black and white makes everything look dramatic

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What do you think the next stupid thing Ishida will write down next for TG?

I’m telling you.

Touka is either gonna die so Kaneki can have some big dramatic “MY CHILD” moment…but her baby lives on to be an annoying half-black, half-white hair ghoul….

or Kaneki is going to die and Touka gets to raise the kid on her own and she gets to live on and speak fondly of him.

Evidence suggests that Kaneki is Ishida’s author avatar, which means everything that happens to him is essentially Ishida “punishing” himself to make himself look like a tragic noble hero.

And given what Ishida thinks of women?

And given that he actually likes Touka?

I don’t think she’s going to die, but if she does, then it’s so that Kaneki can have some intense man pain. 

Heartbroken Heartbreaker - Peter Hale

‘Six months. It had been six months from the day that Peter Hale kissed out outside your home and said ‘bye girlfriend’. You knew that he had commitment issues so you were taking it slow. Very slow. 

You walked into the loft.

“I just had the shittiest day ever.”

He laughed.

“Peter! It’s not funny. I had three people hit on me today.”

“Was one of them Janice?” He said referring to an old receptionist that the Sheriff didn’t have the heart to fire.

“Yep. She told me that my top was nice and then muttered ‘gives me a great view of your boobs’ because obviously she doesn’t know that I’m a werewolf and could hear what she was saying”

Pete began dying with laughter at that sentence.

“It’s not funny.”

“You have to admit, they are some pretty great boobs.”

“Shut up and cuddle with me.”

He stopped talking and opened his arms to you and you launched yourself into them. You rested your head on his chest and he began stroking your hair soothingly. The sweet act made you tired and as you were falling asleep you muttered ‘I love you, Peter’

Those were the words that triggered it.


She uttered the words that I didn’t expect to hear, or that I didn’t want to hear. She loved me. I couldn’t do it. I can’t be in a relationship with someone like her. She deserved way better than me. Way better.

Three days later

You and Peter were going to go to Ikea to get some new furniture to spice up the loft. 

“I’m not going to be able to help with the assembly of it.”

He chuckled dryly. There was something off about him.

“We need to talk, and you may want a seat.”

“I’ll stand”

He took a deep breath.

“I don’t think this is working out. we’re breaking up.”

Your heart shattered into a million pieces. 

“What? Why?”

“I can’t see myself with you. The past six months were great, but I don’t think that what you have, is enough. I’m sorry.”

Tears began to roll down your face and you ran out of the loft. You called a Uber that dropped you home. Once you were in you got into a t-shirt and some shorts and fell onto your bed.

SO many questions came into your head. Were you not pretty enough? Did you not have the body shape he desired? Were you not smart enough, evil enough? You couldn’t remember what you could’ve done to make peter think like that. You tried your hardest to make it easy for him, to go slow when all you wanted to do was tell him you loved him and move on. But it must not have been enough for Peter which was why you cried yourself to sleep that night. 

When you woke up the next morning your phone had been blown up by texts from Lydia and Allison and Parrish and basically everyone else in the pack. It seemed that you had missed a Pack dinner that you had arranged for and everyone was worried for your whereabouts. You didn’t answer any of the texts rather you went into the kitchen and looked through your freezer. You found a couple of frozen pizza’s which you threw into the oven and a opened a tub of Ben and Jerry’s. Once the pizza’s were done you cut them up haphazardly and took them back into your room where you proceeded to make a sort of fort where you would hide under and eat your feelings while watching a Netflix series. That was your routine for about two more days and then Lydia and Allison decided it was time for an intervention. 

“Y/N!” Lydia called from downstairs. You didn’t respond and they took that as an invitation to come up and break up the crazy fun pity party you threw yourself.

“It’s been three days since you called or texted. No one knew where you were.”

“Where else would I be? This is my home isn’t it?”

“Well, you had been staying over at the Loft and then at Allison’s and well, we forgot your address.”

“Look just order me a pizza and I’ll be cool, I’m just having some me time”

“Y/N, peter told us what happened.”

“Whoopie, now everyone knows that I’m not even good enough for the bastard that is Peter Hale”

“No, you’re too good for him. Which is why we are going to get you looking drop dead gorgeous and were going to head into Sinema for a night of dancing and drunkenness, well for me and Lyd”

You perked up at the thought of revenge and agreed to their idea. First you headed to a hair salon and sorted out your hair. It was weak and since you were getting rid of all of the crap in your life, you decided to get rid of your crappy hair. Your bum length hair had been chopped  into layers that went just past your boobs, the guy at the salon also added a few highlights when he heard it was part of a revenge plan, he said something along the lines of ‘You let that asshole know what he’s missing out on.’ and gave you an address to the nail bar where his sister worked so you could get your nails done too. 

You decided to get matte black, long ballerina acrylics which made you feel like a badass, even more than usual. Finally, you and Allison were forced to follow Lydia around as she found you some clothes. However, you weren’t sure if the clothes she had found you would be considered as clothing but she wouldn’t have no for an answer. 

It had been decided that you would all get done up at your house since it was closest to Sinema and you had a bigger bathroom than Lydia did. Allison straightened your hair while Lydia worked on your make up. She gave you a neutral eye look, smoking it out ever so slightly and a dramatic cat eyeliner with bright red lips. Once she had made sure everything was symmetrical you were told to change. Your outfit of the night was a black and white Aztec bustier paired with a tight skirt that stopped mid-thigh. You were instructed to wear some black heels.

You came out of the bathroom.

“You will definitely be breaking some hearts tonight”

Lydia snapped a picture of you.

“Instagram that right now.”

You laughed and did so.


“the princess emoji and the little smirky face.” 

You did that and added, ‘you were stupid to let me go’. A few hundred pictures later you left for Sinema.

You flashed the bouncer a smile and he gestured for you Lydia and Allison to come to the front. 


You pretended to look through your bag.

“I’m so sorry, I left my ID at home. We can still get in right?”

The bouncer looked at you three for a second before letting you in.

The floor of the club vibrated from the base. It was dark except for the pulses of light. 

Lydia led you onto the dance floor and you guys began to dance to the song that was playing. You attracted the attention of some guys who were standing by the bar.

“Dance with one of them. Forget about Peter.”

He came to you.

“I think you look beautiful, wanna dance?”

“I’ve had loads of other guys ask me that and they all left with a broken heart. You gonna be able to deal with that?” You lied

“I usually break the hearts,  I don’t get mine broken”

“Cocky huh?”


He pulled you closer to him and placed his hand very close to your butt.

“You’re not very shy are you?”


The song slowed down and all of the singles of the dance floor left or were in the same position as you, dancing with a total stranger. You hooked your hands around his neck and looked into his eyes. You didn’t feel right, you left like you were cheating on Peter even though you weren’t. You needed to get rid of the feeling so you did it, you kissed this stranger in the middle of a club. He kissed you back his hand travelling further down so that he had a good grip on you behind. That was until it was ripped off by someone. The person grabbed your arm and pulled you to the storage room.

“What the hell are you doing?” Peter yelled.

“I’m getting over this douche bag that I wasted 6 months of my life with.”

“We haven’t even been done for a week and you’ve already moved on.”

“Yeah I have Peter. Wanna know why? Because I don’t deserve to be with a man that toys with my feelings and breaks up with me when he feels like it’s not working. If you opened your mouth to express your feelings rather than a sarcastic comment on my boobs or my ass or how much Derek pissed you off it would’ve been you making out with me on the dance floor”

He stayed quiet.

“Yeah, I thought so. Why the hell do you even care? because if you forgot you broke up with me. You broke my heart. I gave you my heart and all you did was step on it like it was garbage-”

“Because I love you. OK, God damn it.”

You stopped your rant, shocked.

“I was scared of the feelings I felt for you because I’ve never had a real relationship and when you told me that you loved me that night I realised I loved you too and its fucking scary. Knowing that one person had that much power over you to make you weak at the knees and smile uncontrollably when you’re with them. Yeah, I always looked at your physical features. That’s because if I spoke about the real reason why I love you if I spoke about your mind, I would love you even more”

You kissed him to make him shut up.

“We agreed to take it slow, I promised you that and I stand by my promises.”

“See, things like that are the reason why I love you.”

“Hey, Y/N I can’t believe, “ She stopped speaking

Lydia and Allison stood there, seeing you two in an embrace.

“Erm, I can-”

“You’re welcome, Peter. We want our fee by tomorrow and it’s increased by 50″

“Wait, what?” You asked, very confused

“Peter asked us to help you two get back together. At first, we were pissed off but when we found out that he loved you back we helped.”Allison explained before leaving with Lydia.

“God, you’re so cheesy” You pulled him out toward the back exit.

“Cheesier than cheesy-fries. And it’s all for you, baby”

“Who else would it be for? ”