black and white moth

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Name?: Hanna
Nicknames?: Ciss
Zodiac?: Gemini
Sexual Orientation?: Grey/Ace
Favorite Fruit?: Banana
Favorite Season?: Winter
Favorite Flower?: Lily of the Valley
Favorite Scent?: Pine tar
Favorite Animal?: Red pandas, raccoons
Cat or dog?: Cats 
Dream Trip?: To see Venice Biennale atm
Number of Followers?: 53, where did you all find me?
What do I post about?: Art, inspiration, Finland things, random things… 
Do I get asks on a regular basis? Nah
Favorite Band?: Depeche Mode, Moonspell, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Damned, etc.
Aesthetic?: Umm black and white, ink, moths and burned wood, gold and gemstones
Fictional Character I’d Date?: None atm
Hogwarts House?: Slytherin


i know everyone describes mothman as being a big, fluffy black (or white in some accounts) moth creature but what if, because it was usually dark/in the distance when people saw it

one time mothman comes out in the daytime and everyone sees that mothman really looks like this

mothman is pink and yellow. it’s just a huge rosy maple moth.


Lymantrine Moth (Arctornis sp., Lymantriinae, Erebidae) por itchydogimages
Por Flickr:
Pu'er, Yunnan, China see comments for additional image (another individual)….