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Hello graphic makers!! You’re probably aware that there is a huge problem on tumblr with whitewashing. Or maybe you’re not. As a predominantly disney-based blogger, the whitewashing I personally see are from the disney fandom, so I’m going to use screencaps from those movies to show you several quick techniques so you’ll see just how easy it is to have your pretty bright and pastel colour palettes and not whitewash characters of colour.

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Sugar Baby Education 101: 7 Etiquette Habits

It is a big part of sugar baby’s lifestyle to be comfortable go out on dates with their SDs to high-end restaurants, opening galleries, charities, fundraisers, and balls. What most newbies do not know/lack is the proper etiquette habits. 

For those men who surround themselves with successful people 24/7, would be a big turn off to be with a young lady who does not know how to behave and know the unspoken rules in the public. It is important for all sugar babies to know how to act classy and elegant, take your time, don’t be in a rush, be sophisticated and be a mystery for your SD. 

When you are dating a millionaire, the right manners and ways of conducting yourself assume an even a greater importance since they indicate grooming and class – qualities which are important in the upper classes.

Here are a few tips on dating etiquette if you are seeing someone rich and successful and wish to come off as his/her ideal partner.

#1 How to Communicate

  • Not every thought that comes into your head should come out of your mouth. Vet your thoughts. Speaking your mind does not mean sharing every thought. Some thoughts are not appropriate and could cause irreparable damage to your relationships.
  • Never gossip. Most gossip is bad, negative and damages relationships.
  • Look everyone in the eye for no more than 5 seconds at a time, then divert your glance for another 5 seconds. Practice will turn this into a habit. 
  • Make eye contact with people you speak with.
  • Never criticize, condemn or complain about anyone to another relationship. It’s a giant red flag. People will assume that you are bad mouthing them and will try to stay away from forming any strong relationships with you.

#2 Focus on your partner

When dating a rich man , it is important to let them know you value the time and effort your partner is spending on you. And one of the best ways to do this is by being attentive to your date. Maintain steady eye contact with him and listen actively to what he has to say. Smile often and present a positive body language. Also avoid fiddling with our phone (do not take pictures of the food, take snapchat of yourself, etc. do not present yourself as immature girl.). Unless you’re on call at a high-pressure job, you have no excuse for frequently checking your PDA. Flashing expensive technology makes you look self-absorbed and immature. If you must take a call or check a text, apologize for being rude, and tell your date why it’s necessary.

#3 Eating Etiquette

Believe it or not, most people don’t know how to eat. In the adult world of the successful, you need to know how to eat at social settings. Let’s go down the list:

  • As soon as you sit in your chair take the napkin off the table and drape it over your lap.
  • Never begin eating until everyone has their meal.
  • Never chew with your mouth opened.
  • Never talk while you’re chewing your food.
  • Never dip any food you’re eating into a sauce everyone is using.
  • Don’t wolf down your food. Eat at the same pace as everyone else at the table.
  • Never hold a spoon, fork or knife with your fist.
  • Outside fork is for salads, inside fork for the meal.
  • Never make gestures while your utensils are in your hands.
  • Never reach for anything like salt and pepper. Always ask someone to pass things like that.
  • Don’t slouch at the table. Sit straight up.
  • After the meal, excuse yourself and go to the bathroom and make sure you don’t have any food in your teeth. Carry a toothpick or something similar in your wallet or purse wherever you go.
  • If your date orders, compliment his choices, whether it is his choice of dessert or the wine. At the end of the dinner, thank your partner for inviting you out and don’t leave it for the next day.Focus

#4 Dress Etiquette

When dating a millionaire, it is crucial to turn out in a classy and elegant manner. Adopt a personal style which highlights your best features and above all, get the basics of grooming right. Even though you may not be able to afford a Louis Vuitton handbag or a Cartier watch, ensure that whatever you are wearing is suits you and is appropriate for the occasion.

  • Work and Job Interviews – Some professions have special purpose clothing like construction, roadwork, electricians etc. If you work in an office, dress like your boss or your boss’s boss. In some offices it’s business casual, in others, it’s a suit and tie for men. For women its slacks, or skirts with open collars, heels or no heels are ok.
  • Weddings, Wakes, Funerals –  In most cases, this will be suit and tie for men. For women, it’s the same as work clothes but many women like to wear more formal gowns or a more stylish cocktail dress, usually worn with heels. Some cultures have special dress codes you need to be aware of.
  • Formals – Usually formals are black tie optional, black tie or white tie for men. Optional usually means a dark suit, tie or black bow tie, dark shoes. Black tie means black tuxedo, dark shoes, white tie means black tailcoat, white wing-collar shirt, white bow tie, black shoes for men. For women, it’s a long formal gown or short cocktail dress or dressy long skirt and top, usually worn with heels. White ties are very rare.

#5 Introducing Yourself

In life, you will be forced into situations where you will meet new people. This is an opportunity to develop valuable relationships.

There are 5 basic rules to making introductions:

  • Smile
  • Firm Handshake
  • Make Eye Contact
  • In one sentence explain who you are, why you’re there and who you know at the event
  • Ask Questions About the Person You are Introducing Yourself to.

#6 Basic Manners

  • Yes
  • Please
  • Thank you
  • Be punctual (Being punctual is especially important when dating the rich since for them time is money, and as soon as they find you tardy, they will see you as a waste of time.)
  • Excuse me when interrupting or entering a conversation
  • Don’t interrupt someone while they are talking
  • Don’t roll your eyes when someone says something you disagree with
  • Don’t look away when someone is talking to you
  • Never check your cell phone when talking to someone
  • Stay positive and keep criticisms and negative comments to yourself
  • Compliment, compliment, compliment
  • Thank anyone hosting an event, dinner etc.
  • Never curse or use inappropriate language during social events
  • Never be rude

#7 Learn to handle embarrassing moments

No one is born with perfect manners and it is all a matter of practice. So while dating your SD if you realize that you have committed a faux pas, make as little of it as possible. Ignore whatever you did or didn’t do and force your mind onto something else. Go on smoothly as if nothing happened and very soon people around you will do the same.


Sometimes I open Sims 4 Studio and play around with stuff. And sometimes, it doesn’t turn out bad. Anyways, I’ve always wanted to use this outfit but I hated the glitter top.

Last week I reached 800 followers and celebrated my 1st simblr anniversary on the same day and this is my “thank you for sticking around” gift. Just a simple recolor, but ya know. Thanks. wow ronnie you’re doing a great job at this.

  • 10 colour options, each comes with a black and a white top + black cardigan with white top and vice versa (therefore 22 swatfhes in total)
  • custom thumbnail gave me hell but it seems to be working now
  • don’t claim as your own, don’t reupload etc.
  • this has probably been done before and i just didn’t see it but whatever
  • thank you for following me!


Banishment Bath - Love and Memories

Originally posted by gertieparr

Use: Roses are strongly associated with love, passion and memory.  With this ritual bath, it will aid in banishing persistent negative memories that hurt you and repelling unwanted romantic and sexual attentions.

What you will need:

A new moon night

Sea salt

Rose Petals (dried or fresh)

Candles (tea lights work fine and white or black can be used)

Storm water (optional)

Rosemary (optional - for added boost on the memory and purification)


New moon cycles are great for banishments and new beginnings, because of this you will want to have your bath on the night of the new moon. Set your circle within your bathroom.  Now you will need to pull out your candles.  The number will vary but you will want one candle per memory or persistent pursuer of you for this ritual.  If you want it to be a generalized ritual, a pillar candle is recommended.  Light your candle(s) thinking specifically about what you want to banish and once that is done, begin to draw up your bath water and turn out the lights so you are left with your candle light. 

While you are filling the tub, pour in some storm water if you plan to use it.  The amount is up to you.  If you are not using storm water, put in the salt now so it can have time to dissolve.  Now throw in your rose petals and your rosemary too if you are going to use it.  After you have filled the tub, climb in and soak.  Now is the hard part.  If you are banishing painful memories, you will need to think on them again, how they made you feel, why they hurt so much.  If you are trying to banish and repel unwanted attentions, you will need to think on them and acknowledge why they make you uncomfortable.  Take a deep breath in, hold it and then exhale, releasing the memory with it.  State to yourself that what’s done, is done and it will not change now.  Acknowledge that it hurt and then state that you no longer give it power over you.

When you are finished with that memory (or person) drip some of your bath water onto the candle, extinguishing the flame, picturing it’s influence being snuffed from your life.  Repeat until you have gone through all of your candles. If you would like to sit a little longer in your bath, you may do so and focus on the water cleansing you of what holds you down.  Get out of the bath when you are ready and do a bit of self care.  :3

Safe Travels

The Modern Gentleman

The Rebirth Of The Cool

“Every once in a while you come across someone whose style is so clean and manners are so refined that you realise the power of the word Gentleman, in the most classic sense of the word.”

His style is the personification of cool and elegant sophistication; an unapologetic embrace of discreet polish and natural confidence. Shrouded in a tapestry of unpretentious swagger, the long awaited re-emergence of the distinguished modern gentleman is almost upon us.

We are living in a cold, digital and cynical world, where values, virtues, manners and behaviour don’t seem to matte anymore. The reality is that even human interaction is overwhelmingly supported by and through digital technology. Human kind seems so bent out of shape, where facts are no more relevant and are considered optional, where black is white and where up is down. People seem to know the price of everything and the value of nothing. -Oscar Wilde
Celebrities who stand for nothing and everything run and influence the world.
Society has become so fake that the truth actually bothers people. 

The interesting thing about human society is that whenever - lets call it a phase gets out of control a so called counter movement arises. In this case it is the rise of the gentleman and with it the resurrection of virtues, values, manners and behaviour. In a society without role models who reflect for what humanity stands for and by what it’s normally kept together, the call and the search for a deeper purpose in life gets louder and broader. 

The rebirth of the cool is also the birth of the modern gentleman who is not defined by birth or age but rather by choice. It’s a conscious and personal decision made by individuals to frame their way of life with gentlemanly values. In my opinion there is no higher accolade than to call a man a gentleman. 

It is also displaying diversity in terms of preexisting stereotypes and the perception of gentlemen in general. A gentleman is not perceived anymore as a monolithic block of people. Not every man in a suit and tie is a gentleman and not every gentleman wears suit and tie. The modern gentleman is no longer defined by the content of his wallet or the cut of his suit, he is defined by his manners and the content of his character. Never forget, a monkey in a suit is still a monkey.

In every aspect of life respect yourself enough to know that you deserve the very best. Never wake up to be mediocre. The mindset of a modern gentleman in terms of business, lifestyle and sports.

A gentleman takes pride in how he presents himself.

Whether it is how he dresses or how he speaks, a gentleman understands the importance of a first impression and how he is perceived. No, this does not mean he lives his life on other people’s terms or is always looking for validation from them. What it means is, he understands the importance of making a good impression and expanding his personal and professional network. A man who takes pride in who he is and how he presents himself will find more opportunities coming his way, as he is desirable to spend time and engage in conversation with.

A gentleman treats everyone with respect.

Regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or any other involuntary characteristic a person can have, a gentleman does not categorize. He sees those around him as human and treats them with the respect that he would expect them to treat him with. Since a gentleman does not discriminate, there is no basis for unfair treatment towards others in his mind, everyone is equal.
He understands that his kindness towards others is not based on who they are, but on who he is. Because of this, it is unwavering.

A gentleman does not allow himself to be walked on.

There is a difference between showing kindness towards others and letting yourself become a doormat. Part of having respect for others is also having respect for yourself. A gentleman who has respect for himself will never let himself be taken advantage of. Give others the benefit of the doubt and the gift of your kindness, but if they do not do the same, a gentleman will understand they do not meet the standards of those who he accepts into his life, and he will move forward.

A gentleman will always be improving himself.

As an extension to the previous point, in order to get respect from others, you first must have it for yourself. This means taking care of both your physical and mental well-being. In a photoshop-ridden society, our generations certainly appear to value surface over substance, but a gentleman understands the importance of what goes beyond the outer shell. Whether it is reading books, listening to lectures, watching documentaries, or any other education medium he prefers, it is important to not lose sight of improving the mind while also working on improving the body.

A gentleman values his family and relationships.

More important than professional accomplishment and success, is cultivating the relationships with the people whom you will share it with. A gentleman will understand that no matter how far he makes it in life, it is better to be in a cottage with people he loves than it is to be in a mansion by himself.

A gentleman isn’t afraid to be wrong.

Many people in today’s day and age seem to have an incredible avoidance to being wrong. They will take a stand on a position and never allow new information or evidence to change their mind. This puts up a stone wall around your current base of knowledge and allows no room for expansion beyond it. The only way to learn or grow, is to be wrong. Only when you are wrong do you absorb new information, change your stance, and subsequently become “right.” Without the ability to admit a mistake, there will be no lessons to take from it.

A gentleman is cool, calm, and collected.

In a fast paced, constantly-changing world, it is an asset to be able to slow down the mind and keep things in perspective. A gentleman will have (or work to develop) the ability to not be perpetually stressed out. He will take life’s ups and downs in stride, and understand that night is always darkest before the dawn. Even when problems arise, he will work through them with determination. This will prevent him from becoming overwhelmed and making poor decisions or treating others badly.

A gentleman always keeps the woman in his life happy.

It is important for a gentleman to hold high standards for how he acts when he is in a relationship. This includes never mistreating her or taking her for granted. Always valuing her and showing her that he does (not just telling her). He will understand that the effort it took to get the type of woman he wants, is the same effort it will take to keep her, and that a lady would never accept being taken for granted any more than he would. He will never lose sight of doing the small things that make her happy.

Gentlemen are a rare breed and an endangered species in today’s society. It is important for men to strive for these ideals as well as for women to show the men their efforts are appreciated and recognized. While many men reach for these qualities without any need for outside influence, I can also assume that more would put in effort if they knew how much of a difference it would make in their life.

But if they don’t, gentleman cannot be afraid to separate themselves from the crowd. The effort they put into living the best life they can comes with a reward that many others will never receive: The accomplishment of that goal.


These days, becoming a modern gentleman isn’t easy. It goes far beyond the simplicity of what clothes we wear. Something has to be said about men’s grooming and its importance in achieving the gentleman look we strive for.
Times have evolved and getting hold of that look has now become not just desirable, but believe it or not, there’s an art to it.
Brushing your teeth and splashing some water on your face just won’t suffice anymore, we got away with it long enough. It’s time to go the extra mile!

Healthy skin, maintaining the beard, manscaping and don’t be fooled manicures are manly.

The way men look after their appearance has undergone a revolution in the last twenty years. Where once a moisturiser might have been considered outré, it now seems to be the bedrock of every man’s grooming regime. It’s easy to fall prey to anxiety and insecurity on these fronts, especially in the face of advertisements and Photoshopped media icons.

So yes, it helps enormously to enjoy your grooming routine; but our long term aim is to use the confidence that comes with looking good to feel completely at home in our own skin.


Good grooming is like a magic trick: people should be impressed by the results, but in the dark about how you achieved them. Overdo the fragrance, teeth whitening or eyebrow taming and you just show the world your sleight of hand.


Many cultures (from the ancient Greeks and
Jews to the modern Japanese and Scandinavians) practise bathing as a ritual. Hot water is relaxing, yet invigorating like little else – that’s why some of our best thoughts can come to us in the shower. But take the time out from here on in to really ‘be’ in the shower, to quell the monkey mind and to really feel the water on your skin and the scent
of the products you use. It’s not just the female of the species that’s worth it.

Health And Wellbeing

Todays modern gentleman lives his life holistically. He understands that how he treats his body affects his mind, and vice versa, that there’s no real separation between the two. An improvement in one area is often what unlocks improvement in another. Some say that exercise is the new religion – that gyms are the new cathedrals. Perhaps this is a bit extreme. But it reveals a larger truth: physical fitness can be very important, partially because it’s always a subset of a much bigger theme: living a good life.


Playing sport doesn’t just build muscle and lung capacity. It helps you to refine your ability to strategise and practise collaboration and fair play. By observing your knee-jerk emotions and choosing to respond rather than react, you can change your behaviour on and off the field, court or mat.


It seems odd that we often stand on the escalator on the way to a gym class. Exercise begins the moment you get up in the morning. The ‘active living’ movement helps us to understand this. Man was never meant to be sedentary. Walking up the stairs, washing the car, and having sex can all increase our fitness without a sweaty gym bag in sight.

The 30 steps to being a modern gentleman

  1. Negotiates airports with ease.
  2. Never lets a door slam in someone’s face.
  3. Is aware that facial hair is temporary, but a tattoo is permanent.
  4. Knows when not to say anything.
  5. Wears his learning lightly.
  6. Owns one well-made dark suit, one tweed suit, and a dinner jacket.
  7. Avoids lilac socks and polishes his shoes.
  8. Turns his mobile phone to silent at dinner.
  9. Carries house guests’ luggage to their rooms.
  10. Rises and says his name when being introduced.
  11. Breaks a relationship face to face.
  12. Is unafraid to speak the truth.
  13. Knows when to clap.
  14. Arrives at a meeting five minutes before the agreed time.
  15. Is good with waiters.
  16. Has two tricks to entertain children.
  17. Can undo a bra with one hand.
  18. Can sail a boat and ride a horse.
  19. Never kisses and tells.
  20. Cooks an omelette to die for.
  21. Can prepare a one-match bonfire.
  22. Seeks out his hostess at a party.
  23. Believes in chivalry. 
  24. Has read “Pride and Prejudice”.
  25. Can tie his own bow tie.
  26. Sandals? No. Never.
  27. Wears a rose, not a carnation.
  28. Swats flies and rescues spiders..
  29. Demonstrates that making love is neither a race nor a competition.
  30. Knows that there is always an exception to a rule.

Chivalry alive
Is chivalry dead?

Chivalry isn’t dead, but it’s certainly in shorter supply these days. Likewise, gentlemen still exist, today, although they may appear slightly different. The  “old school” gentleman, who pulled out chairs and opened up car doors, has since been replaced with the “modern” gentleman, who can maintain a stimulating conversation outside the realms Facebook Messenger. Given the social norms of today’s society, being a gentleman will prove itself to be quite difficult – but not impossible. And while media outlets love to glorify the male icons who tend to mistreat women, and ignore the more chivalric ones who don’t generate headlines, this should have no bearing on how you choose to conduct your own lifestyle. Just because certain behaviors aren’t considered “cool” or “popular” by mainstream standards doesn’t mean they’re correct by societal standards. Being a gentleman is timeless, and mainstream trends will phase in and out. Notice this, and focus on the long-term.
While being in your 20s and carefree may discourage all intentions of acting “gentlemanlike” – recognize the longevity of certain good habits. These will never “go out of style,” and are telltale signs of maturity.

Everyone can be a gentleman. That title is earned, it’s not something you’re born into.

Creating banishing Stones

Create banishing stones:

Many people and energies pass through your home, create and use these stones to help banish and keep away evils from passing through your doorstep.

Items needed:

Flat stones, enough to place one on each side of your doors where people enter from the outside.

White paint

Black paint (optional to paint warding symbols onto the stones)

Find your stones and wash them off of any dirt.  Now paint them white, be sure to paint it completely.

After the white paint has dried, paint one warding symbol onto each stone.

once finished painting you can walk around your house and place the stones one on each side of the entrance to the doors.

As you place the say:

“Ward away all that can harm

stones by my door protect and ward.

Banish all spirits that come through my yard.”

Full Moon Spoons
  • Spoon Level you choose
  • Time To Complete up to you

The full moon is a great time to gather up some extra energy to use later when you need it.  For this super easy spell I’ve listed some basics, but you can adapt and change it to your own needs as you so choose.

You will need:

  • an object (a spoon, crystal, a rock, pendant, favorite necklace…)
  • yourself
  • the full moon
    • optional; moon water, storm water, salt water, etc
    • optional; herbs you like
    • optional: a black or white cloth (up to your personal pref)
    • optional: a charging board

  1. Go to a place where you can see the full moon.  A window will work, or you can go out into your yard, an enclosed porch, your deck, whatever.  If you can’t make it outside, just use visualization techniques in place of this.
  2. Take your object out.  If you want/have a cloth, lay it down and put your object on it.  Alternatively, just use the palm of your hand.  Let the object sit in the moonlight for a few moments while you center yourself.
  3. Cleanse the object.  You can do this however you like; washing it with moon or storm water, running it through candle smoke or incense, visually cleansing it, placing it atop a cleansing sigil, drawing an invisible sigil over it, etc, etc, etc.
  4. Start to charge your object.  Sprinkle it with herbs if you like.  Surround it with crystal chips or a grid if that’s your thing.  Use a charging board.
  5. Imagine a thin, silver spider thread of energy going from the moon and ending at your object.  The moon will charge your object, the object will store this extra energy for you to use.  You can say a prayer, an affirmation, or do a vocal spell during this part if you so choose.
  6. Leave your object in the moonlight for a while.  You can sit and meditate for a few minutes if you want, or leave it outside or on the windowsill overnight.  Whatever works for you.
  7. Return that thread to the moon.  Disconnect it gently, and imagine it slowly fading away.  Thank the moon for its blessing and energy, please.

When you’re finished, take your object and put it somewhere safe.  I like to wrap mine in a piece of white or black cloth to ward off anything that might try to siphon energy from it, so it’s still there when I absolutely need it.  

You can charge more than one item during each full moon if you wish, but try to remember to dedicate the same amount of time/energy to each of them or you may end up with some stronger and weaker ‘batteries.’

When you need the energy, take out the object and connect your energy to it, using the thread technique or whatever other one you like.  Siphon off a little bit at a time until you feel better.  Make a reminder to charge the object during the next full moon after you use it. 

As always, best of luck, my fellow spoonies.  <3

(Read our follow-up here.)

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The apprentice lives… with your help and a few household supplies. Here’s how you can craft your own Ahsoka Tano.

What You Need

•    Three clean toilet paper roll tubes
•    Washable paint: Black, white, brown, orange, blue, and yellow
•    White paint marker (optional)
•    Blue enamel dot stickers (optional)
•    Black permanent marker
•    Paintbrushes
•    Scissors
•    Glue

Begin by folding two edges at the top of the tube in toward the middle, meeting at the edges and forming two points. Press firmly so that the fold stays in place.

Next, paint the entire tube white. Let dry.

Paint an orange oval in the middle of the tube for Ahsoka’s face. Let dry.

Use the blue paint to create the stripe pattern on the front and back of the roll for the head-tails. Let dry.

With white paint or a white paint marker, paint the pattern on Ahsoka’s face and let dry.

Next, use the brown paint to finish the details around Ahsoka’s face. Let dry.

With the black permanent marker, outline the top of Ahsoka’s face for definition.

Use blue paint or blue enamel dot stickers (found in the scrapbooking aisle in craft stores) to create eyes and finish Ahsoka.


Happy Sunday! I hit the 500+ followers mark the other day, and as thanks for loving on my blog, I spent several hours compiling a masterpost of everything in my #free stuff tag. (Why did it take several hours? Welllll, I tend to reblog every printable I see. I’m not sure how many are in this list, but I tried to briefly describe each one to make it easier for you.) 

Tysm <3


  • Calendars:

Minimal year overview

Year overview calendar (options to start on Monday or Sunday)

Year overview (2 options: black & white or with colored blobs)

Year overview (2 options: black & white or colorful)

  • Monthly Planners:

A5 monthly planner where you enter in the days, bee themed

Black and white monthly planners for 2017

  • Weekly Planners:

Black & white, Monday-Sunday, 10 items per day, section for notes

Weekly planner, Monday-Sunday, w. weekly goals

Minimalist weekly (two styles of printables)

Colorful weekly planner

(Multiple options) 12 hr clock or 24 hr clock or dues/to dos in peach, pink, lilac, blue, mint

Weekly planner (either blank, lined, graphed, or two columns) (also in Portuguese)

2 page printable (3 colors: blush, teal, gray)

Weekly planner (7 colors:  blue, green, pink, purple, teal, yellow, black and white)

“This week’s plan of attack”, Monday-Sunday

Weekly planners in horizontal or vertical style (colors: B&W, green, yellow, pink, blue)

Weekly planner either in pink deco or black (colors: green, blue, aqua, lavender, pink, red, yellow)

(All available in mint, blue, or lilac) 3 styles: with assignments, events, and goals; with times; with times, events, goals

  • Daily Planners:

Planner with time table, notes, to do list, tomorrow plans, and water tracker

Lemon-themed to do list, time to task tracker, and notes

A week’s worth of daily planners, each with time to task tracker, water tracker, goal, and motivational quote

Green-blue, w. to do, water trackers, notes, appointments, & quote sections

Minimalist daily

Time to task, goals, notes, water, food (3 options, in pink, blue, or gray)

Top three, to do, today’s goal, water tracker, happy thought, schedule (in pink or gray)

To do list, time to task, notes, reminders, top three, habit tracker (6 colors: plain, grey, green, blue, purple, pink)

Daily planner (7 colors: blue, green, pink, purple, teal, yellow, black and white)

Daily planners/agendas (10 different cutesy styles!)

  • Timetables:

“You are limitless” timetable, Monday-Sunday, lots of time slots

12 hour timetable, Monday-Friday, space for notes and color code key

12 hour timetable, Monday-Sunday, times already filled in

12 hour plan (in 4 colors)

Simple 24 hour timetable (you fill in the slots)

  • Checklists

To do lists (4 of them) in pastel w. lots of items

To do list (4 colors)

Task list (5 colors: pink, blue, green, purple, yellow) w. quotes

Weekly self care checklist

Simple to do list with arrows

Simple to do list with flowers, 11 items

Simple to do with progress tracker

Minimalist to do

Floral to do list (in pink or blue)

To do list (2 versions, multiple colors)

  • School-related:

Vocabulary & keywords tracker

Reading tracker printable (w. due date & pages)

Reading trackers & notes

Reading notes w. book info & follow up points and questions

Textbook notes (3 types: chapter summary, important people, keywords) (4 colors: yellow, blue, pink, green)

Revision plan

Prioritizing table

Grid for Cornell notes 

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4 printables: month planner, meal planner, weak planner, habit tracker

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5 printables: Classes information, class information, assignment planner, revision planner, meal planner

12 printables: habit tracker, life planner, month planner w. productivity tracker, project management sheet, exam prep cheat sheet, book review page, book character review page, book tracker, glossary, task list, quotes sheet, formula sheet 

3 printables: weekly water log, pomodoro planner, habit tracker & info 

Exam study pack (8 options): IFTTT, exam schedule, monthly calendar, major topics, scoreboard & graph, d-day calendar, weekly calendar, self-evaluation

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Habit tracker for one month

Habit tracker for one month (5 colors - pink, green, purple, yellow, dark gray - 8 options)

Habit chart for one month

Sleep tracker

Project tracker w. patterned sides (5 different patterns)

Goal planning w. marble theme

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100 Days of Productivity printable

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anonymous asked:

Your character posters are so cute! May I ask how you made them or even go about finding pictures for a color scheme?

Sure thing! I’ve never made a tutorial before so forgive me if this is a bit all over the place. 


  • photoshop (I use CC 2015) 
  • four photos with preferably white-ish backgrounds (I recommend Pinterest for this. If you’re having trouble finding a a white-background photo, a good alternative is finding one that would be easy to paint white around such as this one or this one and painting around it with a soft 95px brush at 0% hardness). 
  • a few pastel psds that you’re going to put over one another. I don’t remember which ones I used but feel free to scroll through this tag for ones to experiment with! 

feel free to give this a like / reblog if this helped at all! 

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I really like this top that came with Get Together, and I actually recoloured it way back before I revamped my palette. I redid it to match the updated palette, and now it comes with both black and white strap options!

  • Requires Get Together!
  • Teen-elder, should work for sims of all genders/frames but looks best on feminine-frame sims
  • 2 versions with 28 swatches apiece and full custom thumbnails for female sims
  • Enabled for Everyday, Party and for random

Download below the cut:

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Our Little Secret - Finn Balor Imagine/ One Shot

@ambrosegirlforever @squirrel666

As Finn got ready for the night in the hotel room You watched him from the bed not wanting to come out from under the blankets, you had been married for 3 years now and you still never understood why he liked getting to the arena so early every time, Your call time as a backstage announcer was usually later than his and you pushed it as close to that time as possible every time
“White or black?” He asked holding up the two shirt options that he had pulled out of his bag
“Black” You said quickly, he looked good in anything but there was something about him wearing black on black
“What time are you getting there?” He asked as he finished putting the rest of his things back in his bag
“Before it starts” I said simply and he laughed
“Well..” He said before hovering over me and kissing me “As long as you’re there when I have my segment” He said and I nodded
“Wouldn’t miss it” I said and he smiled before kissing me once more “And you have to keep your promise to me..” I said and he smiled
“I promise.. I won’t get hurt..That was too much time off” He said
“You have to admit though it was pretty fun to be able to do whatever we wanted for a change” I said
“It was fun for you. I don’t know how much fun I had being drug all around between hair appointments and nail appointments and lunch dates with your friends” He said sarcastically and I rolled my eyes
“You know you loved it..” I said and he shook his head
“I could have dealt without the constant ridicule from your friends over everything” He said
“They love you.. They just want to make sure you treat me right” I said defending my best friends
“2 years of dating and 3 years of marriage.. I think I’m doing okay..” He said with a smirk
“Just a little..” I said and he smiled before bending down and kissing me once more before heading towards the door
“Love you!” I said
“Love you..” He said simply
“Be careful!” I yelled as he walked out the door
“Always” He said as the door shut

As I got to the arena later that day I met up with two of my closest friends on the road, Liv and Becky.. We had met a few years ago and all three of us instantly clicked with one another, we were practically inseparable when we were on the road
“When is Finn’s segment?” Liv asked as we sat in catering watching a monitor
“Anytime..” I said
“How’s the moving process going?” Becky asked
“Good.. We’re almost all done” I said, we had been moving over the past week and we’ve moved out of our tiny little apartment in Orlando to a beautiful home in Houston that had land and privacy
“I can’t wait to see it..” Liv said and I smiled before someone caught my eye and I smiled at Finn as he walked past waving slightly before disappearing
“You two are too cute..” Becky said “It’s gross..” she said and Liv and I laughed, Becky was the one to introduce Finn and I to one another so technically all of the cuteness she was so disgusted by was her fault

We watched intently has the segment with the Miz went on, It was perfectly fine until the one question was asked that I knew would be asked but I had never actually heard his answer to it yet
“What’s Next?” Miz asked simply
“I’m gonna get my title back” Finn said without hesitation
“Is he insane?” Liv asked me and I shook my head
“He’ll get slaughtered!” Becky said agreeing with her and she looked at me “Say something!” she said to me
“What do you want me to say? No? He can’t go after what he never truly lost? That’s really supportive” I said
“So you’d much rather watch him get injured again but this time maybe for good?” She asked as we turned our attention away from the segment
“I can’t tell him no..” I said
“Well I can!” Becky said standing up and walking towards gorilla with a purpose and Liv and I followed quickly behind her

Once Finn made his way back through the curtain he was met by a very irate Becky as Liv and I stood in the corner waiting for the altercation, She didn’t even give him time to get both feet through the curtain before she started
“Are you absolutely insane?!?” She yelled and Finn looked at me and I shrugged my shoulders “This is Brock Lesnar We’re talking about! The dude that beat the undertaker! The former UFC heavyweight champion! Do you have any idea what You’re getting yourself into? You can kiss your career goodbye, hell you can even kiss you personal life goodbye cause he could very well kill you!” Becky yelled before I stepped up
“Enough!” I yelled over her as I wrapped my arms around my husbands torso
“Seriously! You’re just gonna let him do it?” She asked
“Like I said! Whatever he wants to do I’m here to fully support him 100% That’s what marriage is! We support each other in the good time and the bad and during the good decisions and the stupid ones” I said looking up at him at the last part  and he smiled slightly at me kissing my head as Becky turned around to look at Liv and the two began conversing with one another
“I just have one question for you and I will drop it..” I said and he raised his eyebrows at me indicating for me to continue “Are you sure you want to do this? Especially right now?” I asked him
“I’m 100% sure.. I’m more motivated than ever now” He said and I nodded as he kissed my forehead “Now I have a question for you..” He said
“What’s that?” I asked
“When are we gonna let everybody in on our little secret?” He asked and I smiled at him before looking around to make sure nobody was watching us
“Soon..” I said “There’s only so long I can wear your shirts and tie them back to fit before people begin to catch on, I don’t think I’m gonna be able to hide it much longer..” I said pulling the shirt closer to my frame to reveal the tiny bump that was now beginning to form and he smiled at me before pulling my face to his and kissing me gently  

rissa-rose394  asked:

how do you make the icons I have been wanting to make some for a bit but I don't exactly know how to make them

I’ve never done a tutorial before, so I hope this all makes sense to you, there’s a very long tutorial under the cut, mostly because I wasn’t sure about your pre-existing photoshop knowledge. 

Anyway, I’m going to be showing you how to make this icon, from the ‘The Defenders’ set that I’m working on: 

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Confession:  I’m probably in the minority here, but my favorite of the trilogy is ME3. Graphical and gameplay improvements (imo) aside, I thought the story was a lot more… intense, I suppose. I didn’t feel like an invincible war hero anymore. I was just a soldier, facing down an unbeatable enemy force. The prevalence of morally-gray options over the black-and-white choices in the first two games certainly added to the overall tone. And the ending still sticks with me, months and months later. What a ride.