dog, Plue, for a walk every day to the dog park. He likes to lay in the clovers there and stuff. Today, I couldn’t find my running shoes anywhere and he was whining pathetically because he was going to explode from pee in my house if I didn’t hurry.” Lucy paused, knowing the small pup had done nothing wrong, but still felt like he had plotted mutiny against her.

“So…I…uhm…used my roller-blades instead.”

Instantly, the man’s cheeks puffed out as he nearly went cross-eyed in a hard struggle not to laugh. His face blotched many shades of red as he quivered in his bed, wincing from the wraps that pulled at his chest.

He could already see the end result.

Heavily embarrassed by her terrible choice that led to her demise, Lucy looked to her lap with burning eyes as her golden hair shielded her face. “H-He saw a squirrel a-and…”

Loud, booming laughter echoed around the room and down the silent halls. It was over. He was going to mock her relentlessly. Biting her lip to stifle a sob, Lucy’s shoulders quivered as she felt the first few tears begin to trail down her cheeks.

The blonde was only mildly aware of the dying laughter and the uncomfortable silence that pursued. Then, Natsu cleared his throat, drawing her watery eyes towards him.

At her tears, he frowned before a small smile came to his features.

“My flat needed renovations and I’m too stubborn to have my cousins help me.” He started lightly, chuckling and shrugging with a grimace. “They can be dicks and make my toilets explode or some low crap like that.” A reason that he seemed wholeheartedly set in, judging by the tense grit of his jaw.

Intrigued, Lucy watched as her sobs stilled while the strange man began to attempt to relay his tale without being able to use hand gestures.

“I have this cat named Happy and he’s still a damn kitten at heart so I still find cat toys all around the apartment. Anyway, he has this ball of yarn that he carries up the stairs to bed each night but he leaves it around the place during the day.” Pausing to check if he still had her attention, he gave her a completely childish grin before continuing.

“Well, I had to carry boxes of things from upstairs to the living room to renovate my bed room…and I have a collection of dragon figurines. Like, metal ones, steam punk ones, crystal carved ones, ones crafted out of old saw blades-”

Oh, Lucy thought with horror, brown eyes wide at the list of things. Then, she smiled slightly, already getting a picture in her mind.

But Natsu didn’t stop like she had.

“Anyways, the little twerp managed to tangle the yarn at the top of the stairs and-”

Lucy started laughing. She burst out into giggles and hard chortles that hurt her stomach and made her wish she didn’t have to call a nurse for help to a bedpan.

He grinned at her laughter, adding lightly, “To make matters worse, the little shit tripped me, watched me stumble with the box, and sat there when my feet tangled on the yarn, knocking me down the stairs with dragon figurines raining down upon me like doomsday.”

Her bladder revolted and she desperately tried to calm her giggles so she did not wet the bed. Tears of joy fell down her face as she pictured the event, Natsu squawking as he rolled down stairs with his legs bound by yarn and dragons falling down everywhere.

He only watched her with a smile, speaking softly with warm eyes, “You look pretty when you laugh.”

The blonde woman paused her laughter to blink at him in shock, and finally he seemed to realize what just came from his mouth.

“Uh…geez, what kinda person uses roller blades to walk a dog?!” He croaked, flushing and looking away towards the window, stubbornly ignoring her teasing about the ‘cat-astrophe’ he endured and how it must be hard for him to get tangled in the yarn of fate.

Likewise, Lucy understood that she would be here for a couple of days and though she was certain their pets were trying to kill them, she had never been more thankful to have met someone like her strange roommate.