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In Millie’s world she has successfully completed her first week as a kindergartner and has a well deserved 3 day weekend in front of her. Everyday she faced a new obstacle and everyday she persevered. Tears were shed but in the end I think she is really starting to enjoy school and I really enjoyed hearing about her days/ The yoga she did, how beautiful her art classroom is, how she played maracas in music class, how she made friends with a sweet little boy who sits next to her at her table, how she told everyone during library time that I read in the bath. My heart aches for her during the day but I am so proud and so in awe of her. 

In Buddha’s world there is no such think as listening ears. She kind of just does what she wants and if I’m being honest it’s extremely frustrating. She is into everything, I can’t turn my head for even a second or she is off and making trouble. On the other side she is the sweetest little faerie in the entire world. Snuggling up to my breasts, kissing my face, running excitedly to the door when her daddy gets home from work. She keeps me on my toes in the best possible way.

In my world I just want to sleep. This week has been one hell of an emotional roller coaster. 

My husband is out for the night and it’s just me and my girls. We are going to cuddle and overdose on cartoons because I totally think we’ve earned it. 

Happy Friday friends. 


Bogotá, Colombia, Aug 15, 2015.

Monserrate Mountain – Cerro de Monserrate, and the church, la Basílica del Señor de Monserrate

The top of Monserrate is 3152 metres (10,341 ft) above sea level, up from the city of Bogotá at 2640 meters (8,660 ft). I went up and down in the cable car you see here, but there’s also a funicular railway. And in case you’re wondering, I felt just a bit short of breath at times during my stay in Bogotá. Everyone’s different, though, so you might not experience any difficulty at all.

The second photo is the view looking back from the front of the church and the third is the main interior area. The fourth and fifth images are of other separate areas inside.

Veredas de Buenos Aires. Argentina. 2015