black and white outfit

This is Smartley, buffleys twin brother, him and buffley were built with the same mind. Although Smartley is faster then buffley, he can crawl through air vents, hack doors, and keeps buffley from getting in trouble. But he’s only 4 ‘10, and his legs have faulty wiring he can’t fix, which give out on him at random moments, making him quite helpless. Buffley usually carries him around if that happens!

Things about restaurant wars:

♥It was directed exactly like an anime omg
♥People should believe Ronaldo more often
♥Garnet wore a suit, which is awesome
♥Steven’s restaurant was so cute!
♥Amy has to be the best chef, tho
♥Kiki and Jenny are the best sisters
♥I want Pearl’s outfit. Black/white outfits involving blouses are the best
♥Fries… with ketchup inside.. omg
♥Did I mishear, or did Ronaldo call his girlfriend “hime sama”?
♥Why didn’t Garnet get to talk?
♥Ronaldo has heelies
♥Look at Steven, creating peace everywhere

See ya next time for Ghibli Reference After a Filler Episode, Hope It Isn’t too Intense