black and white movie still of the day

Tony Stark: What if someone had died tonight? Different story, right? ‘Cause that’s on you. And if you die, I feel like that’s on me. I don’t need that on my conscience.
Peter Parker: I’m sorry.
Tony Stark: Sorry doesn’t matter.
Peter Parker: I- I just wanted to be like you.
Tony Stark: And I wanted you to be better. Okay, is not working out? I’m gonna need the suit back.
Peter Parker: No- no, please! This is all I have, I’m nothing without this suit!
Tony Stark: If you’re nothing without this suit, then you shouldn’t have it.

Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)


It’s A Wonderful Life (1946) directed by Frank Capra

Picture Perfect

“I don’t need a date, I’m perfectly fine attending on my own.” Betty Cooper sighed, wiggling her freshly painted nude fingernails and smiling at her stylist in the mirror as she curled and prodded her hair to perfection.

“Of course you don’t Neeeed a date but the fact of the matter is that you have one, what you choose to do with him is entirely up to you.” Cheryl Blossom, Betty’s agent and childhood friend tapped on her cellphone, not even bothering to look up at the annoyed Oscar nominated actress.

Betty Cooper was one of the most talked about up and coming actresses of the year, after having won two emmys for her role on the Hit Tv Show “Break Away Baby” she was currently nominated for best supporting actress starring in the Romantic Drama “Never Let Me Die”. Betty had played the role of the broken hearted second choice who fell in love with her first lovers best friend, reviews had idolized her, she was a shoe in for the Oscar, everyone knew it.

“I understand that it’s good to get people talking but I don’t want to be known as the girl dating the actor.” The beautiful blonde chewed nervously on her lip, Cheryl glanced up, swatting her friends arm

“You’re going to ruin your lipstick. It’s just a date, Jughead Jones is a hit with the teen girls, they love the moody mysterious bad boy thing that he has going for him. You’re much more popular with the older audience and of course with teen boys. That Victoria’s Secret fashion show you guest walked kind of cemented your place as every boys wet dream. But none the less we want everyone to love you. It’s one Red Carpet and then you never have to see his devishly handsome face again.” Cheryl moved to grab Betty’s custom Valentino, gold beaded gown from the rack.

“Is he really good looking?” The young actress quirked a curious brow, stepping out of her robe as Cheryl smirked and helped her step into the dress.

“You know I don’t swing that way but girl, he is something fine for sure.”

Betty giggled as three men zipped her into the stunning gown and she stepped into her heels. She sure hoped this Jughead Jones was tall because she defiantly had her legs on display tonight.

“We have very different tastes Cheryl.” Betty turned away from the mirror and made her way to the door, her entire crew following close behind.

“You’re about to find out, he’s waiting downstairs. Alright gang, let’s go win us an Oscar.” Cheryl lifted her arms over head and the entire room erupted in cheers and “goodlucks!”

Betty blushed Scarlet as she said her Thankyou’s and made her way into the elevator.

“They’re all gonna be so disappointed if I don’t win this.” She sighed, fingers nails tapping on her palms. As the elevator doors opened.

Cheryl flung her long red hair behind her shoulders and rolled her eyes.

“You are gonna win this. Stop doubting yourself. You look beautiful, you’ve worked so hard and you’re going to knock them all dead. Now get out there say hi to James Dean.”

Betty took a deep breath as she stood by the closed doors of her hotel building, the paparazzi and reporters were surrounding the streets, screaming fans were littering the crosswalks spilling out and holding up traffic.

Just another day in the life of Betty Cooper.

Walking outside with her head held high, She smiled, perfectly straight, shiny white teeth on full display. She loved her fans, loved that the paparazzi loved her but still it could be overwhelming. Today was one of those days, but then she saw him.

Jughead Jones was leaning against the slick black limousine, perfectly tailored Armani suit fitting just right, his jet black waves were styled purposely messy and his stormy grey eyes were staring wide at her, his mouth set in a crooked dazed smile as she approached him. He was gorgeous and the way he was looking at her was like something out of a movie.

“Hello Jughead Jones.” She smiled, standing before him with shaky hands.

He couldn’t tear his gaze away from her, eyes scanning her entire body from the gold sequined dress to the slit showing off her long, tan legs. He stared at her smooth 1950s starlet curls, one side of her long neck completely exposed, eventually he brought his eyes to her face, her ruby red painted lips and sparkling green eyes. After what felt like an hour but was more likely five seconds of his eyes locked on hers He seemed to snap out of it, a lazy smile grazing his lips.

“Hi, I’m guessing your Betty Cooper. I’m your date, Jughead Jones.”

Betty smiled softly
“I know I already said Hello, I think I used your name actually.” She giggled.

Jughead shook his head quickly, a blush forming on his cheeks
“Yeah, no i mean uh.. ya know.” His hand flew to the back of his neck to rub nervously.

“We should probably get going!” Betty shouted over the screaming fans “I think people are getting a little impatient.” She motioned towards the crowds rushing towards them.

Jughead was quick to lead her into the limousine, his hand burning the small of her back with his touch. When they were finally seated, squished together Jughead turned to Betty leaning over her to lock her window

“Just in case” he mumbled before turning to face her. “Congrats on the Oscar by the way, in case I forget to tell you.” He smiled, Betty’s heart nearly stopped when she caught a peek of his dimples.

“I haven’t won it yet. Lord knows I might not, I’m up against so much talent, Jennifer Lawrence is in my category, I’m kind of the low guy on the totem pole.” She giggled nervously, fingernails digging into the soft flesh of her palms.

It didn’t take longer than three minutes for Jughead to notice, his own hands shooting out to grip hers.

“Nervous tick?” He questioned, massaging the sore marks on her hands.

“How did you..?” Betty started before she was cut off by Jughead digging in his pockets and pulling out a handful of tooth picks

“I prefer to smoke cigarettes when I’m Nervous but I found out that they don’t typically let you smoke them on Red Carpets. Let’s just say I won’t be attending next years Kids Choice Awards.” He rolled his eyes playfully.

Betty snorted, smacking a hand to her mouth as she laughed at the insane boy beside her.

Jugheads grin grew even wider at her laugh

“Anyway, i chew these bad boys to keep me from sticking a cigarette between my lips. They even wrote the habit into my character “Cole”.

Betty nodded understandingly taking the toothpick he held out to her and rolling it between her palms.

“I heard you pretty much swept the Teen Choice Awards this year. I wish that I got the chance to watch atleast a little of your show before… ya know.” She motioned between the two of them.

Jughead laughed out loud, swinging an arm over her the back of the seat.

“Before we were forced into co coupling awards ceremony dating. I couldn’t even believe it when my publicist said you were gonna be my date. I mean you said it yourself. I’m Teen Choice Awards and you’re… well you’re The Oscars.”

Betty turned her body closer towards his

“Are you crazy? Everywhere I turn I see your name on some new magazine, "Jughead Jones- Heart Throb of the summer.” “Jughead Jones- top five Disney actors.” You’re kind of a big deal Jones.“ She playfully nudged him, a bump in the road nearly sending her flying into his lap, his hands clutching her waist.

"Whoa there.” He whispered, foreheads brushing, almost in slow motion both of the teen actors leaned forward.

Suddenly the window was being rolled down and Cheryl poked her head through.

“Alright you two! Who’s ready to walk the carpet as the worlds most adorable new couple?” Without another world Cheryl rolled the dividing window back up and Betty slowly pulled away, gnawing on her lip and staring nervously out the window.

She turned back around when Jughead laced his fingers through hers.

“We got this.” He smiled reassuringly, fingers squeezing hers.

Taking a deep breath Betty smiled weakly

“Ready to enter the belly of the beast?” She questioned

“You got it Betts.” He smiled back.

10 Rules Of The Watch

Once upon a time..

Most men with a sense of style know not to match brown shoes with black belts, a pre-tied bowtie or pyjamas in public. I remember my father once mentioning that the only glass a man loves to keep clean is the glass of his watch. When it comes to wearing watches people don’t really care about the rules. On many occasions you will discover men wearing completely inappropriate timepieces to their outfits. Being aware about some watch etiquette will save you from embarrassment, no matter how expensive, casual or formal the occasion is.
Younger gentlemen will eventually begin to appreciate the meaning of classic—–an item that stands the test of time. At some point, these maritime gauges that so many of us wear look like what you’d expect to see on the QEII or Queen Mary or a cargo ship. The will fade out of vogue and when they do, you will be able to cover the succeeding watch with the cuff of your shirt and jacket sleeve.

1. Match your metals & colors
Try and match the metals and the colors of the watch to the rest of the outfit you have on. Note the color of your belt buckles, shoe buckles, rings, collar bars or pins, and cufflinks and choose a watch in a matching metal. Wear yellow gold with yellow gold, and don’t wear a brown band when you’re wearing a black suit. Focus specifically on the boldest parts of the watch; the color of the strap, the color of metal and even the color of the dial.

2. Don’t wear the same watch every day
Even if you only own one nice watch, you shouldn’t wear it every day for several reasons. First, if the watch is a piece that you love, giving the watch a break will make it last longer. Second, one watch is rarely suited to the variety of outfits that a man will wear in a given week. The office, the gym, sporting events, dinners out, and parties all require different clothes and hence different watches. If you wear the same watch daily, chances are that 20-30% of the time it is the wrong watch to be wearing.
Regardless of your budget, if you love wearing a watch, try building up a small collection of reputable watches that suit all the various needs you have during the week, and give you favorite piece the occasional break.

3. Skip the bling
Wearing a diamond encrusted watch is fine if you’re a music mogul, but it has no place in the wardrobe of a well-dressed gentleman. Like an oversized watch, flashy diamonds and jewels are simply a cry for attention. They will distract from the rest of your outfit by drawing all the attention to one point. Most people will be wondering if it’s real, rather than what kind of watch it is. Diamonds and jewels also have the effect of making men’s watches appear more feminine. Unless you’re trying to be the next Eminem, skip the diamonds – with one exception. Some dress watches use very fine diamonds or other stones to accent small details, such as the rim of the dial or the numbers on the face. If the stones are subtle and enhance the overall features of the watch without being ostentatious, then they can find a place in a gentleman’s watch collection. Just remember to wear them in appropriate settings and don’t buy sporting watches, as diamonds are not suited to more casual watches. Finally, it should go without saying that you should never buy a watch with fake stones. If you can’t afford the real thing, skip stones altogether, as they will only cheapen the overall look and make it painfully obvious that you seek the kind of attention diamonds can bring.

4. Wear your watch on the wrist that suits you
The old rule of thumb was to always wear a watch on the non-dominant wrist. The reasoning was that it is the opposite of the dominant hand. Don’t let tradition dictate on which hand you wear your watch; wear it where you find it most comfortable. Like any other garment or accessory, your watch should fit you properly in two key ways. The size of the dial should be proportional to your wrist, and the band should fit snugly but comfortably. A loose band looks sloppy, so take it to your jeweler to have it sized to your wrist.

5. Admire other men’s watches from a distance
Just as you would never touch another man’s wallet, don’t expect to handle his watch. For many men the watch is the only piece of jewelry they own or wear, and they take great pride in keeping it dust free, fingerprint free and well polished. It’s perfectly okay to politely ask to see a watch, but don’t expect him to take it off his wrist. If he offers, feel free to accept, but try to handle it as little as possible and never place it on a hard surface where it could get scratched.

6. Pair watches with outfits appropriately
Just as you wouldn’t sit on the beach in a morning coat, you also don’t want to wear your dress watch sailing. Try and match the type of watch you wear to the activity you’re involved in each day. If you’re unsure what you’ll be doing, pair it with your choice of clothes; sport watches with athletic wear, dress watches with business wear, or a simple Seven Friday with beach wear. If you’re invited to a formal event or gathering and the dress code calls for black tie, attitudes have changed about wearing a watch. Historically it is considered impolite to wear a watch, but the rules regarding black tie have softened to accommodate wearing a simple dress watch with a black face and band if you choose. A pocket watch like U-boat or Bomberg is an alternative. For the rare white tie event, tradition demands that you do not wear a watch at all.

7. Beware the implications of checking your watch
Even though a great watch is one of a man’s ultimate accessories, checking it can have some negative social implications even if that’s exactly the reason you are wearing it!
If you’re on a date, in a meeting, or at a social event, don’t check your watch visibly in front of other people. Just like it’s rude to check your phone at a movie or restaurant, checking your watch shows that you have other things on your mind; things that take precedence over your present company. Unless you’re still young and have a curfew, the only way you should know what time a date is over is when she says goodnight.

8. Wear dark with dark, and light with light
If you’re out during the day consider a lighter colored face such as white or cream. However, at night focus on darker dials such as black, grey or browns. Just like a tuxedo is for evening wear and you wouldn’t wear it to brunch, a dark watch dial should be on your wrist at night, rather than during your 9am tee time at the country club.

9. Never wear a dive watch with a suit
Just because James Bond did it, doesn’t mean you should. James Bond was a spy who might, in fact, jump into a river in a suit at any moment. As far as we can tell, he’s the only one (besides other actors with endorsement deals with Omega) who should wear a dive watch with a suit. Dive watches are bulky, they don’t fit well under a suit jacketand they are a tell-tale sign that you don’t know the rules of watch-wearing…or that you aspire to have your own theme song. The same way that you wouldn’t wear your sunglasses at night, leave the dive watch for casual wear and pair a simple dress watch with your suit.

10. The oversized watch is over 
For the last couple of years, oversized watches have become the norm in men’s style. This popular trend only served one purpose: to scream for attention. An oversized watch dwarfs your wrist, throws off the proportions of your entire outfit, and simply doesn’t “fit” well into a nicely combined outfit.
For a watch enthusiast, those large dials are nothing more than for show. If you want to be taken seriously in the world of horology, stick to watches that fit your wrist.


After another long and grueling morning, Marinette finds some comfort in an empty theatre, treating herself to a matinee showing of one of Adrien Agreste’s latest pictures.

This is a quick oneshot/birthday present for the lovely, beautiful, and amazingly talented @edendaphne –her birthday was on the 12th but be sure to send her all the best wishes and love!! 

I based it on her Miraculous Ladybug Gangster AU (Click here for her awesome post about it!!)

(ao3 link)

Marinette settled into one of the many available chairs, relishing the soft plush of the seat along with the still quiet and darkness of the vacant theatre. Monday morning matinees always seemed to lay in their own void within the universe, offering Marinette some much needed peace after another morning of hard work at the bakery. Her muscles ached from kneading dough, carrying bags of flour, and running back and forth between the kitchen and front counter—not including the general burden on everyone as they tried to make due with living in the time of the Great Depression. Money was scarce and because of it, Marinette found herself working around the clock in order to make ends met.

So as she caught the familiar sound of the projector starting up, Marinette rolled her shoulders and stretched out her neck. She took off her jacket, laying it over the seat beside her. A familiar feeling of guilt rose up in her gut as she thought about the price of her ticket, as it usually did on her almost-weekly-now visits, but she suppressed it. She had earned this.

Or perhaps, Ladybug had earned this…

But Marinette was Ladybug afterall.

And with the latest profit from the latest Miraculous heist, the outlaw duo of Ladybug and Chat Noir had not only been able to save a foreclosed orphanage, make a generous donation to an understaffed hospital, and assist a local soup kitchen for citizens in need, but Marinette also had enough money left over from her gradual deposits into her parents cash drawer to allow her this luxury: going to watch a film.

And not just any film.

An Adrien Agreste Picture.

So she relaxed, enjoying the quiet of the empty theatre. In front of her, stretched out across the screen a pre-show short ran—a silly little animation about a troublesome cat—and she smiled.

From behind her, she heard the distant sound of the theatre door opening and closing, but she paid it no mind, even as the sound of steps neared closer and closer…

Even as a gloved hand landed on her shoulder.

No, Marinette didn’t even flinch, fully expecting to find the armed and dangerous, one of Paris’ most wanted criminals, Chat Noir, smiling down at her.

Without even sparing him a glance, Marinette whispered, “You’re late!”

She turned as she heard him jump, watching in exasperation as he hopped over the seats from the row behind her.

“Why are we whispering?” he answered as he settled into the seat beside her, his usual black suit jacket replaced with a dark grey trench coat, the collar of it turned up to graze his chin, as if to add an air of anonymity to himself. Marinette scoffed at the thought, as if that wasn’t already clear from the black mask he wore and his signature trilby hat—the black ribbon of which wrapped about the brim, comedically peaking into two points above his head, mimicking cat ears

“Because we are in the theatre!” Marinette muttered, a little more loudly than before.

Chat Noir dramatically looked around them, craning his neck and laughing, “Sorry Princess, but looks like it’s just you and me today…as usual”

Early weekday matinees didn’t seem to attract very many movie-goers, and it was something that both Chat Noir and Marinette had long since come to appreciate. Their almost weekly meetups gave them both a break. For Marinette it was a break from the hustle and bustle of working tirelessly, helping her parents failing business, the rest of her free time was easily  eaten away by her vigilante escapades and side business of seamstressing.

For Chat Noir, it also seemed like a much needed reprieve from whatever these hard times were plaguing him with. Marinette knew better then to ask. And she found herself enjoying this side of him. He was calmer, quieter—albeit his signature flirting and knack for puns shone through every once in awhile. But it was a side that Marinette didn’t see that often from her partner, and it was in this odd friendship that they both seemed to find some solace.

And so Marinette smiled, reaching into her purse and pulling out a small package from the bakery. “Well,” she said, tucking her purse away on the empty seat beside her, “I guess since it’s only us, I’ll have to share.”

“How about a trade?” Chat Noir answered.

Marinette turned, finding that familiar mischievous grin on his face. In his hand, he held out a single pink rose.

Laughing, she reached out for the flower, her fingers tangling with his for a moment before she offered him the box of cookies, which he quickly accepted.

“One rose for a dozen cookies?” she said, arching an eyebrow, “I know the economy hasn’t been it’s best, but I feel like I’m being cheated here somehow…”

“Last time you said, ‘less is more’ remember?” he pouted.

“That’s cause you basically stole an entire flowershop last time!” Marinette giggled.

Chat Noir laughed, “I was trying to make a good impression! It was a date afterall!”  

“For the last time it wasn’t a date!”

“Well forgive me if I want practice before My Lady finally accepts my offer of proposal!”

Marinette was forever in debt to the dark dim lighting of the theatre. It hid the blush that rose to her cheeks.

“I-well, it’s…! Uh…” She couldn’t quite think of a proper response, guilt flooded her senses and stared in disbelief at the wistful look on Chat Noir’s face as he looked off, not even paying attention to the show in front of them. It was a look she had seen before and it told her exactly what he was thinking about…his Lady, Ladybug, who was Marinette, and sitting right beside him.

She knew she shouldn’t have kissed him during that whole Dark Cupid debacle.

“What can I say?” he smirked, finally coming back to his senses to turn back towards her, “At least I wasn’t caught red handed!”

Marinette caught herself from staring too long at his lips to stubbornly look away, trying to pass it off as being put off by another one of his puns. Instead, she felt the ghosting memory of the touch of his lips on hers and jumped, turning back when she heard him speak once more.

“Get it?” he continued, unaware of her troubles, pointing to the pink rose in her hand, “Cause it’s pink—not red! Come on! I know you like pink! Didn’t you say—”

In front of them an opening crescendo of music burst, giving Marinette a welcome distraction from the thoughts and memories running through her mind.

“Shhhhhhh! It’s starting!” she said as she pressed a hand to the mouth that was causing her so much trouble and turned to face the screen.

Under her hand she felt his lips move, “But you’ve already seen it!”

Marinette dropped her hand as the opening credits began, totally deaf to Chat Noir’s annoyed muttering.

Her eyes locked on the first name to light up the screen.

Adrien Agreste.

She could feel Chat Noir’s eyes still on her and her blush intensified. Without even looking his way she crossed her arms and muttered, “Just eat your cookies!”

On the screen Adrien came into frame, his bright smile breaking through the black and white projection to add colour into Marinette’s life.

She still remembers the first time she saw him. How lovely his was walking into her parent’s bakery and how brilliant and green his eyes were. She had no idea who he was, but was immediately drawn to his friendly, shy demeanour. His visits became more and more frequent until it was almost everyday that he would stop by for a quick breakfast, and each day he would make her mornings brighter.

It wasn’t until weeks later that Alya shouted at her that he was the Adrien Agreste, movie star extraordinaire. But by then it was too late, Marinette had long since fallen head over heels for the man with the golden hair and a sunshine smile.

The movie started, a quiet story about young love and loss. And the pair fell into their usual silence, Marinette enjoying the film play out before them, while Chat Noir quietly munched away at his gifted cookies. Every once and awhile he would whisper something in her ear, a witty comment, some extra tidbit of information about the film, or another terrible pun that would garner a scoff from Marinette, or in a few cases uncontrollable giggles.

Until soon enough the film started to come to a close. On screen the story became a sombre love story that ended in tragedy. And Marinette felt her eyes dampen as she watched Adrien’s character fall deathly ill. Even though she had already seen this film countless times, she couldn’t hold back the tears for much longer, they easily escaped, running down her face as she watched, mystified by the performance before her.

“He doesn’t look that sick—”

Chat Noir paused, eyes wide as he caught the tears on her face, Marinette laughed in embarrassment, bringing her hands to wipe away her tears, not able to meet his eyes.

Then his gloved hands were on hers pushing a soft handkerchief into her palm, which she reluctantly accepted with a grateful smile.

He really was the greatest, too sweet, and unfailingly nice. As the film came to a close, Marinette laid her head on his shoulder, using his handkerchief to catch her tears. Chat Noir seemed to respond in kind, gently lifting his arm to wrap around her.

It wasn’t until later as Marinette was walking out into the early afternoon sun, the dust of Paris greeting her once more, that she realized she had forgotten to give Chat Noir his handkerchief. She patted the used cloth in her coat pocket making sure that it was there and reminding herself to wash it before returning it back to him next week…

Which meant she failed to noticed the fancy monogram at the corner…at least for the time being.


Love at the Playground Bill Skarsgård x Reader

Requester: Anonymous

Prompt: Hey lovely. Could you plz write another Bill fic where he’s babysitting his youngest siblings & your taking care of your little neighbors/cousins/friend’s kids to the park.

He watches you chase them around & pushing them on the swings etc. The kids start playing together & he finally starts talking to you (bonus if your a bookworm & don’t know he’s an actor) & lots of cute fluffiness, blushing, lip biting, etc.

Swap numbers & him being so impressed with how good you are with kids & asking you out

Warning: None

Note: Reader is 19 and Bill is like 20.

And also I’m SO SO sorry for not posting this last night my high school had a HUGE football game last night where we kicked our rival school’s but for the 17th time now so that’s why its a bit late :/!

I legit thought oh I can finish editing when I get home cuz it should end around like 8.


We were stuck in the parking lot and traffic for about 2 hours so I arrived home around midnight and of course it was a school day and we had a pep rally so I’m exhausted af and I just went straight to bed.

So that’s my excuse.

But it’s out today and I’ll post hopefully 3 no guarantees.

Anyways enjoy!

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Everything going on was blurry and like you were in a black and white movie.

You were sitting on a swing lightly swinging back and forth. A boy your age was beside you his handsome laugh like an echo in the wind. His face was blurry but you could still tell he was tall and handsome as hell.

You were biting your bottom lip and blushing, looking down at the ground where the toe of your shoe was gently digging a small hole into the soft soil beneath your feet. The man took your chin and lifted them up to look into your eyes and you felt your face heat up continuing to bite your swollen lip.

He leaned towards you and you gently stretched your neck out your eyes drifting close…only inches away. You could smell his cologne that made your skin prickle with goosebumps…millimeters.

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INKTOBER Day 27: Climb

P.S. I’m still doing all Inktober days, don’t worry :) That’s what happening after me having watched the “Everest” movie and lots of documentaries…
Why Idris Elba Makes 'The Dark Tower' A Must-See In Theaters
You say you want actors like Idris Elba to headline big movies? Here's a chance to put your money where your mouth is...
By Scott Mendelson

Idris Elba has been essentially fan-casted for almost every major heroic franchise role in the last several years. This includes roles that would have naturally gone to a black actor (Black Panther, John Stewart, etc.) as well as those generally played by white actors (Dr. Who, James Bond, etc.). In the same way folks tend to throw out Kathryn Bigelow’s name on a director wish-list to show that they’ve heard of at least one prominent female director, Elba’s name gets tossed into fantasy cast lists by quite a few people who don’t know a ton of black actors off the top of their head beyond Will Smith, Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman and Samuel L. Jackson.

And yet, here we are, with Stephen King’s The Dark Tower being made into a feature film. And the main heroic character of said film, originally described as a riff on Clint Eastwood’s The Man with No Name from his 1960’s spaghetti westerns, is played by none other than Idris Elba. It’s as good a choice as any, as Elba smolders and holds the screen exactly as you’d expect the star of Luthor and The Wire to do so when given the opportunity to play a mythic gunslinger in a big-budget fantasy epic. His is the best performance in the movie, and that the picture works at all is due to his star turn.


But Idris Elba isn’t just playing a character in the Dark Tower who was a white guy in the Dark Tower books. He’s playing essentially the lead character in the movie. You’d think that this sort of thing would be more common 21-years after Independence Day, 20 years after Men in Black and 19 years after Blade. But we’re still more likely today to see a situation like Walt Disney’s Doctor Strange (where a male Asian character gets changed into a white female) or Ghost in the Shell (which essentially makes whitewashing/race bending into its core plot) than a situation where The Gunslinger just happens to be played by a well-known black actor for whom the role fits like a glove.


You think Charlie Hunnam’s career is going to be hurt at all from King Arthur: Legend of the Sword or Crimson Peak? You think Tom Hardy’s stock took even a slight tumble after Citizen 44 or The Drop? Josh Brolin (Jonah Hex, Labor Day, Oldboy, etc.) and Michael Fassbender (Steve Jobs, Assassin’s Creed, The Counselor, etc.)  are borderline box office poison, but they still get to be Thanos, Cable, Magneto and Steve Jobs and Assassin S. Creed while the media tells Melissa McCarthy how to save her career over and over again. Elba is just as good, arguably better, in The Dark Tower as any of his white compatriots would have been. But that’s just half the battle.

I too wish The Dark Tower was a better movie, and I’m not necessarily in the mood to reward Sony and MRC for giving us a glorified TV pilot in place of what could have been the next Fellowship of the Ring. But it is also a rare opportunity for a black actor to play the kind of role that would otherwise have gone to a brooding white guy. Sony and MRC didn’t just race-swap a minor supporting character and shout about progress and inclusivity. They went and race-swapped the outright heroic lead of the story, which is a step further and one that (especially if you’re a fan of the actor) deserves $10 and 90-minutes of your time. As unfair as it is, we have to show the investors and the studios that actors like Idris Elba can succeed in these sorts of roles.

So what are you going to do about it? You may argue that Idris Elba should be James Bond, but have you seen Bastille Day? You say you want more non-white actors with leading roles in mainstream big-budget franchise pictures? Are you among those who tend to picture Idris Elba for every male hero/villain role that comes down the pike? He’s now playing the heroic lead, quite well, I might add, in Sony’s adaptation of The Dark Tower, playing a character who was white in the original books. So you better damn sure show up at the theater this month. Because here’s your chance to put your money where your mouth is.


I know some people may disagree, but the writer is making a fair point. Idris Elba is a great actor & Hollywood should take note.

keith stood outside the bathroom and watched hunk brush his teeth in contented silence with furriosa on his shoulders, one hand lifted to scratch at her fluff while she chirped happily. he steps inside the bathroom and goes to the sink to start brushing his own teeth, pretending he wasn’t flushed at the sight of his boyfriend before he’s shaven, and his cat acting like she owns the place. he’s caught as soon as hunk sees him, though. 

“what’s got you blushing so early in the mornin’, babe?” hunk asks with his mouth full of toothpaste, his eyes all soft and still vaguely tired but happy. 

“nothing,” keith says quietly, unable to keep the smile from his face. “just you.”

i got an anon suggesting more cat dads and i’ve been thinking about this for days tbh… its so soft…. so domestic… 

furriosa is named after furiosa from mad max because its 1) probs one of hunks fav movies and 2) shes a white fluffy monster with weird patches of grey and black that look like oil, plus the dusting across her face looks like furiosa’s Look

Thor: Loki, I thought the world of you. I thought we were going to fight side-by-side forever, but at the end of the day you’re you and I’m me and… oh, maybe there’s still good in you but… let’s be honest, our paths diverged a long time ago.
Loki: [emotional] Yeah… it’s probably for the best that we’ll never see each other again.
Thor: That’s what you always wanted.

Thor: Ragnarok (2017)


It’s A Wonderful Life (1946) directed by Frank Capra