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[21may17] 206/365: approx. 93o frames equal circa 2 min. and 5o sec.; the last sequence i was working on took quite some time and was fairly tedious but turned out pretty well. that one sequence that i had to redo i will have to redo once again i think, because it’s still bugging me a lot. though, to be honest, if i had time and energy and resources, i would redo every sequence as they all have some minor flaws that happen naturally because you can’t calculate everything that could turn out not exactly well beforehand. but those are small flaws and i can live with them. i’m actually still amazed that it’s still going so well. it’s been 37 days since i’ve started and i’ve already finished the first big chunk that would actually already work as a finished piece. but i’d like to go for the whole 4 and some minutes that i set out to do. (phone, laser printes, charcoal)


Amazing photograph of Queen Victoria’s wedding veil and preserved wreath of orange blossom flowers, worn by Victoria during her wedding ceremony to Prince Albert on the 10th February 1840. This photograph is amazing because Victoria was buried wearing the veil, so it hasn’t been seen for over a century.

Royal Collection

In honor of your new responsibilities…my first MHM submission!

@literatisage80 oh heck yes! Thank you so much for sharing those amazing hands. Belts and hands and black and white photography. Y'all certainly are adept at awakening my senses. 🔥🔥👄👄😍😍 #mhm
Citified #ShuttaMission

Most cities are vibrant and chaotic places and there’s always something going on. Full of interesting subjects to shoot, busy cities become the perfect scenario for those photographers looking for a vitality and intensity in their images, that hardly can be found anywhere else. 

Additionally, capturing urban landscapes is a worthwhile experience as you are given the opportunity to bring several disciplines together at once: landscape, portrait, action, architecture, fashion, black and white and night photography, and who knows what else!

If it’s your first time dealing with urban photography and you have no idea where to start, check out the following tips which may make you the winner of the Citified #ShuttaMission taking home an amazing Amazon Echo hands-free, voice controlled speaker! So, let’s get started!

1. Light

In photography and video, it is all about the light, and luckily that is one thing cities never run out of. From the bright morning light to the artificial glow of the metropolis at night. It’s fascinating how an urban area can change depending on the time of day, while you might find clean and empty streets at sunrise, at dusk you might capture so much more movement and life.

2. Include people in your shots

Buildings are the body of a city but locals are its soul. With the perfect timing, you will be able to capture precious candid portraits. Make sure you ask for permission before you shoot, this could mean the difference between an awkward situation or a happy collaboration of the model.

3. Monochrome

Black and white photography couldn’t be better suited to urban landscapes. Removing the colors guides our eyes straight to the textures, the shape of the buildings, the countless details, patterns, and tiny intricacies of the city, and these monochrome photos can often tell a greater story.

4. Skylines and bridges

Possibly already photographed by thousands of photographers before you, skylines and bridges are a good opportunity to play with new angles and compositions. The key is to find those ones which have previously been missed by others. 

There are situations in which it will be better to use your smartphone in vertical mode, for example to accentuate the tallness of the buildings. Search for high spots, leading lines or rivers or bays where you can shoot across and good results are assured.

5. Go underground

The fast pace of change in cities means that there may be always something new or unexpected to photograph. From recent graffitis characterizing the suburb, to a breakdance team performing in the main square. Besides that, there’s no need to just capture beauty for taking a good photograph. Urban decay such as abandoned buildings can make a great subject and portray the essence of the other side of the city.

Next time you’re in a city, take your smartphone and try to photograph your surroundings from your personal point of view, giving us an idea about the place and its people!


I know this is nothing to do with books but I feel this is a big accomplishment for myself. Top photo is the first photo I ever printed in my black and white film photography class in the beggining of the year and the bottom is my “final exam” photo. I think it came out amazing and I’ve come sooo far in only a year. I thought I’d share with everyone. It’s makes me happy because my grandpa passed away last year and he was a professional photographer so I feel like I made him proud ❤️☺️😌