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‘They weren’t opposites, they were so alike. I mean the sad thing is John isn’t with us anymore, and who knows what would have happened and the friendship…you know it’s the press, you read about history, you know it’s not what really went on in history. That’s why I’m glad I got them smiling (bottom image) and I got to show people that they, you know, loved each other They were friends way before I met Paul. They were friends and carried on being friends.’ - Linda McCartney

Photo Credits: Robert Whitaker & Linda McCartney

For World Architecture Day, here’s a look at our @hirshhorn under construction in 1972. In this photo, the museum is about half its final height, with the outer wall also still in progress.

The “brutalist donut” opened two years later, and houses our collection of modern art.🍩🎨 The building was designed by Gordon Bunshaft and is one of the most celebrated examples of the Brutalist architectural style that flourished during the 1950s through the 1970s.