black and white polka dot bikini


“Y/N!” Dean shouts as he storms out of the room, walking hurriedly down the hallway.

“Y\N!!” He shouts louder this time. “Y/-” Dean stumbles with something and trips. He falls down to the floor doing an awkward barrel roll when he encounters the few steps leading to the library. A sort of growl escapes his mouth. “Sonovabitch!”

Dean looks up and his eyes meet Sam’s, surprised and holding in a laugh. “Don’t!” Dean warns pointing a finger at his younger brother.

“I wasn’t gonna.” Sam lifts his big hands in the air.

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Sherlock and the Beach.

This was inspired by Mrs.Moriarty’s imagine, which you can see right here!

Enjoy this silly little oneshot!

Made By: Mrs.Holmes.

“Sherlock, you can’t wear your trench coat to the beach.” You tell your boyfriend as he slips on his thick black trench coat.
“Why not?” He asks, flipping up the collar.
“You’ll get heatstroke, and it’s the beach, it’ll just have sand all over it.” You explain, looking at your high waisted blue and white polka dotted bikini in the mirror.
“You’re not wearing that are you?” John asks Sherlock, stepping into the room wearing some blue swim trunks.
“I told you!” You tell Sherlock, turning around to look at him.
“It’ll get sand all over it.” John remarks, saying the exact same thing as you.
“Am I supposed to look ridiculous like you?” Sherlock asks rudely to John, referring to John’s swim trunks.
“You’re just being mean because you can’t do your cool collar up thing.”
Sherlock only looked at you pointedly before taking off his coat in defeat.
“And no black slacks and dress shirt either.” You tell him, a smile appearing on your face at his reaction.
“What the hell am I supposed to wear then?” Sherlock asks, clearly very annoyed at the dress code that came with visiting the beach.
“I already told you, swim trunks. I bought you some black ones.” You say simply, walking over to your suitcase and pulling out some black swim shorts.
“I hate them.” Sherlock says with distaste.
John only chuckles in the background about the exchange as you say,
“You hate everything.”

About an hour and a half later you had finally all arrived at the beach, emphasis on finally.
Sherlock kept arguing about the attire and when you had finally shut him down on that subject he moved on to how filthy beaches were.
Finally you just told him that you and John would go together and leave him there, you even threw something in about talking to other men.
That was all he needed to be convinced that he had to go with John and yourself.
“I don’t understand why you like this.” Sherlock complains, walking alongside you, his hand hooked in yours.
You ignored him easily and turned to John,
“John, you’ll definitely find a date here, it’s packed!” You joke, sending him a humorous wink.
Sherlock groans in annoyance for you to pay attention to him and you only squeeze his hand to get him to shut up.
“It’s too hot.” He complains, turning to you for you to respond.
“It’s supposed to be like that, darling.” You laugh, walking down the steps to the sand.
“See, it’s beautiful!” You exclaim, pointing to the blue water that came to the shore in foamy waves.
“Yes, great.” Sherlock sighs.
“Don’t be such a downer, it gets boring.” John retorts, spying a picnic table easily and walking towards it to set all of the stuff down.
“Come to the water with me.” You tell Sherlock, slipping off your dress cover up and taking off your flip flops and starting to drag Sherlock to the shoreline.
“No, no, no, no.” He protests, even though he still let you lead him to the water.
When you got him to have his feet in the water he just stared at the sand.
“Different than England beaches, right?” You smile at him, your arm now hooked with his.
“Why do people enjoy this?” He asks you again, now looking out to the sea.
“You’ll have fun, I promise.” You assure him, unhooking your arm from his and starting to run deeper into the water.
“What are you doing?!” Sherlock calls to you, you could hear him running after you as you ran farther into the ocean.
“Come and catch me!” You shout back, letting the waves hit you as you ran through them.
You ran for only a couple seconds more but stopped when you heard only your feet running through the water.
About just above your belly button in water you stood still and looked around for Sherlock, seeing absolutely no sign of him.
“Sherlock?” You call out over the loud crashes of the waves, you looked out to the shore and saw John already speaking to a woman, making her laugh.
You would have smiled but were too immersed in trying to locate Sherlock.
“This isn’t funny!” You call out, crossing your arms over your chest as you hold yourself still against the crashing waves, looking down into the water only to see nothing.
You continue to look and jump when you feel something brush your leg, probably seaweed.
You start to walk a bit, your worry over your missing boyfriend increasing.
But your search was interrupted as you were under the water, you instinctively held your breath and tried to keep your eyes open to see what was going on but felt the sting of the salt immediately.
You tried to swim away, thrashing your arms and legs violently but found that your waist was being held back by two human arms, two familiar human arms.
“Sherlock!” You try to scream under water, only producing bubbles as you start to punch Sherlock as he lifts you up from the water.
“I hate you!” You breathe out, catching your breath as Sherlock throws you over his shoulder and brings you back to the sand, laying you down on the towel you had set up.
“You told me to have fun.” Sherlock defends, laying down next to you.
“Yes, I told you to have fun, Not try and drown me!” You exclaim, turning on your side to look at him better.
“You really should take some self defense classes, your attempt to escape was extremely weak.” He comments, throwing an arm over your waist to pull you closer.
“You’re so mean to me.” You laugh, snuggling up to his chest.
“I could have died.” You tell him matter-of-factly.
“I would have saved you.” He points out.
“You were the one trying to kill me.” You argue.
He completely ignores your comment and says, “I’ll always save you.”


  • Niall: You walked outside to meet him at the hotel pool. He looked up at you the second you called his name, and was immediately taken aback by your bikini. "Woah," he muttered to himself. "Can you rub sunscreen on my back?" you asked, taking a seat next to him. "Erm, s-sure," he replied, taking the sunscreen. As he moved his hands on your upper back, he whispered into your ear, "You look hot in this bikini." You giggled at his response and he quickly pulled you into the pool, unable to take his hands off you. When you got into the pool, he began to undo your bikini strap. "Niall! We're in public," you whisper-shouted. He shrugged at you and kissed your lips, moving down your neck.
  • Zayn: You walked onto the boat and took off your dress, revealing a black bikini. Zayn's eyes quickly scanned over your body and you knew he liked what he saw. He walked over to you and put his hands on your hips, kissing you on the lips. "Well hello to you too," you said, smiling. "I like this," he said, gesturing towards your bikini. You laughed and pulled him over to sit down, putting your legs over his lap and kissing his neck. "Fuck," he muttered as his hands moved over your barely-covered bum.
  • Harry: You walked out to the pool of your LA vacation home, sporting a very skimpy bikini. Normally, you wouldn't wear something so revealing. However since it was only the two of you, you decided you should just wear it. "Wow Y/N, you look really fit," he said, walking over to you. "I guess," you shrugged. "You really do," he assured you, pulling you into the pool. He automatically pushed you against the pool wall, kissing your neck achingly slow. "Harry," you moaned, tilting your head back. He ran his hands from the back of your thighs up to your back, undoing your bikini. "Pool sex," he muttered as he kissed your jawline, taking off your bikini top.
  • Liam: He saw you in the pool swimming around by yourself and decided to join you. "Hey babes," he said, swimming over to you and grabbing your waist. "Hey," you said, smiling. "Why'd you come in here without me?" he asked. You shrugged, and put your hands on his chest. You backed him into the pool wall and kissed his neck. "What's gotten into you?" he asked, smiling down at you. "You look good shirtless," you said and he giggled. He tightened his grip on your waist and pulled you closer, kissing you deeper. You felt his hands go flat on your bum and moaned as he gave it a light squeeze.
  • Louis: You were laying on one of the pool chairs, trying to get a tan in before you went back to the UK. "I think that's my favourite bikini on you," he said, sitting down next to you. "Is it?" you asked, smiling. He rubbed his hand up and down your stomach as he lied down next to you. "I'm trying to tan," you whined, taking hold of his hand and setting it on next to you. "Why? You look good enough," he said, kissing from your ear down. He grabbed your side of the waist opposite to him and pulled you closer, kissing down the side of your neck. You sighed and giggled, giving him a kiss on the lips instead.

anonymous asked:

heyy do you have any recommendations for cheap summer clothes? preferably from places that ship worldwide ty

I would love to recommend you some clothing! I really need to stop shopping for myself and start shopping for other people lol

Tops: embroidered tank, tropical zip front tank, basic white tank, you can’t sit with us tank, patterned layered cami, seafoam embroidered cami, spaghetti strap chiffon tank, floral kimono

Dresses: cross front skater dress, vintage print dress (i am dying to get this!), halter vintage print dress (this should be coming next week ahhh), floral printed dress, mesh insert t-shirt dress

Skirts: black lace skirt, blue tribal print maxi skirt, polka dot skirt, floral empire skirt, silver bodycon skirt, denim skirt, striped asymmetrical skirt, zigzag maxi skirt, daisy skirt

Shorts: drawstring boho shorts, denim shorts, floral loose shorts, studded shorts, graphic print shorts, sunflower shorts, high waisted denim shorts, ombre shorts, lace shorts

Swimsuits: neoprene bikini, striped bikini, bandeau neoprene bikini (looks like a triangl and is free with an order of 39$ or more!), star print one piece, crochet bikini

Rompers: fast food romper (it’s so cute omg), watercolor cut out romper, overalls, pastel tie-dye romper, pineapple two piece set, crochet detail romper


This is another one for the XF Writing Challenge. Prompt: Clothes. I decided to use this one in conjunction with another idea I had. I took about an hour on this one and listened to Tom Petty (since it’s become a tradition for me to say how long I took and what I listened to).


As Scully drove the Texas highway, her mind kept going back to the contents of her bag, now sitting in the trunk of the rental car next to Mulder’s. Inside it were some variations of the  clothes she usually took with her on a case to another state and something new she had purchased, something that made her both nervous and excited. Lately she felt mostly nervous, almost foolish.

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Drop our anchors in the storm || Rosaplier/Markiplanna

Rosanna blinked, looking at her phone screen. A bathing suit? she thought, raising both her eyebrows and clicking the power button to hibernate the screen. Biting her lip she looked at the clock, 2am… Furrowing her brows now she got up, not sure where exactly the night would take her… but apparently somewhere that would get her wet… ba dum tss.
Speeding towards her dresser and flinging open the drawers to waste no more time, she rummaged looking for something suitable.
Itty bitty bikini baby blue.. Nope.
Boring floral one piece… Nah.
Normal red and white polka dot bikini… Eh
Retro high waist bottoms and halter… maybe
Nope. Nope. Nope.
Where are all of her normal bathing suits or fandom ones? 
Ahhh! Batman Monokini… buried at the very bottom with the rest of my vidoe junk! she thought rolling her eyes and stripping down, jumping into it and grabbing one of her cover ups, making sure it was black to at least hide her skin since they were apparently meeting already dressed. Throwing it on she looked into the mirror and nodded, it worked. Bohemian and netted, long sleeves and down to her upper thigh. It would work! Sighing and tussling her hair, walking into a pair of black flip flops, she grabbed her phone and was out the door.
Walking down the Alpha’s hallway as slowly and quietly as possible. She didn’t want anyone to hear, specifically their ‘President’. Need to know basis. She looked down the halls once more, staring at Cyr’s room and furrowing her brow with angry, huffing she scrunched her lips together and walked on.

The campus was dead for the most part, a few teenagers loitering outside here and there, illegally drinking, smoking, or making out, not really noticing the girl as she walked by them.
Crickets and cicadas chirped, making the warm weather feel right as the wind lightly blew against her legs. She loved and lived for nights like these. 

Finally reaching the court yard she looked around, not spotting the boy. Looking around in confusion she bit her lip anxiously.