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Heartbroken Heartbreaker

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Pairing: Peter Hale x reader

Summary/Request: One shot request with Peter hale like he breaks up with the (female) reader for some really dumb and hurtful reason ( you can make that reason up) and she is heartbroken and he gets jealous when other guys talk to her and then they get in a fight and just get back together and fluff at the end. I can only imagine how hot jealous Peter hale is - sophiedarting

Word Count:1881

Six months. It had been six months from the day that Peter Hale kissed out outside your home and said ‘bye girlfriend’. You knew that he had commitment issues so you were taking it slow. Very slow. 

You walked into the loft.

“I just had the shittiest day ever.”

He laughed.

“Peter! It’s not funny. I had three people hit on me today.”

“Was one of them Janice?” He said referring to an old receptionist that the Sheriff didn’t have the heart to fire.

“Yep. She told me that my top was nice and then muttered ‘gives me a great view of your boobs’ because obviously she doesn’t know that I’m a werewolf and could hear what she was saying”

Pete began dying with laughter at that sentence.

“It’s not funny.”

“You have to admit, they are some pretty great boobs.”

“Shut up and cuddle with me.”

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