black and white movie still of the day

“Wilson, who died in 2005, believed that all art was political, so there’s a certain melancholy in the audience when they realize that the racial conditions and conflicts that so profoundly affect the Maxson family during the 1950s still exist today. Fences was first produced onstage in 1983 but is set 30 years earlier so the 1980s audience could better understand how little had changed in those three decades. Now here we are 30 years after that first production, 60 years after the play’s setting, still frustratingly aware that black Americans are stuck on the social and political treadmill while those more privileged race past them. The recent election of Donald Trump seems like an endorsement of the racism, misogyny, homophobia and xenophobia that made the 1950s such a symbol of Happy Days nostalgia for whites and of humiliating repression for blacks and other marginalized people. One of the most powerful effects of the movie is to humanize this struggle and to inspire Americans to dismantle this tyrannical cycle.”

WAAAAAY Too Many YA Novels and Movies
  • Sci-Fi: In the future, people are separated into different classes, with one class ruling above them all. Until one day, a White person (with a totally made up name, but you still drag "Lakiesha") saves them all. *please do not compare to when this happens to POC in real life*
  • Romance: Quirky White Girl must choose between Pale Blonde White Boy and Tan Brunette White Boy.
  • Mystery: Teenage Upper-Middle Class White girls must solve the murder of their White Party girl friend. (Who knew actions had consequences?!)
  • Fantasy: Meet Orphan McWhiteboy, a teenager with no real friends (or even any interests, demeanor, skills, or hobbies that would attract friends towards them). We'll say he's bullied (even though it's maybe one bully and everyone else is totally cool with him), and has a low self esteem (even though literally none of his actions suggest this). Then, one day, he discovers that he's SPECIAL. HE IS THE CHOSEN ONE!!!
  • Historical Fiction: Meet Brittany Brittish, a teen girl from England juggling Victorian lifestyle. Please ignore all the racism of this era, except those three lines in the story of her treating a PoC with *gasp* respect so we know that she's a good person. This PoC will not be in the sequel.
Dr. Strange Casting

I saw Dr Strange yesterday. I really liked it but I’m confused about the casting

So Mordo is white and the Ancient one is Asian in the comics.

The ~diversity ratio~ is one white person, and one minority

In the movie, they made Mordo black, and the Ancient One white (woman)

The ~diversity ratio~ is still one white person and one minority

I understand trying to diversify but that literally didn’t change anything. If anything, it made it worse because that’s one less Asian person in the film. Asians are struggling to get roles in big movies and THIS IS KEEPS HAPPENING.

I guess they had to balance white washing the Ancient One by making Mordo black, but come on. There is plenty of black representation in Marvel already anyway: Black Panther, Falcon, War Machine. Asians in Hollywood can’t get shit these days smh

At least we still got Wong in the movie. He was awesome

Black and white film

Black and white films are like old picture that reminds people of their memories of the old days. Back to the days when the movie has no color but black and white, everyone loves them. Now days, movie industry has developed much better and it is still on going under fast speed. Black and white movies have already been forgotten somehow. However, the influence of the black and white movie will never fade away. It has motivated and affected one generation after one generation. For the black and white movie, their filming equipment, technology and producing, none of it can be compared with modern movie. The modern high tech and big coast movie focuses too much on making money. It is too much about business instead of a form of art. Modern movie would hire some celebrity who can’t act at all to attract people to watch the movie. Rashomon a very classical black and white movie and it is one of my favorite movies. It is talking about how different people lie and tell a same incident by different version to achieve their self-interest and hide their sin. No one really knows the truth of the story because everyone been through the incident tells people their own version of the story. Rashomon is acknowledged as a milestone to the movie history of Japanese and the world. And I think it is one of the greatest movie. There is no computer graphics or fancy editing in the movie at all, just black and white. The black and white in Rashomon gives the audience a feeling of mysterious and desolate which I don’t think is easy for modern movie to achieve.

day three hundred & sixty one. “The cover of the new ‘Say You Will’ (album) has Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks lying prostrate, facing opposite directions with feet spilling off the top and bottom of the shot, in a visual nod to the iconic final image of Masahiro Shinoda’s 'Double Suicide’. Does it seem pretentious for a band whose biggest radio hit is still the sunny 'Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow’ to draw parallels to the doomed lovers in a classic of Japanese cinema? It shouldn’t because no pop act exemplifies the rock-band-as-suicide-pact so perfectly as Fleetwood Mac. Buckingham and Nicks must glance across the stage at each other night after night, thinking over their years as lovers, as enemies and as mutually-indifferent playthings of fate, and pondering, with alternate bemusement and fury, the full and terrifying implications of the phrase 'till death do us part’”. Steve Hanna, 2003.

I’m actually far less bothered by Martin Freeman being cast than by Marvel choosing to release that information right now.

Right now, when the main reactions around Avengers 2 have been around women and feminism and their role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and over the shitty way that Generic African Coast was an actual location.

Right now, immediately after Joss Whedon quit Twitter for reasons that might or might not have to do with fan reaction to Avengers 2 and Jeremy Renner doubled down on his “Black Widow is a slut” comment and a leaked email showed that the Marvel CEO doesn’t think women can carry a superhero movie.

Right now, when we know that Revenge is cancelled but we still haven’t gotten official confirmation Sharon Carter is going to be in Cap3.

That’s when they announce another white man- one with a history of racist comments and rape jokes- having been cast in the film.

This would have been a great day to announce the presence of more women. And instead we get this.

That’s a choice, and it’s one I straight-up do not understand.

Black and White Movie Still of the Day: Diabolique

An intensely suspenseful and creepy film about two women who conspire to bump off the mutual man in their lives, then are none too pleased when the corpse up and disappears–then decides to come around again to exact some revenge. If you like Hitchcock, you’ll love this–it was actually written by the same two men (Boileau and Narcejac) whose novel D'entre Les Morts provided the basis for Vertigo.


What I accomplished during spring break so far is….
-wreck it ralph
-hw zelda
Pencil drawings for dayz 😎
And for anyone still waiting on my next smash bros outfit swap wave, I am one more away from posting so i will most likely post in two days time ✌️

Black and white movie still of the day: La Belle et La Bête

As a rebuttal to every Hollywood scion who believes that movie magic can only be achieved through CGI, I offer Cocteau’s stunning adaptation of Beauty and the Beast. Using still-astonishing in-camera special effects, gorgeous art direction and a moodily bewitching performance by Jean Marais as the Beast, this is a Gothic fairy tale that frightens, romances and enchants.

the signs as scenery
  • Aries: a blazing forest fire, black smoke curling into a clouded day.
  • Taurus: lying in the grass on a sunny day, rain falling from passing cloud though the sun still shines.
  • Gemini: a supermarket at 2:00 in the morning, half lit lights and stumbling teenagers with arms full of snacks
  • Cancer: a faded floral couch, tea saucer balanced on the arm with black and white movies repeating on a screen.
  • Leo: a drive in movie theatre filled to the brim with people, popcorn being thrown and loud laughter far too loud.
  • Virgo: scrawled sticky notes meticulously placed along a blank wall, strung together in cohesive thought.
  • Libra: a roller skating rink mixed with arcade house, nearly empty with glaring neon lights and joysticks.
  • Scorpio: a dark room, Christmas lights strung along the ceiling with polaroid memories clipped along with clothes pins.
  • Sagittarius: a car speeding down an empty road, music blaring out of open windows.
  • Capricorn: a concert hall with dimmed indigo lights, drums and trumpets playing live through wall mounted amps.
  • Aquarius: an abandoned alleyway with half torn down posters littering the walls.
  • Pisces: winding roads through a forested canyon, quiet music and starry skies.